Ramprasad Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki!

Discover the captivating Bengali TV serial "Ramprasad" on Star Jalsha, featuring an outstanding cast including Sabyasachi Chowdhury, Susmili Acharjee, and Payel De.

Ramprasad Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki

Learn about the storyline inspired by Sadhak Ramprasad and find out how to watch it on Hotstar. Check out the complete cast, release date, and more in this engaging article.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Journey of Ramprasad Serial on Star Jalsha

 Introduction to Ramprasad Serial: A Glimpse into Bengali TV Excellence

Are you ready to dive into the world of captivating storytelling, brought to life through the latest Bengali TV serial, Ramprasad

Embark on a journey that blends drama, emotion, and culture, all on the vibrant canvas of Star Jalsha.

Ramprasad TV Bengali Serial

 Meet the Stellar Cast:

At the heart of this enthralling tale are the remarkable performances of Sabyasachi Chowdhury, who portrays the titular character Ramprasad, the talented Susmili Acharjee as Sarbani, and the dynamic Payel De, bringing Maa Kali to life. 

With a lineup of such talented actors, get ready to be drawn into a world of emotions, trials, and triumphs.

 Behind the Scenes:

The visionary director Amit Sengupta masterfully guides the narrative, while the production prowess of Nispal Singh and Surinder Singh under Surinder Films brings the world of Ramprasad to your screens. 

Delve into the depths of the story, as the engaging screenplay by Ritam Ghoshal and captivating dialogues by Sayan Chowdhury intertwine to create an unforgettable viewing experience.

Ramprasad TV Bengali Serial on Hotstar

 Unraveling the Plot:

At the core of the Ramprasad serial lies a narrative inspired by the renowned Sadhak Ramprasad

This tale resonates with authenticity, emotion, and spirituality, weaving a tapestry of human experiences that will leave you yearning for more.

 Tune-In and Time Slot:

Catch the emotional rollercoaster of Ramprasad on Star Jalsha every day from Monday to Sunday at the delightful hour of 6:00 PM

Let the engaging storyline and stellar performances transport you to a world where emotions run deep.

 Ramprasad Cast: Faces Behind the Characters

As you lose yourself in the world of Ramprasad, encounter a diverse array of characters brought to life by a talented ensemble:

  •  Sabyasachi Chowdhury as Ramprasad.
  •  Susmili Acharjee as Sarbani.
  •  Payel De as Maa Kali.
  •  Tanusree Roy as Anupama.
  •  Somashree Naskar as Gayatri.
  •  Rupam Mandal as Ektara.
  •  Sayak Chakraborty.
  •  Joyeta Goswami as Lobongolota.
  •  Subhankar Dey as Biswanath.

Ramprasad TV Bengali Serial on Star Jalsha

 How to Join the Journey Online:

Are you eager to catch the latest twists and turns of Ramprasad's journey? The show is available for streaming on the popular OTT platform, Hotstar. Here's how you can catch every episode, anytime, anywhere:

1. Online Browsing: Open your preferred browser and visit hotstar.com. Experience Ramprasad's saga unfolds on your computer, laptop, or any browser-supported device.
2. Hotstar App: Take the excitement of Ramprasad with you on the go! Download the Hotstar App on your smartphones, TVs, tablets, or any Android or iOS-supported devices. Stay connected with the show, no matter where life takes you.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When did Ramprasad serial first air?
A: Ramprasad premiered on April 17, 2023.

Q2: Who are the main cast members of Ramprasad?

A: The main cast includes Sabyasachi Chowdhury, Susmili Acharjee, and Payel De.

Q3: Where can I watch the Ramprasad serial?
A: You can stream Ramprasad on the Hotstar OTT platform.

Q4: What is the time slot for Ramprasad's daily telecast?
A: Ramprasad graces your screens at 6:00 PM from Monday to Sunday on Star Jalsha.

Q5: Are there any specific devices to watch Ramprasad on Hotstar?

A: You can enjoy Ramprasad on a variety of devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs – both Android and iOS supported.


Experience the magic of Ramprasad as it unfolds its compelling narrative on Star Jalsha

With an exceptional cast, a touching storyline, and the convenience of streaming on Hotstar, this TV serial promises to be a journey you won't want to miss. Tune in, get immersed, and be part of the world of Ramprasad.

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