Mujib: The Making of a Nation Bengali Film Review!

In this candid review, we delve into the shortcomings of the biopic "Mujib: The Making of a Nation" directed by Shyam Benegal

Discover the film's disappointing aspects, from performances to storytelling, and its impact on the legacy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Mujib The Making of a Nation Bengali Film Review

Mujib: The Making of a Nation – A Critical Review

Mujib: The Making of a Nation - A Missed Opportunity

As a seasoned film critic with a penchant for insightful analysis, it's not often that I find myself disheartened by a movie. 

However, "Mujib: The Making of a Nation" directed by Shyam Benegal is a film that barely qualifies as a cinematic experience.

The Lost Essence of Cinema

Despite bearing the name of a pioneering director, the film falls short in numerous aspects. From the almost cosplay-level performances and dated visual effects to an uninspiring narrative structure, it leaves much to be desired.

"Mujib: The Making of a Nation" takes a subject as significant as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Founding Father of Bangladesh, and reduces it to a series of state-sponsored bullet points and outdated narratives.

The Staging Dilemma

While the film attempts to cover various phases of Mujibur Rahman's life, it lacks the finesse of storytelling. 

Scenes transition abruptly, leaving the audience disconnected and disoriented. It's as if you're reading a book with missing pages, making it challenging to fully engage with the story.

Mujib The Making of a Nation Bengali Film

A Disappointing Effort

Much like hagiographies, attention to detail is sacrificed for the sake of an idealized image. 

Inconsistencies in characters' appearances, unconvincing visual effects, and underbriefed junior artists further detract from the film's credibility. The technical aspects were not the film's strong suit.

The Hindi Dub and Technical Flaws

Even switching to the Hindi-dubbed version doesn't salvage the film, as the lead actor, Arifin Shuvoo, struggles with his performance.

The film's technical flaws, such as school-level VFX and scaled-up backgrounds, make it difficult to immerse oneself in the narrative.

Mujib The Making of a Nation Bengali Movie

Missed Opportunities

Despite a few sparks of storytelling potential, "Mujib: The Making of a Nation" fails to capitalize on them. 

The film could have shed light on essential historical events, such as the Declaration of Independence, in a more engaging manner.

A Painful Collaboration

It's particularly disheartening that a subpar historical biopic on Bangladeshi history is an Indian collaboration, given the recent emergence of Bangladeshi cinema on the global stage.

The film's depiction of an assassination sequence, particularly involving children, feels unnecessary and insensitive, and it tarnishes the film's overall impact.

The Final Verdict

As a patriotic citizen of Bangladesh with immense respect for Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, it's challenging to label a movie portraying his life as "bad."

However, the flaws in "Mujib: The Making of a Nation" cannot be overlooked. It's a flawed film about an iconic figure, and this disappointment taints his legacy.

In moments like these, one can't help but miss the emotional depth that only a Bengali filmmaker like Satyajit Ray could have brought to this subject.

Mujib The Making of a Nation Bengali Cinema


1. What is "Mujib: The Making of a Nation"?
"Mujib: The Making of a Nation" is a biopic directed by Shyam Benegal, which attempts to portray the life of Bangladeshi leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

2. Who are the key figures behind the film?
The film was directed by Shyam Benegal and written by Atul Tiwari and Shama Zaidi. The cast includes Arifin Shuvoo, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Nusraat Faria, Tauquir Ahmed, Riaz, and Shahidul Alam Sachchu.

3. How long is the film's duration?
The film runs for 178 minutes.

4. Is the film currently showing in theatres?
Yes, it is available in theatres.

In conclusion, "Mujib: The Making of a Nation" is a missed opportunity to celebrate the life of a great leader. 

While it may appeal to those seeking a superficial glimpse of history, it falls short of delivering a truly immersive and engaging cinematic experience.

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