Hubba Bengali Movie Review!

A review of the Bengali movie "Hubba" directed by Bratya Basu, chronicling the life of real-life gangster Hubba Shyamal.

The recently released Bengali movie "Hubba" by director Bratya Basu brings the gripping true story of notorious gangster Hubba Shyamal to the big screen.

Loosely inspired by real police cases, the gritty crime drama promises to offer a realistic peak into the criminal underworld of 1990s Bengal without dilution or sensationalism.

Hubba Bengali Movie Review

Realistic Portrayal of Notorious Gangster's Rise and Fall in "Hubba"

Storyline Follows Infamous Case from Supratim Sarkar's "Abar Goenda Pith"

The story of the movie revolves around a case from police officer Supratim Sarkar's famous "Abar Goenda Pith" series. 

It depicts the tale of real gangsters from Bengal without relying on unbelievable stunts or fight sequences for dramatic effect.

Gritty Tale of Police Cat-And-Mouse Game With Ruthless Criminal

We see the diligent attempts of the police to capture a notorious sociopath who always manages to slip out of the hands of the law. 

Hubba Shyamal was a local goon who rose to become a powerful "Don" and his life story inspired director Brathy Basu's film "Hubba."

The movie shows the disruption caused in the 90s by anti-social elements through activities like murder, kidnapping, robbery, fraud, drug trafficking etc. 

It digs deep into how Hubba started his life in crime, eventually terrorizing the region.

Hubba Bengali Movie

Evolution of "Bimal" From Small-Time Crook to Influential Figure

The gangster is named "Hubba Bimal" in the film. The director depicts his younger days, youth, and later maturity phases. 

Remorseless killers like Hubba are rare. He chillingly states that he enjoys the sight of blood splattering when committing murders!

Bimal's father worked at a cotton mill feeding a family of five siblings. Failing to complete even Class Six due to poverty, Bimal was not interested in millwork. 

He craved a flashy lifestyle and believed an expanding empire would lead to prestige. Like his siblings, he also fell in love in his youth, further binding him.

Intoxicated by bloodlust and dreams of power, Hubba went on rampages with his lover across Dharamtalla, Canal East road, rail lines, Maidan, and finally Konnagar intersect. 

He did not even spare relatives during his violent assaults. However, he was also known for his charitable deeds.

After release from prison, he married his long-time sweetheart. But the pull of crime, the attraction of the underworld mafia life, and clashes with rivals gripped him again. 

The film realistically shows how an average boy entered the world of crime, was used by politicians for muscle power, and was eventually discarded when he aimed for real influence. 

His body was later found floating in a canal during police interrogation about the gangs.

Hubba Bengali Movie 01

Police Officer Captures Essence of Enigmatic Personality

Though Hubba was illiterate, he had great street smarts and management skills. His love for cinema eventually led to his capture by the police. 

However, he knew how to evade them by switching off mobile phones and donating to them unexpectedly.

The dialogues exchanged between seasoned cop Dipak (Indranil Sengupta) and Hubba wonderfully capture the tense back-and-forth between police and prominent gangsters. It also reveals cracks in the cop's marital life.

Equally memorable are Hubba's main gang members Boka and Umesh, showing how loyal allies operate. 

Newcomer Gambhira Bhattacharjee breathes life into the younger Bimal's character. Kudos to Indranil and Mosharrof Karim for their antagonist roles! 

The cameos by Politician, Tapsee as First Wife, and ASMITA as Second Wife are also praiseworthy.

Realism Without Sensationalism

Hubba was illiterate but a shrewd tactician. Director Bratya Basu digs into the underbelly without artificiality despite the gritty subject matter. 

He realistically shows the systemic contribution to the rise and fall of gangs like Hubba's who act as dispensable pawns for powerful politicians. 

Cinematography, music, and songs all complement the flavour beautifully without overshadowing the essence.

Hubba Bengali Movie 02


Q: What real-life case is "Hubba" based on?
A: It is loosely inspired by the life of gangster Hubba Shyamal whose story came out during police interrogation.

Q: Does the movie show graphic scenes of violence?

A: No, while it references Hubba's crimes, it refrains from gratuitous depictions of violence.

Q: What happened to Hubba eventually?
A: He died mysteriously with his body found floating in a canal after falling out of favour with political bosses.


"Hubba" shines a light on the lesser-known backdrop of the youth descending into crime and the nexus between gangs, police and politicians. 

Director Bratya Basu skillfully balances realism with entertainment value in this absorbing glimpse into the life of an actual notorious figure without stooping to unnecessary sensationalism.

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