College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song Lyrics from Purulia Song!

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring lyrics of "College More Thakbi Bandhu," a Bengali masterpiece from Purulia Song.

Sung by the talented Purnima Mandi and composed by Shyamji, this song, written by Sibu Mahata, is a musical journey through Purulia's rich cultural heritage.

Explore the details, from the movie's release date to the local music label, and get ready for an audiovisual treat on April 6, 2023.

College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song Lyrics from Purulia Song

Introducing the Vibrant Melody of College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song from the Heart of Purulia

Step into the rhythmic world of Purulia's cultural tapestry with the enchanting song "College More Thakbi Bandhu," where every beat resonates with the essence of tradition.

This soulful composition is brought to life by the melodious voice of Purnima Mandi, casting a spell that transcends boundaries.

🎬 Movie / Album: Purulia Song
📌 Song Name: College More Thakbi Bandhu
🎵 গান: কলেজ মোড়ে থাকবি বন্ধু
🎤 Singer(s): Purnima Mandi
🎧 Tune / Music: Shyamji
✍️ Lyricist: Sibu Mahata
🏷️ Music Label: Local Boy Jiten
🗓️ Release On: 2023-04-06

Dive into the narrative woven by the talented lyricist, Sibu Mahata, as "College More Thakbi Bandhu" takes you on a journey through the cultural landscapes of Purulia.

The song, a perfect blend of traditional Jhumur beats and contemporary melodies, is set against the backdrop of a captivating story starring Debraj & Kiran.

Unveiling Bodhon 2: A Riveting Social Thriller by Hoichoi!

College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song Lyrics

O Tui Collage More Thakbi Bondhu
Thakbi Re Daray
Ami Nil Saree Ta Asbo Pore
Komor Dolay
Notun Notun Prem Piriti
Boroi Mitha Laage
Lukaye Lukaye Kori Dekha
Pache Loke Dekhe
O Tui Ki Jadu Korechis
Mon Ta Dili Re Bhulay
Ami Neel Sari Ta Asbo Pore
Komor Dolay
Ghuro Libo Jhar Ga Ta
Ghurbo Shopping Mall E
Sanjher Belay Jabo Melay
Ghurbo Haat Dhore
Nagordolay Chape Bondhu
Dibo Badam Khaway
Ami Nil Sari Ta Asbo Pore
Komor Dolay
Diner Pore Din Chole Jaay
Korbi Kobe Biha
Shibu Dadar Gaaner Surey
Bole Purnima
Bape Maye Nai Manle
Jabo Re Palay
Ami Nil Saree Ta Asbo Pore Komor Dolay!

College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song Lyrics 02

Unveiling the Story Behind "College More Thakbi Bandhu"

A Cultural Symphony Unfolds

Embark on a musical expedition with "College More Thakbi Bandhu," as it narrates the tale of friendship and cultural vibrancy. 

The lyrics penned by Sibu Mahata paint a vivid picture of college life in Purulia, capturing the essence of bonds formed and memories created.

Purnima Mandi's Melodic Magic

Feel the magic in the air as Purnima Mandi lends her soulful voice to the lyrics. The song becomes a testament to the artist's ability to convey emotions through every note, creating an immersive experience for the listeners.

Shyamji's Musical Canvas

The tune, a masterpiece crafted by Shyamji, seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary musical elements. Each note resonates with the heartbeat of Purulia, creating a soundtrack that is not just heard but felt.

Debraj & Kiran: The Faces of the Tale

Visualize the narrative as it unfolds on the screen, with Debraj & Kiran breathing life into the characters. 

Their on-screen chemistry adds depth to the lyrics, making "College More Thakbi Bandhu" not just a song but a visual delight.

A Captivating Cinematic Journey

Directed against the picturesque landscapes of Purulia, the music video captures the spirit of the song. 

The visuals, choreography, and cinematography merge seamlessly to enhance the storytelling, making it a treat for the eyes.

Sibu Mahata's Penmanship

Delve into the poetic brilliance of Sibu Mahata, whose words become the backbone of the narrative. 

The lyricist's ability to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of college life adds depth to the song, making it relatable to a wide audience.

College More Thakbi Bandhu Bengali Song Lyrics 03

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: When is "College More Thakbi Bandhu" released?
A1: The song is set to release on April 6, 2023.

Q2: Who is the lyricist of the song?
A2: Sibu Mahata has penned the soul-stirring lyrics of "College More Thakbi Bandhu."

Q3: Which music label is presenting this musical masterpiece?
A3: "College More Thakbi Bandhu" is brought to you by Local Boy Jiten.

Q4: Can you tell us about the movie or album this song belongs to?

A4: The song is part of the Purulia Song, promising a cultural extravaganza for music enthusiasts.

Q5: What makes this song unique?
A5: The unique blend of traditional Jhumur beats, contemporary melodies, and captivating narrative make "College More Thakbi Bandhu" a standout musical experience.

Immerse yourself in the cultural symphony of "College More Thakbi Bandhu," where the heart of Purulia beats in every note, and the story unfolds with each lyric. 

Get ready for a musical journey like never before, set to captivate your senses on April 6, 2023.

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