Mobaroknama Bengali Web Series Review!

Dive into the gripping world of Mobaroknama (2023) as Mosharraf Karim and Shahnaz Sumi deliver compelling performances in this mystery thriller.

Join lawyer Mobarok on a quest for justice that unfolds in a web series filled with twists and turns. Explore our in-depth review for insights into the cast, direction, and overall execution.

Mobaroknama Web Series Review

Unveiling the Intricacies of Mobaroknama (2023) Web Series

A Stellar Cast Lights Up the Screen

The ensemble cast of Mobaroknama (2023) is led by Mosharraf Karim and Shahnaz Sumi, supported by talented actors including Nowrin Hassan Khan Jenny, Samia Othoi, Shilpi Sarkar, Sabnam Faria, and Sayed Zaman Shawon.

Synopsis - Mobarok's Journey for Justice

Embark on a journey with lawyer Mobarok (Mosharraf Karim), who, after a hiatus, finds his life taking a profound turn when Biltu and Suraiya (Shahnaz Sumi) seek his help in a case involving rape and injustice.

Can Mobarok secure justice for Suraiya against her brother-in-law Roman (Sayed Zaman Shawon)?

Performances that Shine

While the storyline is compelling, the performances steal the spotlight. Shahnaz Sumi, portraying Suraiya, captivates with her emotional depth, and Mosharraf Karim brings nuance to the character of Mobarok.

However, Sayed Zaman Shawon's portrayal of Roman falls short, leaving room for improvement.

Mobaroknama Bengali Web Series

Direction and Cinematic Elements

Golam Sohrab Dodul's direction sets the tone for Mobaroknama, with Sabnam Faria and Samia Othoi delivering commendable performances.

The music and background score by Saqi Banerjee add depth to the narrative, complemented by the satisfactory editing of Subhajit Singha and cinematography by Kamrul Hasan Khosru.

Dialogue and Impact

While the courtroom drama engages, the dialogue writing by Abdullah Al Muktadir could have been more refined. 

Noteworthy is Mobarok's emphasis on the importance of consent, adding a significant layer to the narrative.

Mobaroknama Web Series


Q1: When did Mobaroknama (2023) premiere?
A1: Mobaroknama made its debut on Hoichoi on December 21, 2023.

Q2: Who are the key performers in the series?
A2: Mosharraf Karim and Shahnaz Sumi lead the cast, delivering impressive performances, while notable support comes from Nowrin Hassan Khan Jenny, Samia Othoi, Shilpi Sarkar, Sabnam Faria, and Sayed Zaman Shawon.

Q3: What makes Mobaroknama stand out despite its familiar storyline?
A3: While the central plot may not be groundbreaking, the execution, performances, and impactful dialogue contribute to the series' overall appeal.

Q4: How would you describe the music and cinematography of Mobaroknama (2023)?
A4: The music and background score by Saqi Banerjee is impressive, enhancing the viewing experience. Cinematography by Kamrul Hasan Khosru, coupled with satisfactory editing by Subhajit Singha, adds visual depth to the series.


Mobaroknama (2023) emerges as a compelling mystery thriller with a captivating storyline, stellar performances, and commendable direction.

While not without its flaws, the series offers a riveting exploration of justice, redemption, and the human spirit.

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