Surongo Bengali Movie Review!

Greed and lust, since the beginning of the world, these two reasons are the most sins, this story of greed, lust, lust and sin is revealed in Raihan Rafi's Surongo movie. Raihan Rafi's movie "Surongo" has been getting a great response since its release.

Surongo Bengali Movie Review

Suman Sarkar, the magician behind the camera, has presented the cinematic experience of such a huge canvas of this movie that has made a place in the minds of the audience. The contribution of this young Turk to the success of this movie cannot be denied in any way.

Those who have seen "Surongo" have praised Dhaka as a larger-than-life type of cinematic experience. It was previously reported that the Expansive Alexa Mini LF camera has been used in the movie "Surongo".

And the task of handling this camera has been done brilliantly by multiple National Film Award-winning young cinematographer Suman Sarkar.

He recently shared his experience of working with this camera on the big screen with his audience and fans. The shooting of the movie was completed in these two locations, Niladri and Chittagong in Sunamganj.

On the one hand, in the first half, as we are impressed by the extraordinary natural beauty of the huge canvas, in the second half, we are also surprised to see the narrow tunnel under the ground, just like the name of the movie Tunnel.

Surongo Bengali Movie

Be it the Chittagong bazaar scene or a particularly long scene when the entire tunnel comes up on camera, there's no other viewer who hasn't had a suffocating feeling.

But as a cinematographer, Suman Sarkar said that the Chittagong phase was challenging. Of course, after watching the movie, I felt that again and again.

Because in this phase the unit had to shoot continuously for 22 days. It was during this phase that the most important parts of the movie were shot in underground tunnels.

Suman Sarkar said, "When I went to shoot with this camera for the first time, I felt that it is a perfect movie camera. For example, long shots or large canvases that I want to highlight can be done with this camera. But the experience of shooting down the tunnel is different. We had to shoot sitting in the narrow tunnel full of mud. Those few artists and craftsmen would have taken part in the shoot in that underground tunnel. Naturally, for a while, lying down in the mud and going to shoot, sweating in the scorching heat, during the unstable situation, and oxygen limitation, was a challenging portion from both physical and mental aspects."

Surongo Bengali Film

Positive Point:

1. Afran Nisho: I am very much an alien when it comes to Afran Nisho's work, I have not seen any of his work before, I rarely watch dramas and web series, and Bengali has not been seen at all in the last 7-8 years.

Seeing Afran Nisho in the movie you will not feel like you are watching Afran Nisho, Masood has taken the character to a different level with his performance, there are two scenes in the first half of the movie and the climax of the movie, these two scenes will make your hair stand on end watching Afran Nisho's performance.

2. Acting: Afran Nisho deserves a separate point, everyone's acting has been good, I didn't expect Tama Mirza to do this well. Shahiduzzaman Selim's 65-35 Chattanooga language made the audience laugh.

3. Also the production design, cinematography everything was first class. Raihan Rafi used the song very well this time. Excellent editing, Bengali movies are not good at editing because they usually finish the movie in 30 days.

Surongo Bengali Cinema

Negative Point:

1. The length of the film could have been shortened. This would increase the number of shows.
2. Raihan Rafi's song mixing has not been fixed yet. Suddenly the music starts playing and the sound is like having a heart attack. More work should be done on this thing.
3. CGI of some scenes was unrealistic but worth ignoring.

Final Words:

In one word, excellent, I hope this movie will be a super hit and there will be more commercial movies besides commercial films. I will be able to enter the theatre again after 30 min line.

There is a saying that "hard work pays off" that has been around for a long time. It has to be said that the inhuman suffering that the entire team has done to present "Surongo" as an iconic movie to the audience is now reaping the benefits.

Along with the story, screenplay, acting and direction, this movie's excellent cinematography is also appreciated by all. 

It is the wish that Suman Sarkar will spread the fascination among us with more huge canvas work in front of us. 

For now, Prachester has to be praised for giving something exceptional on the big canvas in each of his films.

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