Sukanyaa Paul Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Education & More!

Sukanyaa Paul is a promising 13-year-old actress known for her brilliant work in Bengali TV series. Get her full biography exploring her childhood, career, family, favourites and more!

Sukanyaa Paul Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Education

Introducing Child Actress Sukanyaa Paul

Sukanyaa Paul is a promising young actress known for her work in Bengali television. 

Born on October 20, 2009, in Kolkata, West Bengal, the now 13-year-old Sukanyaa Paul began acting at a young age, displaying impressive talent.

Sukanyaa Paul Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Sukanyaa Paul was born to parents Dipankarsri Paul and Sabita Dutta. From a young age, she showed an interest in acting and performing. 

She currently studies in class IX at the prestigious Birla High School in Kolkata.

Besides acting, Sukanyaa Paul enjoys academics and is a brilliant student. She also has varied interests like cricket, momos, and the colour green. 

With the support of her parents, Sukanyaa Paul pursues acting while balancing her studies.

Sukanyaa Paul Acting Career

Acting Career

Sukanyaa Paul began her acting career in 2016 with a role in the Bengali TV series Agnijal aired on a popular regional channel. Her raw talent at just seven years old left viewers impressed.

Following her debut, she began receiving offers for other TV shows. In 2018, Sukanyaa Paul acted in two series - Jheel Dangar Kanya and Joy Baba Loknath. 

Her subsequent projects include Singhalagna (2020), Dhrubatara (2020), Prothoma Kadambini (2020), and Maa Sasthir Bratakotha (2021).

Sukanyaa Paul’s most recent role is playing Diya in the 2023 Star Jalsha serial Phaguner Mohona. Her brilliant portrayal of the complex character displays her acting chops.

Besides TV, Sukanyaa Paul acted in her first movie in 2022 - the Bengali film Mini starring Mimi Chakraborty. Sukanyaa Paul portrayed an impactful negative role that earned acclaim.

With her beautiful smile and expressive eyes, Sukanyaa Paul breathes life into every character she plays. Her sincere dedication to each role makes her acting look effortless.

Sukanyaa Paul Other TV Appearances

Other TV Appearances

Apart from acting in TV series, Sukanyaa Paul has made appearances on popular Bengali shows. In 2019, she was seen as a participant on the Star Jalsha reality show Ebar Jombe Moja.

She also appeared in an episode of the talk show Apni Ki Bolen in 2022. Sukanyaa Paul was also invited to Didi No 1 season 4 as a special guest. Her down-to-earth charm instantly won over audiences.

Sukanyaa Paul Future of a Budding Star

Future of a Budding Star

At just thirteen years old, Sukanyaa Paul has achieved an impressive body of work while balancing her academics. With her undeniable talent and passion for acting, she has a bright future ahead.

Sukanyaa Paul hopes to continue playing diverse and challenging roles. She also has aspirations to act in movies someday. With the right opportunities, she has the potential to become a big star nationally.

For now, Sukanyaa Paul is focused on giving her education the foremost priority while pursuing acting projects on the side. With the support of her family and well-wishers, her talent will surely take her place.

FAQs About Sukanyaa Paul

FAQs About Sukanyaa Paul

What was Sukanyaa Paul’s first acting role?
Sukanyaa Paul made her acting debut in 2016 at age 7 by playing a role in the Bengali TV series Agnijal.

How many TV shows have Sukanyaa Paul acted in?
To date, Sukanyaa Paul has acted in over 7 Bengali TV series including popular shows like Phaguner Mohona, Maa Sasthir Bratakotha, and Joy Baba Loknath.

What film did Sukanyaa Paul debut in?
Sukanyaa Paul made her film debut in 2022 by playing an impactful negative role in the Bengali movie Mini starring Mimi Chakraborty.

What is Sukanyaa Paul currently working on?
Sukanyaa Paul is presently playing the role of Diya in the 2023 Bengali TV serial Phaguner Mohona which airs on Star Jalsha.

Does Sukanyaa Paul only act or is she studying too?
Along with her acting projects, Sukanyaa Paul is deeply focused on academics and studies in class 9 at Birla High School.

What does Sukanyaa Paul like to do for fun besides acting?
Some of 13-year-old Sukanyaa Paul's hobbies and interests include playing cricket, eating momos, and wearing the colour green.

Sukanyaa Paul


At just 13 years old, Sukanyaa Paul has already built an impressive portfolio of acting projects while also focusing deeply on her studies. Her raw yet mature talent continues to win wide praise from fans and critics alike.

As she grows both personally and professionally in the coming years, Sukanyaa Paul has the dedication and potential to become a national star.

With the right opportunities and guidance, she could well become one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation from West Bengal.

For now, Sukanyaa Paul strives to keep improving her acting abilities with each new role. 

One thing’s for sure - this is just the beginning of a long and illustrious career for young Sukanyaa Paul. Her journey will surely be an inspiration to kids everywhere to follow their talents.

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