Rupanjana Mitra Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Rupanjana Mitra is a well-known Indian actress who has gained recognition for her work in the Bengali film industry. 

She has been a part of numerous hit Bengali films and television shows, and her performances have been widely appreciated. 

Rupanjana Mitra Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Rupanjana Mitra has made a name for herself in the Bengali entertainment industry through her acting skills and charming screen presence. 

Though she started as a model, she soon transitioned into acting and hasn't looked back since. Let's take a deeper look into her journey so far.

In this article, we will take a look at Rupanjana Mitra's biography, Wikipedia, age, husband, and more.

Rupanjana Mitra Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Rupanjana Mitra was born on August 5, 1982, in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

She completed her schooling at the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Jadavpur University. 

Later, she completed a course in Mass Communication from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata.

Her education in literature and communication built a strong foundation for her future career in entertainment. 

Even as a child, Rupanjana Mitra was drawn to acting and modeling. With the support of her family, she started participating in ads and ramp walks.

Rupanjana Mitra Career


Rupanjana Mitra began her career as a model and appeared in several television commercials. She then made her acting debut with the Bengali film "Ek Mutho Chhobi" in 2005. 

The film was a commercial success and Rupanjana Mitra's performance was highly praised. Since then, she has appeared in several Bengali films, including "Shudhu Tumi", "Rudra", "Barood", and "Majnu". 

She has also been a part of several television shows, including "Bibaho Abhijan" and "Bhakter Bhagaban Shri Krishna".

Through her films, Rupanjana Mitra has showcased her versatility as an actress. She slips into each character with utmost ease. 

Her expressive eyes and smile light up the screen. Though she started as a model, her dedication to honing her craft is evident.

Rupanjana Mitra Personal Life

Personal Life

Rupanjana Mitra is married to her long-time boyfriend, Soumyadeep Pal, who is a businessman. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Kolkata in 2019.

Soumyadeep Pal has been a pillar of support and encouragement as Rupanjana Mitra continues to scale new heights in her career.

The actress often shares glimpses of her personal and professional life with her followers on social media. 

She comes across as down-to-earth, spiritual and family-oriented. Rupanjana Mitra credits her parents for instilling strong values in her.

Rupanjana Mitra Facts

Facts about Rupanjana Mitra

  • Rupanjana Mitra was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • She started her career as a model before entering the film industry.
  • She has worked in several Bengali films and television shows.
  • Rupanjana Mitra is married to Soumyadeep Pal, a businessman.
  • She is active on social media and often shares pictures and updates with her fans.

Rupanjana Mitra Filmography


Rupanjana Mitra has worked in several Bengali films throughout her career. Some of her notable films include:

  • Ek Mutho Chhobi
  • Shudhu Tumi
  • Rudra
  • Barood
  • Majnu
Rupanjana Mitra Television Career

Television Career

Apart from her film career, Rupanjana Mitra has also worked in several television shows. Some of her notable shows include:

  • Bibaho Abhijan
  • Bhakter Bhagaban Shri Krishna

Rupanjana Mitra Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Rupanjana Mitra has been widely appreciated for her work in the Bengali film industry. 

She has been nominated for several awards for her performances, including the BFJA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Ek Mutho Chhobi".

Rupanjana Mitra FAQs


Q1. What is Rupanjana Mitra's age?
A1. Rupanjana Mitra was born on August 5, 1982, which makes her 40 years old as of 2022.

Q2. What is Rupanjana Mitra's husband's name?
A2. Rupanjana Mitra's husband's name is Soumyadeep Pal. He is a businessman.

Q3. In which film did Rupanjana Mitra make her acting debut?
A1. Rupanjana Mitra made her acting debut with the Bengali film "Ek Mutho Chhobi" in 2005.

Future Plan

Having won acclaim for her work so far, Rupanjana Mitra has an exciting future ahead. She continues to win leading roles in new Bengali movies and web series. Fans are eager to see what she will take on next.

With her dedication, talent and charming personality, there is no doubt Rupanjana Mitra will continue to make her mark in the Bengali entertainment scene for years to come. 

She is undoubtedly a rising star to look out for.

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