Revolver Rohoshyo Bengali Movie Review!

Anjan Dutt is the new detective in Bollywood, read the review of 'Revolver Rohoshyo'! Anjan Dutt brought a new detective to the big screen when detectives were booming in the Bengali film market.

Revolver Rohoshyo Bengali Movie Review

After almost three years, his new movie 'Revolver Rohoshyo' came to the theatres. Again, this detective franchise is created from a book written by himself.

Director Anjan Dutt has undoubtedly taken a big challenge. But let's change that a bit - old rice tastes better. Director-actor Anjan Dutt's 'Revolver Rohoshyo' will remind you of that.

He had earlier done a serial about detective Subrata Sharma in 'Danny Detective INC' but this time his movie has a completely new story.

The writing style is 'Pulp Fiction Thriller'. This detective is messed up. As we mean by a detective, he has strong intelligence. His power of observation is strong, even a fly cannot escape his gaze.

He will have an assistant, who will be less intelligent and will be kept in check by the chief detective. 

No, Anjan Dutt's Subrata (Suprabhat Das) is not like that. Not six feet tall, he never wanted to be a detective.

Revolver Rohoshyo Bengali Movie

Sitting on a rock in North Kolkata, performing magic in a tea shop in the neighbourhood, playing street cricket, playing a few balls, he is like a common man.

And Subrata will keep his assistant under control, but his assistant Danny Banerjee (Anjan Dutt) threatens him. Although that Danny died while solving a case.

But could not leave Subrata. He is still guided by boss Danny. Always pressed on his neck! Not just the neck! He orders from behind and shakes Subrata.

A nice chase sequence in the beginning. He chases the villain through the steep, winding, winding roads of Darjeeling. Beating, changing, and losing again.

The scene is coming back again in the film thanks to the fast editing. It is then clear why Darjeeling is the director's inevitable exploration.

Danny scolds Subrata for falling in love too often. When Palta Subrata says, 'Why are you so angry when I love someone?', a sullen Danny Sutan says, 'Who said I didn't love anyone?' I am in love with you...!

Subrata answer, 'You are stuck in the love of spying....' The pairing of truth-seeking of ghosts and blood men is interesting! 

In this way, the clumsy Subrata Ghanta becomes a true detective in finding people, dead bodies, colourful relationships, sins, corruption, and lies. 

He was once a crime reporter but lost his job to the lizard. He runs Danny Detective Inc. There is his sister Ratna (Tanika) and the dead boss's wife Mala (Sudipa). 

A case comes to him to find Tamali (Tanushree), the missing wife of businessman Raja Bandyopadhyay (Sujan Neel).

Though clumsy, Subrata sets out to solve the mystery with Danny as his alter ego. The mystery is thick in the damp mist of Darjeeling. 

But Darjeeling of this film is completely different from Anjan's previous films. Prabhatendu Mondal handled the camera duties beautifully.

The best achievement of the film is 'Purno Chand Amar Ainhi Aakashe' in the voice of Anjan, composed by Neel Dutta

Action, fun, and witty dialogues all together make the film freeze. The story of the mystery film cannot be told at all. But the revolver and bullet are at the core of the story.

I like the middle-class hunchbacked Bengali modesty and inflexible morality. In the second half, which one is true, and which one is false will be puzzled.

And Subrata is there to solve the puzzle. Which is good to see on the screen. The climax has a twist and plot. But the end of the film looks unbelievable. But that's how it is in the movie!

Now let's talk about acting. Suprobhat Das has done a smooth performance as the underdog Subrata. 

But there is no room for complacency, he needs more practice to keep the steering of the franchise under his control.

Revolver Rohoshyo Bengali Film

Tanushree Chakraborty has left a mark in all the films lately, and this film is no exception. Her acting is realistic in a combination of mystery and helplessness.

Sujan Neel Mukhopadhyay is great as the client. Chandan Sen is brilliant as the caretaker of Banamali. Shoaib Kabir is quite believable as Tamali's lover Javed.

Kanchan Mallik, Abhijit Guha, and Chandak Chowdhury are also suitable for small roles. But Sudeepa Bose and Tanika Bose's characters would have been better given some more space in the screenplay.

The most interesting thing is that this is the first film of Anjan Dutt's production. It was the director Anjan Dutt who became Abir Chatterjee or Jisshu Sengupta as Byomkesh, who brought the unconventional detective Subrata.

Anjan Dutt proved that even at the age of seventy, 'old dreams can be seen anew'. After Subrata's failure at the box office comes a detective who is like a son of mine.

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