Petni Bengali Web Series Review!

Delve into the spine-chilling world of Petni (2023) as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Professor Ramen Sen's daughter, Raka Sen.

Join us in this narrative review where we explore the directorial nuances of Abhimanyu Mukherjee and the stellar performances that light up the series.

Petni Bengali Web Series Review

Petni (2023) Web Series: A Tale of Shadows and Secrets

The Premise Unveiled

The heart of the horror thriller series Petni, directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee and produced by Surinder Films, unfolds the mysterious disappearance of Raka Sen (Jasmine Roy).

Accompanied by her friends, Raka embarks on a vacation to a private resort in Raipur. However, a late-night drive takes a sinister turn, leading them to an accident near the Sapan Khola forest.

The Enigma Deepens

As dawn breaks, Inspector Gopal Halui (Kanchan Mullick) and his team discover the aftermath of the accident. Three friends are found, but Raka is missing.

Five days later, Raka is miraculously found near a tunnel, disoriented and with no memory of the past few days. Her revelation of witnessing Joyeeta's murder sparks a complex web of questions.

Petni Bengali Web Series 01

Unraveling the Threads

The eight-episode series takes viewers on a journey to unravel the mysteries: Who is Joyeeta? What transpired during Raka's disappearance? 

And who is responsible for Joyeeta's demise? The plot thickens, promising an intricate narrative.

Stellar Performances Amidst Challenges

While Petni has its shortcomings, the performances of Kanchan Mullick and Subhrajit Dutta shine brightly.

Kanchan Mullick, portraying Inspector Gopal Halui, brings depth to the narrative with his portrayal of personal and professional struggles.

Subhrajit Dutta's performance as SDPO Prakash Sanyal, though commendable, lacks the depth needed to fully explore his character.

Petni Bengali Web Series 02

Unexplored Potentials and Underutilized Talents

Despite the proven capabilities of Ushasi Roy, her potential remains largely untapped in the series. 

Ushasi Ray's previous stellar performances in projects like Kumudini Bhavan and Sundarbaner Vidyasagar make her underutilization surprising.

The absence of crucial elements, such as Prakash Sanyal's backstory with Joyeeta, leaves certain character arcs underdeveloped.

Petni Bengali Web Series 03

A Symphony of Hits and Misses

Sayan Ganguly's background score, while occasionally setting a haunting atmosphere, fluctuates in quality. 

The potential for a more compelling series is evident, and with judicious editing by MD Kalam, the series could have been condensed into a more engaging four episodes.

Petni's Downfall: A Critical Analysis

Beyond the stellar performances of Kanchan Mullick and Subhrajit Dutta, Petni falters in key areas. 

The plot lacks strength, dialogues fall short, and supporting cast performances fail to leave a lasting impact.

Abhimanyu Mukherjee, the director, misses opportunities for improvement, marking his third consecutive disappointment after Hello! Remember Me? and Indu 2.

Petni Bengali Web Series 04


Q1: What is the genre of Petni (2023)?
A1: Petni is a Bengali horror thriller web series directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee.

Q2: Who are the standout performers in Petni?

A2: Kanchan Mullick and Subhrajit Dutta deliver outstanding performances as Inspector Gopal Halui and SDPO Prakash Sanyal, respectively.

Q3: Is Petni's plot engaging?
A3: While the series has moments of intrigue, the overall plot is weakened by subpar dialogues and a lacklustre supporting cast.

Q4: How many episodes are there in Petni (2023)?

A4: Petni comprises eight episodes, each unfolding layers of mystery and suspense.

Petni Bengali Web Series 05


Petni (2023), a Bengali horror thriller, follows the story of Raka Sen's disappearance, with performances from Kanchan Mullick and Subhrajit Dutta.

However, the plot is compromised by underdeveloped characters, missed opportunities, and underutilization of Ushasi Ray. The supporting cast also lacks impact.

Sayan Ganguly's background score is occasionally haunting, but with skilled editing, the series could have been more concise and impactful. Petni stands as a mixed bag in the Bengali horror genre.

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