Riaz Laskar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife & More!

Discover everything you need to know about Riaz Laskar, the talented Bengali television actor known for his role in Gatchora

Learn about his biography, age, education, and more. Find out his favourite things and follow him on social media!

Riaz Laskar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife
Meet Riaz Laskar, the young and versatile talent making waves in Bengali television.

Known for his remarkable role as Kunal in the popular Star Jalsha serial Gatchora, Riaz Laskar was born on 30th May 1999 in Magrahat, a charming village nestled in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

Riaz Laskar Biography


Riaz Laskar, also known as Kunal, has swiftly risen to fame with his outstanding acting skills. At just 23 years old in 2023, he has already made a mark in the industry. 

Gatchora was his debut TV serial, which garnered him a considerable fan following. 

Apart from his television endeavours, Riaz Laskar is an active Youtuber and a social media influencer with a whopping 350K+ followers on his Instagram account.

Riaz Laskar Personal Details

Personal Details:

  •  Full Name: Riaz Laskar.
  •  Nick Name: Kunal.
  •  Date of Birth: 30th May 1999.
  •  Age (in 2023): 23 Years.
  •  Profession: Actor, Youtuber, Influencer.
  •  Religion: Muslim.
  •  Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal.
Riaz Laskar Physical Stats

Physical Stats:

Riaz Laskar boasts a captivating presence on the screen with his distinctive physical attributes:

  •  Height: Approximately 5 feet 8 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately 57 Kg.
  •  Eye Color: Black.
  •  Hair Color: Black.
Riaz Laskar Education


Riaz Laskar received his early education at Kalash High School, where he honed his talents. For higher studies, he attended Al Ameen Memorial Minority College and pursued English Honours.

Riaz Laskar Relationships & Marital Status

Relationships & Marital Status:

As of now, Riaz Laskar remains single and hasn't disclosed any information about past or current relationships. He is currently unmarried.

Riaz Laskar Family


Riaz Laskar hails from a loving and supportive family. His father, Mustafizur Rahaman, and mother, Murshida Laskar, have been pillars of encouragement throughout his journey. He shares a strong bond with his family.

Riaz Laskar Career Highlights

Career Highlights:

Riaz Laskar's acting prowess shone through when he landed the role of Kunal in the 2021 TV serial Gatchora

The show's success catapulted him to fame, and he continues to leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

While he has not yet ventured into movies or web series, his career is certainly one to watch out for.

Riaz Laskar Favourites


Riaz Laskar has some favourites that showcase his tastes and interests:

  •  Favourite Actor: Shahrukh Khan.
  •  Favourite Actress: Anushka Sharma.
  •  Favourite Color: Blue.
  •  Favourite Sport: Cricket.
  •  Favorite Street Food: Biryani.
Follow Riaz Laskar

Follow Riaz Laskar:

To keep up with Riaz Laskar's exciting journey, follow him on Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his life and career with his massive fanbase.

Riaz Laskar FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: When was Riaz Laskar born?
A1: Riaz Laskar was born on 30th May 1999.

Q2: What is Riaz Laskar's age in 2023?
A2: In 2023, Riaz Laskar is 23 years old.

Q3: Which TV serial made Riaz Laskar famous?
A3: Riaz Laskar gained fame through his role as Kunal in the Star Jalsha serial Gatchora.

Q4: Is Riaz Laskar active on social media?
A4: Yes, Riaz Laskar is quite active on social media and has an impressive following on Instagram.

Q5: Does Riaz Laskar have any plans for movies or web series?
A5: As of now, Riaz Laskar has not appeared in any movies or web series, but fans eagerly await his future projects.

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