Ram Krishna Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki!

Explore the captivating world of the Indian Bengali TV series, Ram Krishna, as we delve into its cast, storyline, and profound portrayal of spiritual teachings. 

Meet the talented actors Nandini Dutta and Nilankur Mukhopadhyay in lead roles, as they bring to life the story of Ram Krishna Paramhansa.

Ram Krishna Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki

Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Indian television with "Ram Krishna," a thought-provoking Bengali Language series that aired on Colors Bangla

This enchanting saga is masterfully directed by Gopal Chakraborty and produced by Nispal Singh and Surinder Singh under the esteemed banner of Surinder Films Private Limited.

Ram Krishna Bengali TV Serial on Colors Bangla

Unveiling the Cast:

Nandini Dutta and Nilankur Mukhopadhyay take centre stage as they breathe life into the lead characters. 

Nandini Dutta portrays Krishna, a spirited young woman irresistibly drawn to the profound teachings of Ramkrishna

Meanwhile, Nilankur Mukhopadhyay effortlessly embodies the role of Ram Krishna Paramhansa himself.

Ram Krishna Bengali TV Serial

The Creative Minds Behind the Scenes:

The compelling narrative of Ram Krishna is meticulously crafted by the talented Poulomi Bhowmik

Adding depth to the storytelling, Camellia Banerjee lends her creative prowess to the screenplay. The engaging dialogues are the brainchild of N K Salil

The show graciously graces the Colors Bangla schedule every evening at 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

Ram Krishna Bengali TV Serial in Bengali

Exploring the Plot:

Ram Krishna's storyline revolves around the spiritual luminary Ram Krishna Paramhansa. Witness Nandini Dutta's portrayal of Krishna, a young woman profoundly impacted by Ram Krishna's teachings. 

Nilankur Mukhopadhyay, on the other hand, portrays the titular character, Ram Krishna. A constellation of talents, including Poonam Basak as the enamoured Ambalika (Amba), Prasanta Nalui as the resolute Lokhai, Sumana Chakraborty as the supportive Aparna, and Manojit Bappa as the rival guru, collectively brings this captivating tale to life.

Embodiment of Teachings:
"Ram Krishna" not only captivates its audience with its riveting plot but also imparts the wisdom and teachings of Ram Krishna Paramhansa

It beautifully mirrors his life journey, inspiring viewers with his compassion and sagacity. 

This spiritual symphony has garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success, consistently securing its place among the top-rated shows on Colors Bangla.

Ram Krishna TV Serial

Meet the Characters:

 Nandini Dutta as Krishna: Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of Krishna, a young woman deeply touched by Ram Krishna's teachings. Her kindness, compassion, and intellect shine as she navigates the path set by her newfound beliefs.

Nilankur Mukhopadhyay as Ram Krishna Paramhansa: Nilankur Mukhopadhyay brings alive the serene aura of Ram Krishna, a spiritual luminary known for his boundless compassion and profound wisdom. Through his gentle guidance, he empowers others to chase their aspirations.

Poonam Basak as Ambalika (Amba): Poonam Basak graces the screen as Ambalika, affectionately known as Amba. Her beauty and resilience accompany her unwavering affection for Ram Krishna.

Prasanta Nalui as Lokhai: Prasanta Nalui essays the role of Lokhai, a priest diametrically opposed to Ram Krishna's teachings. His arrogance and thirst for power make him a compelling antagonist.

Sumana Chakraborty as Aparna: Sumana Chakraborty embodies Aparna, Krishna's steadfast friend. Her kindness and unwavering support enhance the fabric of the narrative.

Manojit Bappa: Manojit Bappa portrays a riveting character in the form of a rival guru. His self-serving arrogance adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the storyline.

Ram Krishna Bengali Serial


Q1: When does "Ram Krishna" air?
A1: "Ram Krishna" airs on Colors Bangla every day from Monday to Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Q2: Who plays the lead roles in the series?
A2: Nandini Dutta brings life to the character of Krishna, while Nilankur Mukhopadhyay embodies Ram Krishna Paramhansa.

Q3: Is "Ram Krishna" only a captivating storyline?

A3: Beyond its compelling plot, "Ram Krishna" serves as a vessel for the spiritual teachings and wisdom of Ram Krishna Paramhansa.

Ram Krishna Serial


"Ram Krishna" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, beautifully interweaving spirituality and human emotions. 

With a stellar cast, insightful narrative, and a portrayal of spiritual teachings, it continues to captivate audiences and secure its position among the top-rated shows. 

Join the journey of Krishna and Ram Krishna Paramhansa, and unlock the transformative power of their tale.

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