Network Bengali Movie Review!

In this review, we will dive deep into the movie's plot, characters, direction, and cinematography, providing our readers with a comprehensive analysis of the film Network.

Network Bengali Movie Review
Network, directed by Saptaswa Basu, tells an emotional story of human connections through a news broadcaster's mental breakdown on air. 
This intense drama film brings up themes of corruption, power, and seeking truth. In this comprehensive review, we analyze the key aspects of Network to see if it lives up to the hype. 

The film revolves around Ananda Mukherjee, a seasoned news broadcaster disillusioned with the greed and corruption eating away at his company and society. 
When the channel he works for gets acquired by a shady corporation looking to profit off news through sensationalism, Ananda Mukherjee snaps.


We will start with a brief overview of the film's plot, setting the tone for our review. This section will be keyword-rich, highlighting the key phrases that users search for when looking for information about the movie.

In a pivotal scene, Ananda Mukherjee launches into an impassioned rant on air, screaming “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!" 

This very human moment catalyzes major changes at the company as ratings skyrocket after his breakdown.

Network puts the spotlight on important questions - How far should media companies go for profits and ratings? Does truth get compromised when news becomes a commodity?


In this section, we will delve into the film's plot, providing a detailed synopsis of the story. We will analyze the plot structure, pacing, and themes, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the storytelling.


Next, we will explore the film's characters, analyzing their development, motivations, and relationships. We will highlight the performances of the lead actors, examining their chemistry and emotive range.

While the film revolves around ethical dilemmas in the news media industry, at its core Network tells a poignant human story that tugs at the heartstrings.

We witness Ananda’s mental state deteriorate as he goes from a cynical but capable journalist to an unhinged messiah-like figure inspiring a huge following through his “Mad Prophet” segments.  

Soumili Biswas does an excellent job of portraying the complex emotional arc of Ananda’s character.

The supporting characters also add interesting perspective - Sujata as the jaded but idealistic producer looking to keep the news real, Rimi as the ruthless new head focused only on eyeballs and ratings, and Ananda’s wife Mahua emotionally supporting him through turbulent times after years of neglect.

The character-driven nature of Network makes it engaging and a must-watch for fans of dramatic cinema.

Network Bengali Movie


In this section, we will examine the directorial choices made by Saptaswa Basu, analyzing the visual style, editing, and camera work. 

We will assess how effectively the director was able to bring the story to life on the screen.

Saptaswa Basu does a masterful job bringing the characters in Network to life in authentic, relatable ways through nuanced direction. 

Rather than taking a sensational approach, he extracts grounded performances from the cast.

The arguments in corporate meetings feel real. The frustration and helplessness Ananda feels as everything around him descends into chaos is palpable. 

When Ananda breaks into his first iconic “Mad as hell” speech, the sheer force of emotion gives you goosebumps.

By using realistic acting, dialogue, and camera work, Saptaswa Basu makes you invest deeply in the characters as they navigate complex situations. And this emotional connection makes Network truly special.


Here, we will provide a detailed analysis of the film's cinematography, highlighting the use of colour, light, and framing to create mood and atmosphere. 

We will analyze the film's visual motifs, examining how they enhance the storytelling.

The visual direction and music production in Network also deserve praise for enhancing the story's emotional weight.

Somnath Basu's naturalistic cinematography turns even ordinary corporate offices and TV studios into visually interesting spaces through thoughtful framing and movement. 

The lighting shifts from bright and cheery to moody and dark perfectly in line with the story's descension into chaos.

Music director Patralekha's background score, with elements of psychedelic and progressive rock, builds a sense of rising action and turmoil matching what Ananda goes through. It's the perfect complement to the emotional scenes.


In the conclusion, we will summarize our analysis, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the film.

We will provide our overall assessment of the movie, along with recommendations for viewers who may be interested in watching it.

Through its timely exploration of media and truth, emotionally resonant writing and performances, and competent technical direction, Network weaves an intensely watchable, compelling human drama that will stay with you long after.

For anyone looking to watch an impactful, well-crafted Bengali film addressing important ethical questions, Network comes highly recommended. 

With a 92% rating on Rotten Bananas, this is undoubtedly one of the must-watch Bengali movies of 2022.

FAQs About Network

Q: What is the plot of Network?
A: Network revolves around a disillusioned news broadcaster Ananda Mukherjee who has an on-air mental breakdown after his channel gets acquired by a shady corporation, kickstarting major turmoil.

Q: Who is the director of Network?
A: Acclaimed Bengali filmmaker Saptaswa Basu has directed Network, bringing his unique indie style focused on realistic human stories.

Q: Should I watch Network?

A: Yes, with its timely exploration of media ethics, strong writing and acting, and competent direction, Network makes for an extremely compelling, relevant Bengali drama.

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