Nagarkirtan Bengali Movie Review!

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That's why we are thrilled to share with you our thoughts on the latest masterpiece by Kaushik Ganguly, Nagarkirtan.

Nagarkirtan Bengali Movie Review

In this unsentimental and unsparing vision of human love and identity, Kaushik Ganguly creates a must-watch movie that challenges our assumptions and emotions.

Overview of Nagarkirtan

Nagarkirtan is a Bengali-language film that premiered at the 2017 Kolkata International Film Festival, where it won four awards, including Best Film and Best Director. 

The movie tells the story of Parimal, a transgender woman who performs in a travelling group of eunuchs, and Madhu, a flautist who falls in love with her. 

The plot explores the complex themes of gender, sexuality, religion, and society, as Parimal undergoes a sex-change operation and confronts the prejudice and violence of the outside world.

The Strengths of Nagarkirtan

What makes Nagarkirtan such a powerful and memorable movie? Firstly, the performances of the lead actors, Riddhi Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty, are exceptional. 

They bring to life the nuances and contradictions of their characters with subtlety and conviction. Sen's portrayal of Parimal is especially remarkable, as she captures both the vulnerability and the resilience of a person who struggles to be accepted and loved for who she is.

Secondly, the cinematography and music of Nagarkirtan are exquisite. The movie is shot in naturalistic and poetic styles that capture the beauty and grit of the urban and rural landscapes of Bengal. 

The use of traditional songs and instruments, such as the ektara and the bansuri, enhances the emotional and cultural richness of the story.

Nagarkirtan Bengali Movie

Thirdly, the direction and writing of Nagarkirtan are masterful. Kaushik Ganguly has a keen eye for detail and empathy that enables him to depict the lives and struggles of marginalized people with authenticity and dignity.

He avoids the traps of sentimentality and sensationalism that often afflict movies about transgender characters, and instead creates a nuanced and honest portrayal of human relationships and desires.

The Relevance of Nagarkirtan Today

Nagarkirtan is not only a beautiful and moving movie, but also a timely and important one. In a world that still discriminates against and stigmatizes transgender people, Nagarkirtan offers a perspective of empathy and understanding that can challenge and change our attitudes. 

The movie shows that love and identity are not fixed or binary categories, but fluid and complex processes that evolve through interaction and negotiation. 

The movie also shows that religion and tradition can be sources of comfort and conflict, and that tolerance and acceptance can be achieved through dialogue and respect.


In conclusion, we highly recommend Nagarkirtan to anyone who loves cinema that dares to explore the depths and heights of human experience. 

We believe that this movie deserves to be watched and celebrated by audiences around the world, and we hope that our review has inspired you to join us in this journey of discovery and enlightenment. 

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

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