Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser Review: A Glimpse into a Hilarious Social Comedy!

Explore the teaser review of the upcoming Bengali movie, "Ektu Sore Boshun (2023)," directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Learn about the star-studded cast and the intriguing storyline based on a short story by Banaphul.

Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser Review A Glimpse into a Hilarious Social Comedy

Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser Unveiled: A Banaphul-Inspired Social Comedy

Meet the Cast, Director, and Get Ready for a November Release

The teaser for "Ektu Sore Boshun (2023)," a Bengali social comedy-drama directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee, was released on October 28, 2023.

This highly anticipated film is based on a short story by the renowned novelist Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay, also known as Banaphul.

Let's dive into what this teaser reveals about the movie, the star-studded cast, and what we can expect from this comedy gem.

Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser 01

Ektu Sore Boshun Cast

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including:

  •     Ritwik Chakraborty as Guddu Bhai (Gurupada Duttagupta).
  •     Ishaa Saha as Peu.
  •     Paoli Dam as Rokeya.
  •     Paran Bandopadhyay.
  •     Rajatabha Dutta.
  •     Payel Sarkar.
  •     Kharaj Mukherjee.
  •     Manasi Sinha.
  •     Loknath Dey.
  •     Partha Sarathi Chakraborty.
  •     Biswanath Basu.
  •     Debranjan Nag.
  •     Purbasha Mal.
  •     Moumita Pandit.
  •     Paushali Mukherjee.
  •     Korok Murmu.
  •     Debapratim Dasgupta.
  •     Raajhorshee De.
Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser

What the Teaser Reveals

The 1-minute and 44-second teaser offers a glimpse into the intriguing storyline. Ritwik Chakraborty portrays Guddu Bhai, also known as Gurupada Duttagupta, a post-graduate in Sanskrit who resides in Begunbagicha.

He has been in love with Peu, played by Ishaa Saha, since childhood. However, Guddu's unemployment and unconventional activities make him the subject of mockery among the locals, ultimately forcing him to seek a better career in Kolkata.

In the city, Guddu encounters Rokeya, portrayed by Paoli Dam, at a placement agency, which opens up new opportunities for him. 

Peu, unwilling to be separated from Guddu, follows him to Kolkata to keep an eye on his activities, leading to hilarious situations.

The teaser also introduces other key characters, played by Paran Bandopadhyay, Rajatabha Dutta, Payel Sarkar, Kharaj Mukherjee, Manasi Sinha, Loknath Dey, Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, and Biswanath Basu. 

Additionally, Debranjan Nag, Purbasha Mal, Moumita Pandit, Paushali Mukherjee, Korok Murmu, Debapratim Dasgupta, and Raajhorshee De will play crucial roles in the film.

One scene from the teaser stands out as particularly humorous, where Ritwik Chakraborty introduces himself and his address to a police officer, who amusingly responds, "Gupto Samrajyer Itihas Bhugol Ki Ami Porini?" This scene hints at the delightful humour the movie promises to deliver.

Director's Comeback

Kamaleswar Mukherjee, the director of "Ektu Sore Boshun," is making a triumphant return after a two-year hiatus since his last film, "Anusandhan," was released in 2021.

In addition to his directorial work, he has also showcased his talent as an actor in the ZEE5 series "Shabash Feluda" and "Chhotolok" this year.

Ektu Sore Boshun Teaser Review


Q1: When is "Ektu Sore Boshun (2023)" set to be released in theatres?
A: The film is scheduled to hit theatres in November, but the exact release date has yet to be officially announced.

Q2: Who is the director of "Ektu Sore Boshun (2023)"?

A: The film is directed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee.

Q3: What is the source material for "Ektu Sore Boshun"?
A: The movie is based on a short story by Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay, known as Banaphul.

In summary, "Ektu Sore Boshun (2023)" promises to be a delightful Bengali social comedy-drama with a stellar cast and a storyline filled with humour and heart.

Keep an eye out for its official release date, and get ready to embark on a hilarious journey into the world of Guddu Bhai, Peu, and Rokeya, brought to life by director Kamaleswar Mukherjee.

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