Noshtoneer Bengali Web Series Review!

In one word, the Noshtoneer web series is the perfect answer to indomitable, powerful, and physically demanding masculinity.

Noshtoneer Bengali Web Series Review

Today we will review the recently released Bengali web series. Which is Noshtoneer. It was recently released on Hoichoi OTT platform.

Noshtoneer Bengali Web Series

Misuse of Power

Relationship breakdowns happen at different stages of life. But what if the momentum of a relationship stops in the middle? Turn the other way?

Then it is not pleasant for any human being. Aparna's story of "Noshtoneer" is just like that. She did not even know when a stranger had entered the gap between the 'so-called' happy couple.

Aparna's husband, Rishabh, is a professor by profession. He is very popular in society. He has some respect in society.

Suddenly, one day, the student got involved in the #MeToo case and went to jail. Aparna continues to provide support like a bird by the side of her husband.

She was desperate to save his family. However, the heat of the girls' pain was felt right away. 

So she did not bow down to her husband's extramarital affairs, but she had the courage to question her husband face-to-face when she returned home.

Noshtoneer Web Series

Aparna's Family

Aparna has a well-balanced family. Even as a highly educated, brilliant student, she takes care of the family.

She is established in society. She also has a wealthy husband. sweet girl But when faith, trust, hope, and family happiness sank into the bottom of the sand, Aparna did not feel them.

Housewife Aparna could not understand when her nest of love was lost. But the ground shifted on the day when the godlike, friendly bridegroom was touched. Her faith collapsed like a house of cards.

With the cloth of the saree, with which she used to carefully wipe off the spices of the henshel, she had to run to wipe her sweaty eyes and face for her husband, who was at home.

Aparna's character may appear to be soft, but she is strong. So when she finds out about her husband's misdeeds, she wants to withdraw legally on her own.

But breaking up a marriage is so easy. Even if you don't care about the bloodshed in society, the personal 'conscience sting' remains.

Noshtoneer Bengali Series

Aparna's Straggle

Sandipta Sen is as good as Aparna. She deserves to be praised for his acting, the victimization of the situation, and the twist of the story.

Shoumo Banerjee suits the role of a powerful professor. proper acting. Angana Roy acted well opposite Sandipta Sen.

Rooqma Ray and Anindya Chatterjee are perfect as Sandipta Sen's girlfriend and her boyfriend. Both of them have gradually become important parts of the story.

Total of 6 episodes in the Noshtoneer web series The first three episodes are loose, but the last three are quite tense.

The real twist starts in episode number three. In that case, it felt like there was a sudden rush to finish episode 3.

But even after the end, curiosity remains. Will Aparna, who is pregnant for the second time, be able to get out of the 'messy' world, or will she fight with her head high for the justice of the girl who lost her unborn child due to her husband's fault?

Noshtoneer Series

Main USP*

Director Aditi Roy and storyteller Samragnee Bandyopadhyay ended "Noshtoneer" by keeping that question alive.

Let's say at the end, "Family happiness is due to women..." or "Girls are the enemy of girls...", The "Noshtoneer" web series shook hard to change the prevailing mindset of society.

(USP Means Unique Selling Point.)

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