Susmili Acharjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Discover the captivating journey of Susmili Acharjee, the rising star of Bengali television. 

From her debut in 2018 to her latest role in 'Ramprasad,' delve into her versatile acting career, personal preferences, and notable achievements.

Uncover the untold story of this talented actress, from winning awards to making waves in both television and cinema.

Explore Susmili Acharjee's world through this engaging narrative – a testament to her dedication, talent, and growing influence in the entertainment industry.

Susmili Acharjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Susmili Acharjee: A Rising Star in Bengali Television

Meet Susmili Acharjee, a talented Indian television actress born on 22nd December in Mukundapur, West Bengal.

Her journey into the world of acting began in 2018 when she made her debut on Colors Bangla's show, Prothom Protisruti.

Since then, Susmili has been captivating audiences with her versatile acting skills. Currently, she graces the screen as Sarbani in the popular Star Jalsha serial, 'Ramprasad.'

Susmili Acharjee Biography


Susmili, known for her sweet demeanour and budding talent, stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 3 inches.

Born into a Hindu family in Kolkata, West Bengal, she is a promising actress with a bright future. Her captivating black eyes and hair add to her charm, making her a standout presence on the small screen.

Susmili Acharjee Education


Susmili's educational journey includes studying at Adarsha Balika Sikshayatan and currently pursuing her studies in Madhyamik. 

Her commitment to both academics and acting showcases her dedication to personal growth and professional success.

Susmili Acharjee Personal Life

Personal Life:

In the realm of personal relationships, Susmili is known for keeping her private life away from the spotlight.

As of 2023, she remains single, focusing on her career and personal development. With no information on a boyfriend or marital status, Susmili's journey seems dedicated to her craft.

Susmili Acharjee Career Highlights

Career Highlights:

Susmili's journey in the world of television includes notable appearances in various Bengali TV serials.

From her debut in 'Prothom Protisruti' in 2018 to her roles in 'Soudaminir Sansar' (2019) and 'Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni' (2021), Susmili has displayed her acting prowess across genres.

Her latest venture, 'Ramprasad' (2023), showcases her versatility in portraying diverse characters.

Susmili Acharjee Filmography


While conquering the television scene, Susmili has also ventured into movies, with 'Aparadhi' marking her presence on the big screen. 

The actress has yet to explore the realm of web series, keeping her audience eagerly anticipating her future projects.

Susmili Acharjee Favourites


Susmili's preferences reflect her vibrant personality. With actor Dev and actress Nusrat Jahan as her favourites, she has a penchant for the colour white and enjoys indulging in street food, particularly Fuchka.

Susmili Acharjee Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements:

Behind the scenes, Susmili has carved a name for herself with some remarkable achievements. 

During her portrayal of Satyabati in 'Prothom Protishruti,' she was just a fifth-grade student at Adarsha Balika Sikshayatan.

In 2020, she received the Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar award for her outstanding performance as Soudamini Mukherjee in 'Soudaminir Sansar.'

Additionally, her participation in the Zee Bangla show 'Didi No 1,' hosted by Rachana Banerjee, further showcased her versatility and popularity.

Susmili Acharjee FAQs


Q1: When did Susmili Acharjee make her television debut?
A1: Susmili made her television debut in 2018 with the Colors Bangla show 'Prothom Protisruti.'

Q2: What is Susmili Acharjee's latest TV serial?

A2: As of now, Susmili is portraying the character Sarbani in the Star Jalsha serial 'Ramprasad.'

Q3: What award did Susmili Acharjee win in 2020?
A3: In 2020, she won the Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar award for her role as Soudamini Mukherjee in the serial 'Soudaminir Sansar.'

Susmili Acharjee

In conclusion, Susmili Acharjee's journey in the entertainment industry continues to unfold, leaving audiences eager to witness her future projects and celebrate her ongoing success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Bengali television, Susmili Acharjee emerges as a beacon of talent and versatility.

From her humble beginnings in 2018 with 'Prothom Protisruti' to her current portrayal of Sarbani in 'Ramprasad,' Susmili's journey reflects not just an actress but a storyteller weaving narratives with finesse.

Her commitment to balancing academics at Adarsha Balika Sikshayatan and pursuing acting while studying in Madhyamik underscores her dedication to both personal and professional growth.

Despite her rising popularity, Susmili remains enigmatic about her personal life, emphasizing her focus on her craft.

With awards like the Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar for 'Soudaminir Sansar' and notable appearances in Bengali TV serials, Susmili has etched her name in the industry.

The transition to the big screen with 'Aparadhi' adds another dimension to her evolving career. As we anticipate her future endeavours, Susmili Acharjee stands at the intersection of promise and achievement.

Her journey, marked by awards, diverse roles, and a growing fan base, cements her status as a force to be reckoned with in Bengali entertainment.

The narrative of Susmili Acharjee is far from concluded; instead, it is a thrilling chapter in the unfolding story of a talented actress making her mark on the stage and screen.

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