Bhuban Badyakar Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Networth & More!

From street vendor to viral sensation, discover the incredible journey of Bhuban Badyakar, the singer behind the chart-topping hit "Kacha Badam."

Bhuban Badyakar Biography, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Networth

Explore his rise to fame, heartfelt reflections, and the unexpected honours he received along the way. Prepare to be inspired by his unwavering determination and the power of music to change lives.

Bhuban Badyakar Introduction


In a heartwarming tale of talent and triumph, Bhuban Badyakar, a street vendor from Birbhum, West Bengal, captured the hearts of millions with his viral song "Kacha Badam" in 2022. 

Let's delve into the life and journey of this remarkable individual, who went from selling untoasted peanuts to becoming a celebrated singer.

Bhuban Badyakar Early Life and Musical Roots

Early Life and Musical Roots:

Bhuban Badyakar hails from a small village in Birbhum, West Bengal. Even in his childhood, he had a penchant for singing and was part of a singing group called Baul Team. 

His musical talents were nurtured in his village, where he sang songs and honed his skills.

Bhuban Badyakar The Unexpected Viral Sensation

The Unexpected Viral Sensation:

The turning point in Bhuban Badyakar's life came when someone heard him singing "Kacha Badam" while he was selling his wares on the streets. 

Captivated by his melodious voice, the person requested Bhuban Badyakar to sing again, capturing the performance on video. 

This video was then shared on social media, and within a short period, it became a viral sensation.

Bhuban Badyakar Rising Popularity and Honors

Rising Popularity and Honors:

As the popularity of "Kacha Badam" soared, people from India and abroad started creating Instagram reels and lip-sync videos on the song. 

The Indian model Anjali Arora's video on the song further amplified its reach. Recognizing Bhuban Badyakar's talent, the Indian music label Godhulibela Music released a remix version of the song titled "Badam 2.0," featuring Bhuban Badyakar.

Bhuban Badyakar's talent did not go unnoticed by notable figures in the entertainment industry. He was invited to perform at various venues in Kolkata, and his exceptional contribution to music was honoured by the West Bengal Police and former Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly on the TV show Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9.

Bhuban Badyakar Personal Life and Reflections

Personal Life and Reflections:

In interviews, Bhuban Badyakar has expressed his gratitude for the success he has achieved. He credits his family's unwavering support and believes that if opportunities come your way, they are meant to be seized. 

Despite his newfound fame, Bhuban Badyakar remains humble and acknowledges the overwhelming attention he receives.

Bhuban Badyakar Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead:

Bhuban Badyakar's journey from being a street vendor to a recognized singer serves as an inspiration to all. 

With his talent, determination, and the support of his loved ones, Bhuban Badyakar is poised for a brighter future in the music industry. 

His story reminds us that dreams can be realized with hard work, passion, and the right opportunities.

Bhuban Badyakar


Bhuban Badyakar's rise to fame is a testament to the power of talent and the ability to touch hearts through music. 

From the streets of Birbhum to the stage of recognition, he has shown that it is never too late to pursue your passion and make a mark in the world. 

Bhuban Badyakar's journey serves as an inspiration to dream big, overcome obstacles, and believe in oneself. 

We eagerly await his future musical endeavors, as he continues to spread joy through his soulful melodies.

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