Petni Web Series Unveiled: Abhimanyu Mukherjee's Eerie Thriller!

Discover the intriguing world of Petni, a Bengali horror thriller web series, directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee

Uncover the mystery behind a 15-year-old disappearance and a car accident deep in the jungles of Sapan Khola.

Meet the talented cast and crew bringing this spine-chilling series to life. Premiering on Addatimes on November 17, 2023.

Petni Web Series Unveiled Abhimanyu Mukherjee's Eerie Thriller

Explore the Upcoming Horror Web Series, Meet the Cast, and Dive into the Intriguing Teaser

The much-anticipated Petni web series teaser has been released, offering a glimpse into the spine-tingling world of horror and suspense.

Directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, this upcoming series is set to send shivers down your spine when it premieres on Addatimes on November 17, 2023. 

With an impressive cast and a gripping storyline, Petni promises to be a must-watch for fans of the horror genre.

Meet the Cast of Petni (2023)

The ensemble cast of Petni includes some of the finest talents in Bengali entertainment. Jasmine Roy, who made her OTT debut with Subharambha on Hoichoi, takes on a pivotal role in the series. 

Her remarkable acting skills are sure to leave an indelible mark on the audience.

Ushasi Roy, known for her outstanding performances in projects like Kumudini Bhaban, Sundarbaner Vidyasagar, and Byomkesh Chorabali, portrays another significant character in Petni (2023). Her versatility as an actress has earned her a place in the hearts of viewers.

Arnab Banerjee and Anindita Ray Choudhury also grace the screen with their presence, contributing to the depth and intrigue of the series. With such a talented cast, Petni promises an unforgettable viewing experience.

Unveiling the Teaser: A Glimpse into the Chilling Mystery

The 1-minute and 13-second teaser of Petni leaves you on the edge of your seat, as it unfolds a dark and enigmatic narrative.

The teaser opens with a car accident deep in the jungle of Sapan Khola, setting the eerie tone for the series.  

Kanchan Mullick, playing the role of the investigating officer, is confronted with a chilling discovery.

In a pivotal moment, Subhrajit Dutta delivers the spine-tingling line, "Homicide will be your focus," hinting at the sinister events to come.

The mystery deepens further as it's revealed that Raka Sen has been missing for 15 long years. Who is Raka Sen, and how did she disappear?

Petni Web Series Unveiled

Behind the Scenes: The Masterminds of Petni (2023)

The success of any web series lies in the hands of its creative team. Petni boasts a talented crew that has brought this thrilling story to life.

Padmanabha Dasgupta is the mastermind behind the story, screenplay, and dialogues, ensuring that the narrative keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Sayan Ganguly, responsible for the original background score, adds an extra layer of intensity to the series. His music will send shivers down your spine and enhance the overall experience.

Ayan Sil, the cinematographer, captures the mysterious and chilling atmosphere of the jungle with finesse. 

His visuals will immerse you in the dark world of Petni. MD Kalam, the editor, ensures that the series maintains a seamless and engaging flow, keeping you engaged throughout.

Abhimanyu Mukherjee: A Director with a Flair for the Unconventional

Petni  marks Abhimanyu Mukherjee's venture into the horror-thriller genre, adding another exciting dimension to his impressive directorial career.

His previous projects include "Hello Remember Me," "Indu 2," "Teko," "Googly," "Noor Jahan," "Hullor," and "Flyover," among others. 

Abhimanyu Mukherjee's ability to delve into different genres and create captivating narratives is evident in his body of work.

Petni Web Series Teaser


    What is Petni (2023)?
    Petni (2023) is an upcoming Bengali horror thriller web series directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, set to premiere on Addatimes on November 17, 2023.

    Who are the Key Cast Members?
    The series stars Jasmine Roy, Ushasi Roy, Arnab Banerjee, Kanchan Mullick, Subhrajit Dutta, and Anindita Ray Choudhury.

    What is the Teaser About?
    The 1-minute and 13-second teaser showcases a mysterious car accident in the jungle of Sapan Khola, with Kanchan Mullick as the investigating officer. Subhrajit Dutta's pivotal line, "Homicide will be your focus," adds to the intrigue, while a 15-year-old disappearance raises questions about Raka Sen.

    Who are the Minds Behind Petni (2023)?
    The story, screenplay, and dialogues are crafted by Padmanabha Dasgupta, and Sayan Ganguly is responsible for the original background score. Ayan Sil is the cinematographer, and MD Kalam serves as the editor.

    Tell Us About the Main Cast Members.
    Jasmine Roy, who debuted on OTT with Subharambha on Hoichoi, plays a crucial role. Ushasi Roy, known for her outstanding performances in various projects, portrays a significant character. Arnab Banerjee and Anindita Ray Choudhury also have important roles in the series.

    What is Unique About Petni (2023)?

    Petni marks Abhimanyu Mukherjee's entry into the horror-thriller genre, after previous projects like "Hello Remember Me," "Indu 2," and more.

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