Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie Review!

This time Deepak Chatterjee has come to the city of Byomkesh and Feluda as a hero of the story Badami Hyenar Kobole written by Shri Swapan Kumar.

A new movie has been released this Friday which is titled Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole. It's a detective film. The film stars Abir Chatterjee. Then it is Feluda or Byomkesh. Is that so?

No! You're wrong it's not Feluda or Byomkesh. This is a detective film based on the story of Shri Swapankumar, a writer of Bengali literature. The name of the story of Badami Hyenar Kobole.

The name of the film is Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole. Now the question may come to your mind: Who is Shri Swapan Kumar?

Shri Swapan Kumar is an eminent litterateur who has written some stories on pulp fiction. But we can't read it.

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie Review

If you can't read it, you can watch this movie. Deepak Chatterjee is the hero of the story of Shri Swapan Kumar in this film. Abir Chatterjee plays the role of a detective in the film.

Abir Chatterjee has worked in many films in the past, sometimes as Feluda or sometimes as Byomkesh. But this time it's Deepak Chatterjee.

Batman is needed when Gotham City is in danger. What about Kolkata? All he needs in his danger is Detective Deepak Chatterjee.

Because others are solving the mystery! But is the detective interested in returning to the lost time? This city needs you. "I don't need this anymore," he said. "

So who will save the city from the clutches of brown hyenas? What will change? Will the forgotten writer Swapnakumar send the haughty Deepak back to his pen?

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie 02

This is where Debaloy Bhattacharya's' Shree Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole 'begins. What's in store for the Deepak Chatterjee and Ratanlal adventure?

Samarendranath Pandey died in 2001. He ruled Bengal for about three and a half decades under the pseudonym of 'Shree Swapan Kumar'.

But Deepak Chatterjee did not get the fame of Feluda or Byomkesh, nor did he get the status of a writer. Yet, how come the only Kolkata public library in this dead city still has books printed on cheap paper?

And that's where Deepak Chatterjee is. Suddenly he got a call. The 'brown hyena' is coming to town. Whose life is hidden in a cave? The adventure begins. 

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie 03

Two decades after the death of the author of The Flesh and Blood, the old Sriswapan Kumar sat down to write again! He's excited.

Detective Deepak Chatterjee is finally seen confronting the miscreants in 'Snow White Cold Storage'. But where does the writer go? Once the hero walks, once on a bike.

The 'bitching' goes on! The detective is angry with God. And yet he is helpless. Even if he is shot, he will not bleed until the pen of the writer writes it!

The main story of this film is the story of a man on white paper. And so the Kolkata we see in that story is not our sun-drenched Kolkata.

'There is another Kolkata in this Kolkata... 'It is like a mirror. When Deepak Chatterjee came to the city, it rained.

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie 04

At night, a mysterious man walks around in a plastic bag holding colourful fish. His tears were trickling down. On the other hand, a Chinese dentist.

Ching and his associates are hatching a conspiracy. Slowly, all the doors opened. But his request to God will not be written in the same way as before.

To make his writing 'literature', Shree Swapan Kumar has to join the writing of Magasastra, Rabindra Sangeet and History! It is not history at all.

Humour is all over the film. For example, 'Gondhoraj Momo' is the best invention of Bengalis in the 21st century.

And that's what it says in almost every case. The audience's applause in the theatre proves that. But a doubt remains. 

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie 05

Will the film be a commercial success in the end? Time will tell that. But today's audience is accustomed to watching various content around the world.

If they recognise such experimental films, they will truly stand by Bengali cinema. Deepak Chatterjee is also seen making a special speech in the film.

Debaloy Bhattacharya has written the script of the film with utmost care. And after that, he was equally careful while showing it on the screen.

Otherwise, it was not easy to maintain the mood of pulp fiction. Appropriate dialogue is appropriate.

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie 01

His editing has made the film so crisp, that I don't remember any Bengali film being made like this before. The film's music is also outstanding. 

"The song" "Exiled Moon" "in particular is impeccable." Its application is quite simple. Abir Chatterjee plays the lead role in the film.

Who would have made Deepak so alive without him? Paran Bandopadhyay is outstanding as always. Loknath Dey and Gautam Halder have also maintained their reputation. Shruti Das and Pratik Datta are also very good.

In recent Bengali films, the detectives return again and again. Deepak Chatterjee and his city live in the very opposite world of Feluda, Byomkesh, Shabor or Mitin Mashi. 

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Bengali Movie06

At night, the city's sky is dimly lit. The UFO is down. The toy helicopter continues to fly in the sky as a real helicopter.

While telling the story of that mysterious city detective Deepak Chatterjee, the director said many more things. At the end of the film, it's revealed who the real person is. It's almost like magic on screen.

There is no shortage of 'magic' to wear in the film. Which proves that 'the magician becomes old, the magic remains'. The magic is there in the film.

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