Moubani Sorcar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Discover all there is to know about Moubani Sorcar, the talented Indian actress and painter.

Moubani Sorcar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Read her biography, learn about her filmography, and find out fascinating details about her personal life, including age, height, weight, husband, and net worth.

Moubani Sorcar Biography

Biography of Moubani Sorcar and Her Filmography

Moubani Sorcar, originally known as Purbita Sorcar, was born on October 21, 1987, in India. 

She is a renowned Indian actress and a talented painter, inheriting her artistic talents from her father, the famous magician P. C. Sorcar Jr.


1. Badla (2009)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Anup Sengupta

2. Kolir Arjun 

3. Lajja – The Shame (2010)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Dayal Acharya

4. Mon Chay Tomay (2010)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Prabir Kar

5. Seven Days (2011)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Tathagata Bhattacharya

6. Antore Bahire (2012)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Somnath Sen

7. Nadi Re Tui (2012)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Kingshuk De

8. Sorry Kono Khama Nei (2012)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Jeet Chatterjee

9. Bhoot Adbhoot (2014)
    Language: Bengali
    Director: Anubrata Dutta, Sridip Ghosh

10. Path Ghat (2014)
     Language: Bengali
     Director: Partha Ganguly

11. Comrade (2017)

     Language: Bengali 

12. Sesh Chithi (2018)
     Language: Bengali

13. Silent Signature (2018)
     Language: Bengali

14. Sleelatahanir Pore (2021)
     Language: Bengali

15. Jotilpurer Goppo (2021)
     Language: Bengali
     Director: Adhyan Dhara

16. Paran Bandhu Re

     Language: Bengali
     Director: Biswanath Chakraborty

17. Sopno O Bastab

     Language: Bengali
     Director: Shyamal Basu

Moubani Sorcar FAQs


Q1: When was Moubani Sorcar born?
A1: Moubani Sorcar was born on October 21, 1987.

Q2: Who are Moubani Sorcar's parents?

A2: Moubani Sorcar is the daughter of the renowned magician P. C. Sorcar Jr.

Q3: In which movie did Moubani Sorcar make her acting debut?

A3: Moubani Sorcar made her acting debut in the Bengali film "Badla" (2009), alongside Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Q4: What other talents does Moubani Sorcar possess?

A4: Besides being an accomplished actress, Moubani Sorcar is also a skilled painter.

Q5: What is Moubani Sorcar's notable contribution to Indian cinema?
A5: Moubani Sorcar has made significant contributions to Indian cinema through her diverse roles in various Bengali films over the years.

Q6: Can you provide more information about Moubani Sorcar's film "Jotilpurer Goppo"?
A6: "Jotilpurer Goppo" is a Bengali film directed by Adhyan Dhara, featuring Moubani Sorcar in a prominent role. However, specific details about the film's plot and release year have not been provided.

Q7: What are some of Moubani Sorcar's recent projects?

A7: As of the provided information, "Sleelatahanir Pore" (2021) is one of Moubani Sorcar's recent projects. However, details about other recent works are not available in the given content.

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