Procholito Bengali Web Series Review!

Read our comprehensive review of Procholito Season 1, the gripping new horror thriller web series from writer-director MD Abid Mallick featuring an ensemble cast.

Procholito Bengali Web Series Review

Procholito Season 1: An Engaging Horror Thriller

Director MD Abid Mallick delivers a chilling yet captivating series comprising five episodes, with each featuring a unique tale guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Procholito stands out for the talented performances, impressive direction, and a haunting background score that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

Procholito Bengali Web Series 01

A Talented Ensemble Cast Anchors the Series

Abdullah Al Sentu, Mostafa Monwar, Ashok Bepari, Sadia Ayman, and Baizid Haque Joarder lead the ensemble cast featuring both veterans and promising newcomers.

Their dedicated performances enrich each mysterious episode, from a cursed ringtone wreaking havoc to a couple haunted by a mysterious ringing bell.

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Five Unique Tales Full of Twists and Turns

Ringtone - Mostafa Monwar and Ashok Bepari play a thief stealing a mobile phone intended as a gift, which ends up cursing his life through its ringtone.

Bewarish - A rickshaw driver transporting a corpse encounters an unknown person during the journey, adding intrigue.

Calling Bell - A recently moved-in couple experiences an unexplained ringing bell at their door with no one outside.

Bilai - A young man struggling for meals shares what little he has with a cat, then mysteriously finds food left at his door.

Haatbodol - A grieving photographer bonds with a stranger's dog before a startling twist of fate.

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What is the release date for Procholito Season 1?
The five-episode season premiered on streaming platform Chorki on October 19, 2023.

Who is the director and writer of Procholito?
MD Abid Mallick serves as both the writer and director for the series.

What makes Procholito Season 1 a compelling watch?
With elements of mystery, horror, and human drama, the show features a strong technical team and cast that elevate the well-written script into an engaging thriller full of surprises.

Does each episode follow an overarching story?

No, each episode features a self-contained story with different characters and plot that leaves you guessing until the end.

What is the biggest highlight of the show?

Critics and viewers praise MD Abid Mallick’s skillful direction, performances, and the hauntingly brilliant background score by Khayam Sanu Sandhi.

Procholito Bengali Web Series 04

Chilling Technical Elements Enhance the Horror

Cinematographer Raju Raj utilization of darkness, shadows, and strategic lighting choices augment the sinister atmosphere.

Editor Shobuj Sheikh smoothly blends together the mystery and macabre with well-timed cuts. Redoan Rony produces the technically polished series.

But the biggest technical highlight is Khayam Sanu Sandhi’s background score. 

The striking soundscape provokes goosebumps in the most chilling sequences while amplifying the emotional drama.

With its unique blend of horror and human stories brought to life by a talented creative team, Procholito Season 1 makes for provocative entertainment that continues anticipating the next fright. 

Audiences will find much to enjoy in MD Abid Mallick’s suspenseful creation.

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