Bibaho Obhijaan Bengali Movie Review!

In this article, we will discuss the plot, characters, and overall cinematic experience of the movie "Bibaho Obhijaan."

A review of the Bengali romantic comedy Bibaho Obhijaan, exploring the fun plot, captivating characters, beautiful cinematography and music.

Bibaho Obhijaan Bengali Movie Review
Bibaho Obhijaan is a hilarious and visually stunning Bengali romantic comedy directed by Birsa Dasgupta
The films stars Ankush Hazra, Nusraat Faria Mazhar, and Sohini Sarkar in a clever story about two friends trying to win the hearts of their crushes. 
With sharp writing, charismatic performances, and breathtaking cinematography across West Bengal, Bibaho Obhijaan offers a wildly entertaining experience.


Bibaho Obhijaan is a Bengali romantic comedy film directed by Birsa Dasgupta and starring Ankush Hazra, Nusraat Faria Mazhar, and Sohini Sarkar.

The film follows the lives of two friends, Jiban and Joy, as they go on a wild adventure to win the hearts of their respective love interests.

With witty humour, great music, and stunning visuals, this film is a must-watch for anyone looking for a refreshing take on romantic comedies.


The plot of Bibaho Obhijaan revolves around two friends, Jiban (Ankush Hazra) and Joy (Soham Majumdar), who are in love with two women, Rai (Nusraat Faria Mazhar) and Bonny (Sohini Sarkar), respectively.

Both Jiban and Joy are married but their love interests are engaged to other men. In a bid to win their hearts, the two friends embark on a road trip to the hills, where they encounter a series of unexpected events that test their friendship and love.


The characters in Bibaho Obhijaan are well-developed and add depth to the plot. Jiban and Joy are portrayed as two very different individuals who complement each other perfectly.

Ankush Hazra does an excellent job of portraying the witty and charming Jiban, while Soham Majumdar impresses as the sensitive and emotional Joy.

Nusraat Faria Mazhar
and Sohini Sarkar both deliver excellent performances as the two women caught in a love triangle.

Bibaho Obhijaan Bengali Movie


The cinematography in Bibaho Obhijaan is breathtaking. The film is shot in various locations across West Bengal, and each location is captured beautifully on camera.

The stunning visuals of the hills, forests, and rivers add to the overall cinematic experience of the movie.


The music in Bibaho Obhijaan is another highlight of the film. The soundtrack is composed by Jeet Gannguli, and the songs are catchy and enjoyable. The romantic ballads, in particular, are beautifully sung and add to the emotional depth of the film.

FAQs about Bibaho Obhijaan:

Q: Who stars in Bibaho Obhijaan?
A: The main stars are Ankush Hazra, Nusraat Faria Mazhar, Soham Majumdar, and Sohini Sarkar.

Q: What is the plot of the movie?
A: It follows two married friends who go on a road trip to try and win over their respective crushes who are engaged to other people.

Q: Where was Bibaho Obhijaan filmed?
A: It was shot across various beautiful locations in West Bengal like dense forests and hilly rural areas.

Q: Who composed the music for the film?
A: Acclaimed Bengali composer Jeet Gannguli created the fun, romantic soundtrack.

Q: What genre is Bibaho Obhijaan?

A: It is a Bengali language romantic comedy film with added drama and adventure elements.


In conclusion, Bibaho Obhijaan is a must-watch for anyone looking for a refreshing take on romantic comedies. 

The film has a well-written plot, well-developed characters, breathtaking cinematography, and a catchy soundtrack.

We highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to experience a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.

With hilarious situations, nuanced characters brought to life by talented performers, gorgeous backdrops, and fantastic music, Bibaho Obhijaan offers something for every movie lover. 

It takes audiences on an unforgettable comedic ride that has as much depth as it does escapist fun. This inventive and charming Bengali rom-com is a can't-miss cinematic experience.

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