Anuska Chakraborty Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Anuska Chakraborty is a rising star in Tollywood. Though details about her early life are scarce, she has quickly built an impressive acting resume including films like Hiralal, 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh, and shows like Byomkesh O Pinjrapol. Learn more about this up-and-coming Bengali actress.

Anuska Chakraborty Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Anuska Chakraborty: The Rising Star of Tollywood

Anuska Chakraborty is an emerging actress in Tollywood, the Bengali film industry based in Kolkata. Though details about her early life are scarce, we do know she hails from Kolkata itself.

In just a few short years, Anuska Chakraborty has acted in an impressive array of Tollywood films that showcase her talents.

She had her debut in the 2021 social drama Hiralal, followed by roles in the comedy 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh and the thriller Katti Nrittam in 2022.

Her other 2022 credits include the romcom Angshuman MBA and crime drama Sajhghor.

Anuska Chakraborty has also broken into digital space, appearing in web series like the detective show Byomkesh O Pinjrapol, thriller Protibimbo, and mystery Crime Sins. 

Her diverse range demonstrates her versatility as a performer.

Key Facts About Anuska Chakraborty

Key Facts About Anuska Chakraborty

  • Originally from Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • Background details are scarce, including her age and education.
  • Began acting career in 2021 with Tollywood film Hiralal.
  • Known for films 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh, Katti Nrittam, Angshuman MBA.
  • Web series work includes Byomkesh O Pinjrapol, Protibimbo and Crime Sins.
  • Regarded as an emerging star and versatile performer in Tollywood.

Anuska Chakraborty Filmography

Anuska Chakraborty's Filmography


  • 2021 - Hiralal (Tollywood social drama film).
  • 2022 - 8/12 Binay Badal Dinesh (Tollywood comedy).
  • 2022 - Katti Nrittam (Tollywood thriller film).
  • 2022 - Angshuman MBA (Tollywood romcom).
  • 2024 - Sajhghor (Tollywood crime drama; yet to release).

Web Series:

  • 2020 - Protibimbo (Thriller).
  • 2022 - Crime Sins (Mystery).
  • 2023 - Byomkesh O Pinjrapol (Detective fiction).

Anuska Chakraborty Onscreen and Offscreen

Anuska Chakraborty Onscreen and Offscreen

Onscreen, Anuska Chakraborty has shown her acting chops in varied roles. Offscreen, some of her notable preferences include:

  • Favorite actor: Chanchal Chowdhury.
  • Favorite actress: Priyanka Chopra.
  • Favorite colors: Black and white.
  • Favorite sport: Badminton.
  • Favorite food: Momos.

Anuska Chakraborty's recent rise demonstrates her talent and potential in Tollywood. She is certainly an actress to look out for as her career progresses. 

With more films and shows releasing, she is sure to become a household name for fans of Bengali cinema and television.

FAQs About Anuska Chakraborty

FAQs About Anuska Chakraborty

Q: Where is Anuska Chakraborty from?
A: She hails from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Q: How old is Anuska Chakraborty?
A: Her age is not publicly known.

Q: What was Anuska Chakraborty's debut film?
A: Her first film was the 2021 Tollywood drama Hiralal.

Q: What TV shows has Anuska Chakraborty acted in?
A: She has appeared in web series like Byomkesh O Pinjrapol, Protibimbo and Crime Sins.

Q: Is Anuska Chakraborty married?
A: No, she is currently unmarried. Details about her personal life are scarce.

Q: What are some of Anuska Chakraborty's upcoming projects?
A: She has a crime drama called Sajhghor slated for release soon. Fans can expect more films and shows featuring Anuska Chakraborty in the future.

Q: What are Anuska Chakraborty's hobbies off-screen?
A: Some of her interests include badminton, street food like momos, and the colors black and white.

Anuska Chakraborty


Anuska Chakraborty has quickly made a name for herself in the Tollywood film and television industry.

Though her background remains mysterious, her acting talents are clear through her diverse roles in movies like Hiralal and shows like Byomkesh O Pinjrapol.

With more projects on the way, Anuska Chakraborty's star is certainly on the rise. 

Her versatility and dedication to the craft mark her as an actress to keep an eye on as she continues working her way up in Tollywood.

Anuska Chakraborty's future looks bright, and fans are eager to see what she brings to the screen next.

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