Ogo Amar Agomoni Bengali Song Lyrics sung by Sipra Bose!

Immerse yourself in the soulful rendition of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" by Sipra Bose. Discover the history, artists, and the heartfelt lyrics of this Bengali Durga Puja song.

Ogo Amar Agomoni Bengali Song Lyrics sung by Sipra Bose

Unveiling the Heartfelt Lyrics of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" by Sipra Bose

The Melodic Journey of "Ogo Amar Agomoni"

The enchanting song "Ogo Amar Agomoni" has captured the hearts of many, including prominent artists like Jayati Chakraborty, Debolina Nandi, and more, each interpreting it in their unique style. 

Originating as a Bengali Durga Puja Song, the lyrics of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" were penned by the talented Bani Kumar, and the composition is credited to the renowned Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Dive into the Lyrics of "Ogo Amar Agomoni"

This lyrical masterpiece, "Ogo Amar Agomoni," resonates deeply with the soul of Bengal, celebrating the grandeur of Durga Puja and the spirit of homecoming. Let's delve into the emotions and essence of this timeless song.

Song Details:

  • Song: Ogo Amar Agomoni
  • Singer: Sipra Bose
  • Lyrics: Bani Kumar
  • Composer: Pankaj Kumar Mullick
Ogo Amar Agomoni Bengali Song Lyrics

Ogo Amar Agomoni Bengali Song Lyrics:

Ogo Amar Agomoni Alo,
Ogo Amar Agomoni Alo
Jalo Prodipo Jalo, Jalo.
Ogo Amar Agomoni Alo.

Ei Saroder Jhonjhabate
Nishar Sheshe Rudro Mate (X2)
Nibhlo Amar Pother Bati,
Nibhlo Praner Alo..
Ogo Amar Agomoni Alo.

Ogo Amar Poth Dekhano Alo
Jibon Jyotiruper Sudha
Dhalo, Dhalo, Dhalo.
Dik Harano Shonkapothe Asbe,
Dik Harano Shonkapothe Asbe
Orunorothe Asbe Kokhon Asbe
Tutbe Pother Nibiro Adharo
Sokolo Disharo Kalo.

Bajao Aloro Konthobina,
Ogo Porom Bhalo Poromo Bhalo.
Ogo Amar Agomoni Alo,
Jalo Prodipo Jaloo, Jalo.
Ogo Amaro Agomoni Alo
Ogo Amaro Agomoni Alo.

Ogo Amar Agomoni Song Lyrics

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Who originally sang the song "Ogo Amar Agomoni"?
A1: "Ogo Amar Agomoni" was originally sung by the talented Sipra Bose.

Q2: Are there other artists who have performed "Ogo Amar Agomoni"?
A2: Indeed, several artists, including Jayati Chakraborty and Debolina Nandi, have rendered their unique versions of this classic.

Q3: Can you tell me who wrote the lyrics for "Ogo Amar Agomoni"?
A3: The evocative lyrics of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" were penned by Bani Kumar, adding a heartfelt touch to this masterpiece.

Q4: Who composed the music for "Ogo Amar Agomoni"?
A4: The soul-stirring composition of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" is the work of the celebrated Pankaj Kumar Mullick, infusing the song with a timeless charm.

Q5: What is the significance of "Ogo Amar Agomoni" in Bengali culture?
A5: "Ogo Amar Agomoni" is a Bengali Durga Puja Song, playing a vital role in the cultural tapestry of Bengal. It symbolizes the anticipation and celebration of the grand Durga Puja festival.

Ogo Amar Agomoni Lyrics

"Ogo Amar Agomoni" is a timeless classic that continues to resonate with Bengali hearts, serving as a musical beacon during the festive season of Durga Puja.

With Sipra Bose's enchanting voice, the poignant lyrics by Bani Kumar, and the melodic composition by Pankaj Kumar Mullick, this song embodies the essence of Bengal's rich cultural heritage.

Whether you're a music enthusiast or someone deeply connected to Bengali culture, "Ogo Amar Agomoni" is a treasure to be cherished for generations to come.

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