Oh Lovely Bengali Movie Review!

Dive into our heartfelt review of the Bengali movie 'Oh Lovely!' Experience the charm of a seasoned leader's acting debut and discover how this film weaves together humour, love, and unexpected twists. 

Join us for a captivating journey from politics to the silver screen, as we unravel the magic of 'Oh Lovely'.

Oh Lovely Bengali Movie Review

On the poster, he exudes charisma! After watching Madan Mitra's first film, what was the impression? Madan Mitra has achieved his debut film's release, 'Oh Lovely!' How did the seasoned leader perform in his role as an actor?

At the end of the movie, old stories feel rejuvenated. Madan Mitra is an experienced politician. Wherever he goes, he carries the wisdom of these years.

So, when standing beside the seasoned actors during his first film, he doesn't hesitate to take his place.

Regardless of how big a star he is, he doesn't let ego come between familiar and unfamiliar territories. He doesn't engage in unnecessary attempts to focus on himself amidst the crowd.

He knows how to bring about change with the public. So, looking at him, one might not think of him as an actor-turned-politician. 

And without saying it, he knows that when seen on the screen, people will see him accurately. No matter which role he's in!

Oh Lovely Bengali Movie

And that's how it is. Otherwise, on the evening of the release of the film 'Oh Lovely!', despite the rain and wet streets throughout the day, the audience wouldn't have flocked to the cinema hall.

Watching it on a screen is a different experience. When you go to such a place, you have to go a bit away from home. The crowd isn't too much, indeed.

But the weather on Friday was such that it wasn't particularly conducive for anyone to watch. 'Modon-da' who plays 'Oh Lovely', demonstrated his prowess in battling the rain, and he showed it.

Let's return to the politician when it comes to acting. The film's name, 'Oh Lovely!', invokes the words of Trinamool Congress leader Madan Babu.

Hence, when you hear the name of the film and then go to the cinema, you might naturally think that the focus will be on the leader.

Even though he is present in the first scene, this film is much more than just Madan Babu. Regardless of the name, the film revolves around those heroes and heroines.

Oh Lovely Cinema

The love story of Rajnandini Pal and Srishti Chattopadhyay takes centre stage, the push and pull of getting married or not. 

The village life, the struggles in the city, family versus individuals - everything that tastes of commercial cinema is present here.

And in the midst of all that, there's a consistent infusion of humour, brought by an actor, not in the main roles. 

Someone who isn't in the role of a hero. He's in the role of a father. He has to limit himself as much as he measures himself.

What did Modon-da do right? He broke himself. He transitioned from a leader to an actor. Director Haranath Chakraborty, with whatever responsibility he had, stood by the remaining actors.

He lit the spark without showing too much of a struggle. Senior actors like Kharaj Mukhopadhyay and Laboni Sarkar received a little bit of respect. 

Oh Lovely Bengali Film

Just like they are fathers, so are they. It can be said that this film's name is not just 'Oh Lovely!', but the director could have even named it 'When the Leader Becomes a Father'.

However, the leader Modon Mitra won't be seen in a single glance, that's not the case. The song 'Oh Lovely!' comes at the very end of the film.

Only those who are going to see the movie just for 'Modon-da' will have to wait quite a while. But they won't leave disappointed. 

Adorned in a familiar bright red Punjabi attire, sunglasses, and a smile on his face, he starts singing 'Oh Lovely'. 

Oh Lovely Bengali Cinema

He takes off the white shirt in the end and presents himself in that way. When you see it, you'll feel a burst of laughter like a relieving breath.

You'll feel like he's leading you in a dance, bringing you back to his role. Even if you feel a bit irritated seeing the leader as the father in the entire story, and if you keep thinking over and over again that Modon-da, don't dance a bit, that carelessness will be forgotten with this song, with the rhythm of the dance accompanying the leader.

Everything comes together, from a familiar leader to a talented actor in the role of an educational institute's actor. Easily Pass, played by the versatile actor, was passed on from the known leader.

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