Moyna Mukherjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Learn about Moyna Mukherjee, a celebrated Indian actress in Bengali films and TV series. 

Moyna Mukherjee is an Indian film and television actress.  She has worked in many Bengali films and also Bengali serials.

Moyna Mukherjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Explore her biography, physical stats, career highlights, and interesting facts. Discover her favourite things and her successful social media presence.

Moyna Mukherjee Introduction


Moyna Mukherjee, a talented and well-known Indian actress, has carved a niche for herself in the Bengali film and television industry.

With a captivating onscreen presence, she has become a favourite among audiences. Let's delve into her life, career, and intriguing facts that make her stand out in entertainment.

Moyna Mukherjee Biography and Early Life

Biography and Early Life:

Born on 4th April in Kolkata, West Bengal, Moyna Mukherjee grew up in the vibrant city that would later become the backdrop for her successful acting career.

She remains deeply rooted in her Hindu culture and has embraced her hometown, Kolkata, with immense pride.

Moyna Mukherjee Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance:

Moyna Mukherjee stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 1 inch, and her distinctive brown black eyes and lustrous black hair add to her captivating charm. She maintains her beauty while exuding confidence on and off-screen.

Moyna Mukherjee Career Highlights

Career Highlights:

Moyna Mukherjee's journey to fame began with various television serials, including "Bojhena Se Bojhena," "Trinayani," "Chuni Panna," and "Mithai," among others.

Each performance showcased her versatility as an actress, earning her immense popularity in the Bengali telly soap industry.

In 2017, she made her presence felt on the big screen with the movie "Bolo Dugga Maiki." Her acting prowess and screen presence garnered praise from audiences and critics alike.

Additionally, Moyna Mukherjee ventured into the digital world with the web series "Maradonar Juto" in 2021, further expanding her reach as an actress.

Moyna Mukherjee Personal Life

Personal Life:

Moyna Mukherjee's personal life is equally impressive. She shares her life with her beloved husband, the renowned Bengali actor, Samrat Mukherji.

The couple's relationship has been an inspiration for many. They are blessed with two sons, Sagar Mukherjee and Somudro Mukherjee, making their family complete.

Moyna Mukherjee Social Media and Influencer Status

Social Media and Influencer Status:

Moyna Mukherjee has undoubtedly embraced the power of social media and connects with her fans on various platforms.

Her Instagram account boasts more than 110K+ followers, establishing her as a social media influencer. 

She has also collaborated with several prominent brands, making her a sought-after celebrity endorser.

Moyna Mukherjee Television Career FAQs

Television Career  FAQs:

1. Which popular TV serials have Moyna Mukherjee been a part of?
Moyna Mukherjee has been part of several popular TV serials, including "Bojhena Se Bojhena," "Trinayani," "Chuni Panna," "Mithai," and "Balijhor."

2. Has Moyna Mukherjee participated in any reality shows?
Yes, Moyna Mukherjee and her husband Samrat Mukherji participated in the Bengali reality show "Ismart Jodi" hosted by Jeet in 2022.

3. Is Moyna Mukherjee involved in any other activities apart from acting?
Indeed, apart from her acting career, Moyna Mukherjee is a director at the esteemed Samrat Modeling & Performing Arts Institute (SMPAi).

4. Does Moyna Mukherjee have a fondness for animals?

Yes, she is an avid animal lover, and her compassion extends to the welfare of animals.

Moyna Mukherjee Favourites


  •  Actor: Amir Khan.
  •  Actress: Vidya Balan.
  •  Colour: Yellow.
  •  Sport: Cricket.
  •  Street Food: Fuchka.
Moyna Mukherjee Conclusion


Moyna Mukherjee's journey as an actress has been nothing short of remarkable. With her exceptional talent, charismatic personality, and ever-growing fan-base on social media, she continues to shine in the Bengali entertainment industry.

Her versatility as an actress and dedication to her craft makes her a prominent figure and an inspiration to many aspiring actors.

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