Love Marriage Bengali Movie Review!

Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen's Bengali movie "Love Marriage" is full of laughs and fun. Also, USP is brilliant acting!

Love Marriage Bengali Movie Review

The first and last word to a section of movie lovers is Fultus Masti! Yes, for many Tollygunge directors too, the first condition of making a film is to immerse the audience in unrelenting joy with laughs, tears, dances, and songs without burdening them with worries and to return the investment money to the financiers of the film with at least some extra.

Having graduated from cameraman to director, Premendra Bikash Chaki has been doing that work with dedication and sincerity. And his main weapon in that work is comedy.

From story ideas to screenplay, camera work to direction, everything is done by Premendra Bikash Chaki himself. His new film "Love Marriage" did not deviate from that formula.

Love Marriage Bengali Movie

Rather, the image of a middle-class Bengali family has been presented in a beautiful homely manner. Synopsis is Bakai (Ankush Hazra), an old woman suffering from dementia, who lives in a small house with her elderly father (Ranjit Mallick).

Bakai's lover Shaon (Aindrila Sen) lives with her mother Juthika (Aparajita Adhya). It is known that Shaon's father (Surjit) left the family and became a monk.

Ranjith Mallick
's character Juthika comes face to face with Shaon's marriage. This Juthika was his student and former lover. 

Love Marriage Bengali Movie Poster

And that's where the chain of events began. Premendra Bikash Chaki has made no effort to gain favour at the box office by entertaining the audience with laughter and fun.

Rather, it can be said that he has made a homely film of laughter for the audience without singing or dancing. 

The USP of this film is the overall fluent comic performance with a beautiful understanding of the four lead artists.

Love Marriage Bengali Movie Banner

Ranjit Mallick
does comedy well. Actor Ankush Hazra has also done a great job with Ranjit Mallick and Sohag Sen. Moreover, Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen pair has a different chemistry!

Aparajita Adhya is a natural actress. And the best thing is to make a beautiful parody of the traditional mantra of marriage at the end of the film.

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