Ankita Mallick Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Discover the fascinating biography of Ankita Mallick, a talented Bengali television actress and model. 

Learn about her early life, career, and achievements in the Tollywood industry. Find out her favourite things and unknown facts about her.

Ankita Mallick Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Hey there! Let's delve into the captivating life of Ankita Mallick, an extraordinary Bengali television actress and a professional model hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal.

This young and talented lady has carved her path in the entertainment industry, and she's making waves with her captivating performances.

Ankita Mallick Early Life and Career

Early Life and Career:

Born on 28th January 2001, Ankita Mallick took her first breath in the vibrant city of Kolkata. In 2021, she stepped into the world of television by making her debut in the Colors Bangla serial "Joy Jagannath."

Her incredible acting skills and natural charm soon caught the attention of viewers and critics alike.

Currently, Ankita Mallick graces the screens as Jas Sanyal in the Zee Bangla serial "Jagadhatri," where she continues to win hearts with her remarkable talent.

Beyond the small screen, she has made her presence felt as a social media influencer, boasting an impressive following of 160K+ on Instagram. 

Her association with renowned brands is a testament to her growing popularity and influence.

Ankita Mallick Personal Details

Personal Details:

At 22 years old (in 2023), Ankita Mallick is on the rise, leaving a lasting impact on the Tollywood industry. 

Standing at an approximate height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighing around 52 kilograms, she exudes elegance and grace.

Her captivating black eyes and lustrous black hair further enhance her magnetic presence.

Ankita Mallick Education and Interests

Education and Interests:

Ankita pursued her higher studies at Asutosh College, where she obtained honours in Psychology, showcasing her intellectual side alongside her artistic talents.

Moreover, apart from her love for acting and modelling, Ankita is an avid animal lover and a fitness enthusiast, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and compassionate lifestyle.

Ankita Mallick Relationships and Family

Relationships and Family:

As of now, Ankita Mallick remains unmarried, and there are no records of any past relationships. 

She shares a close bond with her family, including her sister Mishtu, though details about her father and mother are not publicly known.

Ankita Mallick Career Highlights

Career Highlights:

Ankita's journey in the entertainment industry has been noteworthy, with prominent roles in TV serials like "Joy Jagannath" (2021) and "Jagadhatri" (2022). 

Additionally, she is yet to venture into the world of movies and web series, leaving fans eager for more.

Ankita Mallick Favourites


Her favourite actor is the talented Ranbir Kapoor, while Deepika Padukone steals her heart as her favourite actress. 

The colour pink brings her joy, and she enjoys the thrill of cricket matches. When it comes to street food, momos and ice cream tickle her taste buds.

Ankita Mallick Unknown Facts

Unknown Facts:

Here are some intriguing unknown facts about Ankita Mallick:

  • 1. She was born and raised in the lively city of Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • 2. While she started her career as a model, her passion for acting led her to become a successful actress.
  • 3. Beyond her artistic endeavours, she devotes love and cares to animals.
  • 4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to her, and fitness is an integral part of her routine.
  • 5. In recognition of her exceptional performance, Ankita bagged the prestigious Sonar Sansar Award 2023 in the category of Priyo Nayika for her portrayal in "Jagadhatri."
Ankita Mallick FAQs


Q1: When was Ankita Mallick born?
A1: Ankita Mallick was born on 28th January 2001 in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Q2: What are Ankita Mallick's notable TV serials?
A2: Ankita Mallick gained fame through TV serials like "Joy Jagannath" (2021) and "Jagadhatri" (2022).

Q3: Has Ankita Mallick acted in any movies or web series?
A3: As of now, Ankita Mallick's acting ventures are confined to television, and she hasn't appeared in movies or web series yet.

Q4: What are Ankita Mallick's favourite things?
A4: Ankita's favourites include Ranbir Kapoor as her favourite actor, Deepika Padukone as her favourite actress, the colour pink, and enjoying cricket matches. She also has a fondness for momos and ice cream as street food.

Q5: Has Ankita Mallick received any awards for her performances?

A5: Yes, Ankita Mallick received the prestigious Sonar Sansar Award 2023 in the category of Priyo Nayika for her exceptional portrayal in "Jagadhatri."

Ankita Mallick

Now that you know more about the rising star Ankita Mallick, keep an eye out for her remarkable journey in the world of entertainment!

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