Samaresh Basu R Projapoti Bengali Movie Review!

"Samaresh Basu R Projapoti" has been beautifully presented by director Subrata Sen. Now, ''Samaresh Basu R Projapoti'' rests in the hands of Subrata Sen.

Director Subrata Sen has beautifully adapted Samaresh Basu's acclaimed novel "Projapoti" to the big screen. 

Though set in 1960s Kolkata, the film's exploration of the complex relationship between politicians, gangsters, and the common man remains relevant even today.

Samaresh Basu R Projapoti Bengali Movie Review

Without drowning his hands, the director has adorned "Projapoti" with his own emotions, blending them beautifully with the current situation. 

At the center of the film is the rising gangster Mastan Sukhen, portrayed brilliantly by Ritabrata Mukhopadhyay.

The main character, Mastan Sukhen, still exists all around us in a much broader sense. They have become guardians of a corrupt political leader.

As time has progressed, the alliance between the leader and Mastan has become more intricate. Subrata Sen has woven a story around Kolkata city, focusing on a small neighborhood.

Just as there are workers in the factory, there are workers' movements and politicians wearing the crown of hypocrisy, deceiving God behind their masks.

Driven by desire, Mastans have become even more violent. Among them lies the chapter on Taruni Shikhar Ashnai's dance.

Samaresh Basu R Projapoti Bengali Movie

In the film, Sukhen does not just indulge in Mastani, he also instils fear in the office worker and even gives his pension to the old headmaster.

The rising Mastan (Ritabrata) is seen with a convoluted mindset in the film. There is a conflict between good and evil in Subrata's portrayal.

The social context of the 1960s and the current context have been expanded in Subrata's presentation.

Despite almost forty years of difference, Subrata takes the audience on a different journey with the film "Samaresh Basu R Projapoti".

He does not entirely paint any character in black or white; instead, they survive with the duality of good and bad.

Where Samresh Basu does not offer any salvation of social images, Subrata initiates a chapter of hope with the soft touch of Sukhen's injured eyes.

For those who claim they do not see the reflection of time in contemporary Bengali cinema, this movie is for them.

Samaresh Basu R Projapoti Bengali Film

Balancing detective stories and romantic adventures, "Samaresh Basu R Projapoti" presents reality face-to-face. The combined performance of the actors is excellent.

Sukhen and rising Mastan have been portrayed by Subrata Dutt and Ritabrata Mukhopadhyay respectively.

It is hard to understand why Subrata is still an 'unknown' artist in Bengali cinema. He has given life to Sukhen.

A promising artist, Ritabrata, deserves applause. Mamata is also extraordinary. The cine-lovers of Kolkata should explore the actress more. 

"Samaresh Basu R Projapoti" succeeds as both an adaptation and standalone work. 

Subrata Sen has crafted a film that serves as a time capsule to 1960s Kolkata, but also holds up a mirror to society's timeless ills. For those lamenting the lack of quality Bengali films, this is a gem not to be missed.

Finally, it can be said that "Samaresh Basu R Projapoti" has become "Samaresh Basu R Projapoti" with a beautiful face.

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