Purbasha Roy Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Learn all about Bengali television actress Purbasha Roy, from her early roles in shows like Khokababu and Bikele Bhorer Phool to her current popularity playing Mehuli in Bangla Medium.

Get insights into her personal life, acting career, breakthrough performances, future aspirations, and why she is considered a rising talent to watch.

Purbasha Roy Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Purbasha Roy: Bengali TV Star on the Rise

Purbasha Roy is an emerging talent in the Bengali television industry. 

Though still early in her career, she has already made her mark through memorable roles in hit serials like "Khokababu," "Bikele Bhorer Phool," and "Krishnakoli." 

Her current role as Mehuli in the popular Star Jalsha show "Bangla Medium" is winning over even more fans.

As Purbasha Roy continues to capture hearts onscreen, interest in her personal story has also grown. Let's take a closer look at the actress behind the characters.

Purbasha Roy Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, Purbasha Roy was born on November 9th to a middle-class family. 

Details about her parents and siblings remain scarce, though she is known to be very close with her mother.

Even as a child, Purbasha Roy was drawn to the arts. She landed occasional modelling gigs and commercials during her school days. After graduating, she set her sights on acting.

Purbasha Roy Path to Stardom on Bengali TV

Path to Stardom on Bengali TV

Purbasha Roy's television career began in 2016 with a supporting role in the serial "Khokababu." 

Though a small part, she made an impression on viewers. This opened the door to meatier roles in projects like 2017's "Bikele Bhorer Phool."

Her big break came in 2018 when she was cast as a lead in "Krishnakoli," a hugely popular fantasy drama. 

Purbasha Roy portrayed Mohor with such warmth and intricacy that she won dedicated fans. Even today, many consider it among her best performances so far.

Purbasha Roy Current Successes in _Bangla Medium

Current Successes in "Bangla Medium"

In 2022, Purbasha Roy joined the cast of the comedy-drama "Bangla Medium" in the central role of teacher Mehuli. 

As a gifted educator guiding a family of misfits, Purbasha Roy brings her trademark sincerity and spark. 

Though only midway through its run, the Star Jalsha serial looks poised to be another feather in Purbasha Roy's cap.

Purbasha Roy credits her success to a tireless work ethic instilled by her middle-class upbringing. 

In interviews, she emphasizes the support of veteran co-stars who have taught her to capitalize on her natural talents rather than imitate others. 

With this guidance along with her dedication, it's no wonder Purbasha Roy's star is rising fast.

Purbasha Roy A Person Behind the Characters

Purbasha Roy: The Person Behind the Characters

While fiercely pursuing acting, Purbasha Roy remains grounded in her personal life. She continues to reside in Kolkata near childhood friends and family.

Known to be very close to her mother, she also makes time to enjoy the company of those she holds dear. 

Purbasha Roy unwinds through pastimes like listening to music, watching favourite actor Amir Khan's films, and rooting for cricket. 

And given her caring nature towards all living things, it’s no surprise her idea of complete contentment is playing with animals - especially stray dogs!

Though Purbasha Roy guards details about relationships, she mentions hoping to marry someone supportive of her acting someday. 

For now, however, roles like Mehuli in “Bangla Medium” have Purbasha Roy’s full devotion.

The Future Looks Bright for Purbasha Roy

The Future Looks Bright for Purbasha Roy

Still, in the early phases of her acting career, Purbasha Roy has achieved an impressive amount in a short span. 

As she continues maturing into her craft, there is no telling what spectacular characters she will bring to life next. 

For now, her spirited portrayal of Mehuli has cemented her as one of Bengali television’s brightest rising talents.

With beauty, skill, and loads of promise, Purbasha Roy seems destined for great things in the years ahead. 

And as her profile grows onscreen and off, Bengali entertainment fans eagerly await her next exciting chapter.

FAQs about Purbasha Roy

FAQs about Purbasha Roy:

Where is Purbasha Roy from?
Purbasha Roy is from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was born and brought up in Kolkata.

How old is Purbasha Roy?
Purbasha Roy's exact age is not known publicly, but based on her career timeline she is estimated to be in her mid to late 20s as of 2023.

What shows has Purbasha Roy acted in?
Some of Purbasha Roy's most popular TV shows include Khokababu, Bikele Bhorer Phool, Krishnakoli, and her current show Bangla Medium.

Is Purbasha Roy married?
No, as per available information, Purbasha Roy is currently unmarried. While not much is known about her relationships, in interviews she has expressed hopes of marrying someone supportive of her acting career someday.

What is Purbasha Roy's breakthrough role?
Purbasha Roy's breakthrough role is considered to be her lead role as Mohor in the 2018 fantasy drama Krishnakoli. Her portrayal was widely praised and won her dedicated fans.

What does Purbasha Roy enjoy doing in her free time?
In her free time, Purbasha enjoys activities like listening to music, watching films, playing with animals, and supporting her favourite cricket team. Simple pleasures closest to home help keep her grounded.

What's next for Purbasha Roy's acting career?
As one of Bengali TV's rising talents, Purbasha Roy is expected to take on more lead roles in the future. Given her early success and dedication to growth, she has bright prospects ahead in the entertainment industry.

Purbasha Roy


Purbasha Roy's journey from aspiring actress to budding television star has been fueled by talent, perseverance, and the support of those around her.

As she continues captivating viewers with engaging portrayals in serials like Bangla Medium, her fanbase sees steady growth. 

With youth and promise on her side, Purbasha Roy has the potential for even greater success down the line.

For now, her mix of skill and likability marks Purbasha Roy as a Bengali TV actress to keep an eye on as her career unfolds. 

Wherever the next chapters lead, audiences will surely enjoy going along for the ride.

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