Sushmita Dey's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Susmita Dey is a popular Bengali TV actress known for shows like Aparajita Apu. Learn about her childhood, career, awards, and personal life.

Sushmita Dey's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Friends, today we will talk about Sushmita Dey's Biography, her Wikipedia page, her Age and Date of Birth, her Marital Status, and more. 

A television actress from Bengal named Susmita Dey. She gained notoriety for playing Aparna Dipyaman Mukherjee in the Zee Bangla television series Aparajita Apu. 

She has contributed to some Bengali television programmes, including Agnijal, Raage Anuraage, Mon Niye Kachakachi, and Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe. 

Sushmita Dey has received numerous offers for commercial and print commercials in addition to winning numerous Bengali beauty pageants.

Sushmita Dey Early life

Sushmita Dey's Early life

In Asansol, West Bengal, on January 28, 1998, Sushmita Dey was born. She attended Manimala Girls' High School and earned an electronic engineering degree from Kanyapur Polytechnic College. 

Since she was a young girl, Sushmita Dey has been fascinated by modelling and performing. After graduating, she began to receive modelling assignments.

Susmita Dey was born on January 28, 1998 in Asansol, West Bengal. From a young age, she was drawn to performance and modeling. 

She attended Manimala Girls' High School in her hometown before earning an electronics engineering degree from Kanyapur Polytechnic College. 

Shortly after graduating, Susmita began booking modeling jobs, foreshadowing an entertaining career to come. 

Sushmita Dey's Biography

Sushmita Dey's Biography

Meet Susmita Dey, the talented Bengali television actress taking the industry by storm. 
Though still in her early twenties, Susmita Dey has already made her mark through lead roles in hit shows like Aparajita Apu. Read on to learn about this star on the rise.
Meet the talented rising actress Susmita Dey. At just 25 years old, this Bengali television star has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. 
But how did Susmita Dey get her start, and what makes her stand out from the crowd? Read on to learn all about this beautiful performer taking Bengal by storm.

From early life in Asansol to recognizing her passion for acting at a young age, this comprehensive biography covers all there is to know about 
Susmita Dey
Learn key details like her background, how she got into modeling and television, acting roles, awards and achievements, fun personal facts and more. 
As Susmita Dey flourishes into a leading lady right before fans' eyes, this profile will catch you up on her path to success so far.

So if you want the scoop on who this rising Bengali star is and how she got her breakthrough role on Aparajita Apu, start reading below for Susmita Dey’s story! 

Sushmita Dey Career

Sushmita Dey's Career

Sushmita Dey began her professional life as a model, appearing in several television commercials. 

She made her television debut in 2012 as Malobika Dutta in the Bengali programme Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe (or Mishtu). 

Later, she appeared in starring roles in the television series Raage Anuraage, Mon Niye Kachakachi, and Agnijal. 

She was given the chance to play the lead in the television series Aparjita Appu in 2020. Rohaan Bhattacharya, a well-known actor, is in the family drama.

Sushmita Dey's first television role came in 2012 with the Bengali series Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe. 

She was soon offered additional TV projects like Raage Anuraage, Mon Niye Kachakachi and Agnijal. 

Her big break came in 2020 when she landed the lead part of Aparna in the popular show Aparajita Apu opposite actor Rohaan Bhattacharya.

Sushmita Dey's Education Details

Sushmita Dey's Education Details and More

Sushmita Dey attended Manimala Girls' High School located in her hometown of Asansol, West Bengal where she was known as a diligent student who worked hard and performed well academically. 
After finishing secondary school, she went on to earn an electronics engineering degree from Kanyapur Polytechnic College. 
It was during her college years that Susmita's interest in modeling and acting first blossomed as she became actively involved in cultural activities on campus.

She graduated among the top 5 students in her engineering program at Kanyapur Polytechnic, with teachers remembering her as a reliable student with solid technical competencies. 
While excelling in her engineering studies, Sushmita Dey also devoted time to taking additional acting, dance and etiquette lessons to continue refining her skills for performance. 
She received merit-based scholarships that helped make continuing these extracurricular activities possible alongside her full engineering course load.

After finishing her engineering degree, 
Sushmita Dey was fully prepared to dive into her acting and modeling career ambitions. 
Her educational background reflecting both technical aptitude and creative talents paved the way for the success she found in the entertainment industry in the years that followed.
Sushmita Dey's Physical Stats

Sushmita Dey's Physical Stats and More

With glowing bronze skin and glossy dark locks, Sushmita Dey is a quintessential Bengali beauty. 
She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches but is known for her long and lean silhouette that looks incredible whether draped in traditional saris or the latest modern fashions.

Sushmita Dey is dedicated to maintaining health and fitness, understanding that this level of physical care is key for a career spent in the spotlight. 
She weighs a slim 57 kg, with precise measurements of 34-29-35. Her toned physique comes courtesy of an active lifestyle and daily yoga practice.

These physical attributes have helped earn 
Sushmita Dey accolades like her pageant runner-up title and numerous modeling opportunities in addition to her acting repertoire. 
Even among the most glamorous actresses, Sushmita Dey's natural radiance truly stands out. Her expressive dark eyes glimmer when she graces red carpets and television interviews.

With youth still on her side and dedication to self-care, Susmita has ample time to continue her development as a versatile on-screen talent. 
Regardless of which roles she takes on throughout her career, her arresting looks and sculpted frame are sure to be an asset that captures the camera's eye.

Sushmita Dey's Marital Status

Sushmita Dey's Personal Life

Sushmita Dey is currently dating Anirban Roy. He is an event planner by profession. While her acting and modeling career keeps her busy, Sushmita Dey makes time for travel, cultural exploration, and spending time with loved ones. 
Some of her favorite pastimes include dancing, watching films, and trying new restaurants around Kolkata with boyfriend Anirban Roy.

The steady and supportive relationship 
Sushmita Dey shares with Anirban Roy, an event planner, is going strong after 3 years together. 
The two make public appearances around town and seem very much in love, although Susmita stays mum when asked about any engagement or marriage plans for now.

Extremely family-oriented, 
Sushmita Dey remains very close with her parents back in Asansol even as work takes her around West Bengal. 
She returns home frequently and never misses local festivities that give her a chance to see all her relatives. 
Her parents and extended family provide a comforting constant support system amidst the glitz and chaos of life in the limelight.

While infinitely ambitious professionally, 
Sushmita Dey seems to have struck an enviable work-personal life balance so early in her blossoming career. 
With her feet firmly grounded in her upbringing and values, she appears equipped to handle the pressures and turbulence of the entertainment industry with grace. 
This ability to juggle a thriving career while prioritizing self-care and personal relationships off-screen shows wisdom beyond Susmita’s 25 years.

Sushmita Dey's Social Media

Sushmita Dey's Social Media Presence

With the digital age, Sushmita Day has cultivated an engaged social media presence that allows her to directly interface with fans. 
On image-based platforms like Instagram, she gives followers a glimpse into her life behind-the-scenes along with professional photoshoots.

Sushmita Day's Instagram account @susmitadey_official has over 50,000 followers and counting. 
She uses the platform to showcase her stylish looks from TV appearances as well as casual selfies that highlight her natural beauty. 
The comments sections flood with praise and heart emojis whenever she posts.

In addition to Instagram, 
Sushmita Day has an official Facebook page that provides video interviews, live chat sessions, promotions for her latest projects, and more in-depth fan engagement. 
She also set up a TikTok account during pandemic lockdowns to create fun dance videos and reconnect with fans starved for new content.

While Susmita clearly understands the power of social media, she has chosen to keep her personal accounts private and refrains from oversharing details on relationships or family. 
This allows her to strategically shape her own narrative in the public eye while avoiding unflattering gossip or intrusive press.

As her popularity grows across mediums like television, print ads and now the internet too, 
Sushmita Day leverages social media wisely at every stage of her career. 
The strong but guarded online persona she projects garners even more admirers both on and offline.
Sushmita Day is active on social media platfrom. Her Instagram account url is

Sushmita Dey Photo

Some Unknown Facts About Sushmita Dey

  • Sushmita Dey was raised in Asansol, West Bengal, where she was born.
  • In 2018, she placed as the first runner-up in "Miss & Mr South Bengal."
  • In 2018, Sushmita Dey produced the short film, Krishna Katha.
  • She participated in the Anirban Roy and Anjan Roy-produced Udbhavani-Fashion Show.
  • She performed in the Bengali movies Bonolata and Khoj in addition to television.
  • She is completely smitten with Sumedh Mudgalkar.
  • She placed among the top 10 competitors in the 2020 P.C. Chandra Goldies Diva Event. The title of Miss Beautiful Eyes was gained by her.
FAQs About Susmita Dey

 FAQs About Susmita Dey

What shows has Susmita Dey acted in?
Some of Susmita's best known shows are Aparajita Apu, Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe, Raage Anuraage, and Mon Niye Kachakachi.

How old is Susmita Dey?

Susmita was born on January 28, 1998. As of 2023, she is 25 years old.

Where is Susmita Dey from?
Susmita grew up in Asansol, West Bengal. This is still her hometown.

Is Susmita Dey married?
No, as of 2023 Susmita Dey is not married. She has been dating Anirban Roy, an event planner.

What awards has Susmita won?

In 2018, Susmita was 1st runner up in the Miss and Mr. South Bengal competition. She also placed top 10 in the 2020 P.C. Chandra Goldites Diva Event.
Conclusion of Susmita Dey


Even at the young age of 25, Susmita Dey has achieved impressive success already as an actress on the Bengali television scene. 
Her lead role in the hit drama Aparajita Apu has cemented her as a rising talent to watch in the coming years.

With not only her acting abilities garnering attention, but her beauty as well (as evidenced by her pageant performances), Susmita Dey possesses the whole package needed to become a leading lady of her industry. 
As she continues gaining experience refining her craft, her charismatic on-screen presence and drive could take her very far.

So while Susmita Dey may just be getting started, remember this star-on-the-rise’s name. 
With further roles sure to display the depth of her talents, she has the potential to become a Bengali television staple for years to follow. 
We can expect even more awards and accolades to adorn this actress’ resume as her shining career continues gaining momentum.

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