Angana Roy Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Get to know Angana Roy, the young Bengali actress making waves in films and web series like Srikanto and Tansener Tanpura. Learn about her biography, career, relationships and more.

Angana Roy Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Angana Roy is an actress and social media star rapidly gaining popularity, especially from her acclaimed performance in the 2022 web series Srikanto. Read on to learn more about this talented starlet.

Angana Roy Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Angana Roy was born on April 9th, 1998 in Asansol, West Bengal. Not much is known publicly about her family and upbringing.

Even from a young age, Angana Roy was artistically inclined. She began acting as a child star in 2003 in the movie Alo directed by Tarun Majumdar.

Angana Roy Vital Stats

Vital Stats

  •     Height: 5'5"
  •     Hair Color: Black
  •     Eye Color: Brown/Black

Angana Roy finished her BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata. However, her passion remained in the arts.

Angana Roy Acting Work

Angana Roy's Acting Work

After getting her footing as a child actress, Angana Roy has gone on to star in an impressive array of Bengali web series and movies. Some highlights include:

Web Series

  •     Srikanto (2022) - Angana Roy had a breakout performance as Sohini in this drama thriller. She won Best Actress at the Bengali Icon Awards 2022 for this role.
  •     Tansener Tanpura (2020) - Popular drama series.
  •     Paap (2021) - Crime thriller.
  •     Roktokorobi (2023).


  •     Homecoming (2022).
  •     Lukochuri (2022).
  •     Mrs Undercover (2023).

Angana Roy Rising Popularity Online and Offline

Rising Popularity Online and Offline

Thanks to memorable performances like Sohini in Srikanto and an active social media presence, Angana Roy has amassed over 90,000 Instagram followers. 

She often partners with brands for influencer campaigns.

Angana Roy also made headlines for winning Best Actress for Srikanto at the reputable Bengali Icon Awards in 2022. At just 25 years old, her acting career is clearly on the upswing.

Fun Facts About Angana Roy

Fun Facts About Angana Roy

  •     She's a major cricket fan.
  •     Loves eating momos.
  •     Her favorite actor is Ritwick Chakraborty.
  •     Favorite travel spot is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Angana Roy has all the makings of a star - the talent, the recognition from awards groups, and an expanding fanbase. Keep an eye out for what she accomplishes next!

Frequently Asked Questions About Angana Roy

Frequently Asked Questions About Angana Roy

Q: How old is Angana Roy?
A: Angana Roy is currently 25 years old. Her date of birth is April 9th, 1998.

Q: What shows and movies has Angana Roy appeared in?
A: Some of Angana Roy's best known acting credits are in the web series Srikanto, Tansener Tanpura, and Paap, along with the films Homecoming and Lukochuri.

Q: Is Angana Roy on social media?
A: Yes! You can follow her Instagram account @angana.roy where she has over 90,000 followers.

Q: What recognition has Angana Roy received for her acting?
A: In 2022, Angana Roy won Best Actress at the prestigious Bengali Icon Awards for her performance in the web series Srikanto. This raised her profile significantly.

Q: What does the future look like for Angana Roy?
A: With critically acclaimed performances already under her belt at just 25, Angana Roy's acting career looks extremely promising. More movie roles and new web series are likely on the horizon.

Angana Roy


In conclusion, Angana Roy is a rising talent in the Bengali entertainment industry. 

Despite her young age, she has already shown impressive acting ability and achieved recognition through awards and a sizeable fan following.

Key points about Angana Roy:

  •     She first acted as a child in 2003 but has recently broken out thanks to acclaimed web series performances.
  •     Won Best Actress at the 2022 Bengali Icon Awards for her role in the hit web series Srikanto.
  •     Boasts over 90K Instagram followers and frequently works with brands as an influencer.
  •     Has a promising future ahead at just 25 years old, with more impactful acting roles likely on the way.

With attention-grabbing performances under her belt already early in her career, Angana Roy's star looks poised to continue rising. 

She has the talent and popular appeal to become an A-list star of Bengali cinema and web content in the years to come.

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