Unveiling "Mirza" Teaser: A Glimpse into Action and Drama!

Explore the exciting teaser of "Mirza" (2024) starring Ankush Hazra, featuring intense dialogues by Arnab Bhaumik and Ishan Mitra's exceptional BGM. Get ready for this action thriller directed by Sumeet-Saahil.

Unveiling Mirza Teaser A Glimpse into Action and Drama

"Mirza (2024) Bengali Movie Teaser: Intense Dialogues & Gripping BGM Await!"

The Long-Awaited Teaser from Ankush Hazra's "Mirza" Is Here

After the official announcement of the film's postponement on December 10, 2022, there was significant speculation regarding the release of Ankush Hazra's upcoming action thriller, "Mirza."

However, Ankush Hazra has put all rumors to rest by sharing a teaser on his social media handle today, with a caption that reads, "Naam noy, Izzat chai." 

He chose the auspicious day of Mahalaya to do so, as he had promised a few days earlier.

This film, produced by Ankush Hazra Motion Pictures and Big Screen Productions House, and directed by the debutant director duo, Sumeet-Saahil, is set to hit theaters in 2024.

Unveiling Mirza Teaser

The Art of Storytelling: Dialogues by Arnab Bhaumik

The story and dialogues of "Mirza" have been crafted by Arnab Bhaumik, while Aneek Dhar and Ishan Mitra are responsible for the music composition. Animesh Gorui will take charge of the cinematography.

A Teaser That Intrigues

The 4-minute teaser commences with gunshots, images of a smoldering cigarette, blood-stained goggles, an alcohol bottle, and a depiction of drugs. 

It also features a group of shirtless children with fierce determination in their eyes.

The teaser's standout elements include the compelling dialogues by Arnab Bhaumik and Ishan Mitra's exceptional background music. Ankush Hazra's on-screen presence is another highlight.

In the teaser, Ankush Hazra delivers captivating lines such as:

  • "Faka Chilo Pocket, Futi Chilo Kismat.
  • "Tao Khodar Kache Ibadate, Nam Na Cheyechi Sudhu Izzat."
  • "Amar Nam Na Bodnam Ami Jani Na, Kintu Samne Ese Darale Sobar Fete Jay."
Mirza Teaser Release


Q1: When will "Mirza (2024)" be released?
A1: "Mirza" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.

Q2: Who are the key contributors to the film's teaser?

A2: Arnab Bhaumik crafted the dialogues, and Ishan Mitra composed the background music for the teaser.

Q3: What is the teaser's runtime?
A3: The teaser runs for approximately 4 minutes.

Q4: Who is the director of "Mirza (2024)"?
A4: The film is directed by the debutant director duo, Sumeet-Saahil.

Q5: When was the announcement glimpse for "Mirza" revealed?

A5: The announcement glimpse for "Mirza" was unveiled on September 8, 2022.

Q6: What is the caption of Ankush Hazra's teaser?
A6: The caption reads, "Naam noy, Izzat chai."

"Mirza" promises an enthralling experience, with a teaser that hints at intense action and dramatic dialogues. 

The stage is set for Ankush Hazra to take his career to the next level, following his remarkable performance in "Shikarpur" this year. 

Get ready to witness a thrilling journey as "Mirza" (2024) unfolds on the big screen.

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