Priyotoma Bengali Movie Review!

Priyotoma is a 2023 romantic action movie from Bangladesh. Himel Ashraf, who was directing the movie for the second time, produced it under the Versatile Media label.

Priyotoma is a 2023 romantic drama from Bangladesh. Read this review to learn about the cast, story, direction, music and overall experience of watching this emotional tale of love.

Priyotoma Bengali Movie Review

The late Farooq Hossain created the script himself, while he and Himel Ashraf collaborated on the screenplay and dialogue.

More or less everyone has a Priyotoma (sweetheart) at some point in their lives. At whose smile the sun laughs, whose dirty face sees the evening draws near.

Not everyone gets his beloved, some get it again and lose it. Himel Ashraf is making "Priyotoma" with such a heart-wrenching love story.

Priyotoma Bengali Movie

Apart From Acting:

Shakib Khan's look, and expression were excellent. I don't remember exactly when I saw this Shakib Khan of my beloved. 

Different characters, different looks, and a very beautiful performance. An 80-year-old look never feels out of character.

Idhika Paul had some doubts about but it was cut on screen. I was enjoying the bad English on his face. I was most surprised to see Shahiduzzaman Selim. He gave his best as a villain.

Priyotoma Movie

Film Making:

Locations were nice. The background music was okay but could have been better. The cinematography was bad. 

Maybe the director was in a hurry to release it. But Himel Ashraf's effort seen on screen is unparalleled.

The songs of Riyad and Prince Mahmud have given a lot of life to this movie. Especially at the end of the movie, the slow version of Prince Mahmud's "Eshwar" song is heart-wrenching. Prince Mahmud is a true living legend as a singer.

Although I have seen some dramas by Himel Ashraf, I have not seen the first movie before. But it was good to see the second movie. We are going to get a good director if he gives regular direction in movies.

Priyotoma Bengali Film

My Opinion:

If there were no inconsistencies, "Priyotoma" would have been one of the best films of Shakib Khan's career. 

I promise you "Priyotoma" is a very good romantic movie.  I finish this review with the lines "Eshwar Ki Tomar Amar Milon Likhte Parto Na."


Q. What is the genre of Priyotoma?

A. Priyotoma is a romantic drama film with elements of tragedy.

Q. Who has directed Priyotoma?

A. Priyotoma is directed by Himel Ashraf.

Q. Who are the lead actors in Priyotoma?

A. The lead cast includes Shakib Khan and Idhika Paul.

Q. What is Priyotoma's story about?

A. It narrates an emotional tale of love, longing and loss between the lead characters.

Q. Is the music impactful in Priyotoma?

A. Yes, the evocative music by Riyad and Prince Mahmud complements the mood of the film.


For Himel Ashraf, Priyotoma is only his second directorial venture. He still has room for improvement when it comes to technical finesse. 

But his passion for storytelling and ability to translate emotions on screen are clearly visible. Given more experience, he has the potential to become an accomplished director.

Barring some inconsistencies, Priyotoma is one of Shakib Khan's best romantic dramas. It is a gripping tale exploring the transience and agony of love. 

The poetic dialogues combined with evocative music create a lasting impact. For fans of romantic tragedies, Priyotoma is a must watch.

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