Shakuntala Barua Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Explore the captivating biography of Shakuntala Barua, a renowned Indian actress and playback singer known for her remarkable contributions to Bengali cinema. 

Learn about her early life, career milestones, family, social media presence, and personal preferences.

Shakuntala Barua Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Shakuntala Barua: A Glimpse into Her Journey

Shakuntala Barua Early Life and Background

Unraveling the Enigma: Shakuntala Barua's Early Life and Background

Shakuntala Barua, a celebrated Indian actress and playback singer hailing from Kolkata, has left an indelible mark on the Bengali cinema landscape.

Born on April 22, 1947, in the heart of Calcutta, during the era of British India's Bengal Presidency, she has been a cornerstone of the entertainment industry for decades.

Wikipedia Profile

  • Full Name: Shakuntala Barua. 
  • Known As: Shakuntala. 
  • Date of Birth: April 22, 1947. 
  • Current Age: 76 (as of 2023). 
  • Place of Birth: Calcutta. 
  • Profession: Actress. 
  • Nationality: Indian. 
  • Religion: Hindu. 
  • Caste: General. 
  • Current Location: Calcutta. 

Shakuntala Barua Biography

Unveiling the Journey: A Glance into Shakuntala Barua's Life


Curious about Shakuntala Barua's age? Presently, she stands at the vibrant age of 76 years (as of 2023).

Educational Pursuits: Nurturing the Mind

Shakuntala Barua's educational journey took her through Local High School, setting the foundation for her remarkable path.

Career Odyssey: A Trailblazing Presence in Bengali Cinema

Shakuntala Barua's name shines prominently in the Bengali cinema sky. Her illustrious career commenced with her debut in Anutap, a significant milestone in 1973.

Throughout the years, she graced the silver screen in iconic films like Sandhya Raag (1977), Saheb (1981), Dhusar Godhuli (1994), Shesh Thikana (2000), Pitribhumi (2007), Moner Ajante (2009), Aami Montri Hobo (2011), Alik Sukh – A Tale of Ephemeral Bliss (2013), and Chaap – The Pressure (2013), etching her name into the annals of cinematic history.

Notably, she portrayed the lead role in Sanjay Guha's Sedin Basante in 2017, alongside accomplished actors such as Indrani Dutta, Kaushik Sen, and Debdut Ghosh.

In 2018, she graced Partha Sarathi Manna's Oskar, captivating audiences once more. Her upcoming release, Jete Nahi Dibo, is set to enthral in 2019.

Shakuntala Barua Height and Weight

Stature and Presence: Height, Weight, and More

Delving into the physical attributes that define Shakuntala Barua:

  •  Height: Towering at 5 feet 7 inches (approximately).
  •  Weight: Carrying a presence of 73kg (approximately).
  •  Hair Color: Elegantly adorned in black.
  •  Eye Color: Deep and captivating, in shades of black.

Unveiling Her Worth: Shakuntala Barua's Net Worth

Questioning the extent of Shakuntala Barua's financial eminence? Her net worth stands at an impressive 50 lakhs INR (approximately) as of the year 2023.

Behind the Curtains: Family, Marital Status, and Personal Ties

With her marital status marked as "Married," Shakuntala Barua keeps the details of her husband shrouded in mystery. 

Her lineage is graced by the presence of her parents: Dipti Bhattacharya (mother) and Subodh Bhattacharya (father). Her family extends to include her beloved child, Rajoshi Vidyarthi.

Shakuntala Barua Social Media Presence

In the Digital Realm: Navigating Shakuntala Barua's Social Media Presence

Stay connected with Shakuntala Barua through her online domains:

Unveiling Desires: Shakuntala Barua's Likes and Dislikes

Unraveling the facets that Color Shakuntala Barua's world:

  •  Favorite Actor: The legendary Amitabh Bachhan.
  •  Favourite Actress: The enchanting Madhuri Dixit.
  •  Favourite Food: A connoisseur of Bengali Thali.
  •  Favourite Place: Drawn to the allure of London.
  •  Favourite Color: A preference for the serene hue of blue.
Shakuntala Barua FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Shakuntala Barua have culinary prowess?
    Yes, indeed. She is skilled in the culinary arts.

2. Is Shakuntala Barua a smoker?
    No, she does not smoke.

3. Does Shakuntala Barua consume alcohol?

    Occasionally, she indulges in alcohol.

In conclusion, delve into the enthralling life of Shakuntala Barua, a luminary of Indian cinema whose journey has graced the silver screen with unparalleled performances, captivating hearts and minds.

Explore her early life, cinematic achievements, family ties, and personal tastes, and stay connected with her digital presence through various social media platforms.

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