Ogo Bideshini Bengali Cinema Review!

Friends, We'll be reviewing the Bengali film Ogo Bideshini today. In the movie Ogo Bideshini, sweet lover Ankush Hazra won hearts.

A review of the Bengali film Ogo Bideshini starring Ankush Hazra. The lighthearted rom-com teaches that love transcends language barriers.

Ogo Bideshini Bengali Cinema Review

Bengal's beloved actor Ankush Hazra shines in the new Bengali rom-com Ogo Bideshini. Directed by Anshuman Pratyush, the film delivers laughs and heartwarming moments galore.

After many years, Shantilal Mukherjee and Manashi Sinha will meet Londoner Ankush Hazra. In the mother's heart, "a pure Bengali Brahmin girl" will marry her son.

That pure Bengali girl, Trisha (Rajnandini Paul), is in London with her parents. Meanwhile, Ankush Hazra's life is almost set with a girl named Suzan.

Suzan cannot be brought before his parents. That's why he moved his girlfriend to another house for a few days.

But Suzan herself will be very willing to meet the groom's parents. Sensing the opportunity, Suzan entered the house of her lover. They even became good friends. 

Ogo Bideshini Bengali Cinema
She tours London with her lover's mother, learns Bengali cooking, and can prepare Bengali dishes. She soon became dear to his mother. So it is understood where the drama will be.

No, if you say that, go see what you're talking about! Anshuman Pratyush, on the other hand, wrapped the screenplay in a straight line, making no pretences.

Not much action. The whole film is tied to that tone. Just as the middle-aged Shantilal Mukherjee and Manashi Sinha understood the essence of the screenplay and created an atmosphere of laughter in their way, so has Ankush Hazra.

Even if a bit of discomfort came out in his performance, evil did not associate with them. Suzan is played by foreign actress Alexandra Taylor. Although she is not very pretty, she is quite fluent in love and song scenes.

Ogo Bideshini Bengali Film

And poor Rajnandini Paul! She did not have much opportunity to act in the screenplay. One or two more scenes could have been created for her.

This film, however, has taught the audience a perfect lesson: what a language the heart has! The language of speech is not a barrier if the heart is similar.

Dhanuka Films has made many films in London over the past few years, with more in the pipeline, we hear. It is understood that Himanshu Dhanuka also wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, Ashok Dhanuka.

Ogo Bideshini's biggest strength is its heart. While a simple story, its belief in the universal language of love shines through. 

Focused performances, witty dialogue, and light humor round out an enjoyable film. Not perfection, but a fine choice for rom-com fans.

One request: don't make a gratuitous Bengali film without unnecessary murder, injury, mayhem, action, and dancing! You will see that the film will do business and win the hearts of the audience.

Overall, Ogo Bideshini is a feel-good Bengali rom-com powered by its charming cast. While the plot sticks to familiar beats, the strong performances and humor keep it engaging. 

The film's sincerity and belief in love's ability to cross divides comes through. 

A few pacing and structural issues hold it back from greatness, but Ogo Bideshini delivers an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre. 

Not a groundbreaking achievement, but quality comfort viewing with a warm heart.

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