Pooja Poddar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Pooja Poddar is a rising actress and influencer based in Mumbai. Though only 28, she's already starred in 18 Indian web series and films. 

Learn more about her background, career, and life today as one of Mumbai's most exciting young talents.

Pooja Poddar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Pooja Poddar: Mumbai's Rising Star

Pooja Poddar is an actress on the rise in Mumbai's entertainment industry. Though only 28 years old, Pooja Poddar has already made her mark in the world of Indian web series and film.

With her stunning looks, acting talent, and savvy social media presence, this young star is poised for even bigger success.

Pooja Poddar Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Born on May 6, 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pooja Poddar spent her youth in the heart of India's entertainment capital.

Little is known publicly about her family and education, but Pooja Poddar has said Mumbai is her one true home.

As a child, Pooja Poddar was drawn to performance, playing characters and storytelling from an early age.

In school productions and local theatre, her talents were already shining through. Acting was simply in her blood.

Pooja Poddar Rise to Fame in Web Series

Rise to Fame in Web Series

Pooja Poddar's breakout role came in 2021 in the Telugu film Detective Sathyabhama.

The exposure from this big screen experience led to a flood of opportunities in India's booming web series industry.

Over the next two years, Pooja Poddar starred in an impressive 18 different web series, showcasing her versatility in thrillers, dramas, romances and comedies. 

Some of her most notable shows include:

  • Khuli Khidki (2022) - a mystery thriller.
  • Shak (2022) - a sports drama.
  • Farebi Ishq (2022) - a romantic crime show.
  • Chull Loveria (2023) - a romantic comedy.

With each new series, Pooja Poddar's fame and following multiplied. 

Her social media soon topped 110k Instagram followers. Top brands took notice and sponsorships began rolling in.

Pooja Poddar Life Today_ Acting, Influencing and Looking Ahead

Life Today: Acting, Influencing and Looking Ahead

Currently residing in Mumbai, Pooja Poddar's day-to-day life is a whirlwind of acting gigs, brand sponsorships, and connecting with fans.

While acting remains her central focus, influencing through social media and live appearances is a growing part of her work.

Pooja Poddar remains devoted to honing her craft as an actress above all else. 

She continues earning rave reviews for her performances, now bringing her skills to screens both big and small.

With so much success already under her belt at just 28, the future looks bright for this talented star.

Her beauty, verve and work ethic all point to even bigger things on the horizon. Pooja Poddar is certainly a name to watch in Mumbai and beyond.

FAQs about Pooja Poddar

FAQs about Pooja Poddar

What is Pooja Poddar best known for?
Pooja Poddar is best known for her roles in popular Indian web series. She has starred in over 18 web shows in just the past two years.

How old is Pooja Poddar?
Pooja Poddar was born on May 6, 1994. She is currently 28 years old as of 2023.

Where is Pooja Poddar from?
Pooja Poddar is from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She grew up in Mumbai and continues to live and work there today.

What was Pooja Poddar's first acting role?
Pooja Poddar's first major acting role was in the 2021 Telugu film Detective Sathyabhama. This exposure led to her many web series opportunities.

Is Pooja Poddar on social media?
Yes, Pooja Poddar is active on Instagram with over 110k followers. She works as a social media influencer in addition to acting.

What web series has Pooja Poddar appeared in?
Some of Pooja Poddar's most popular web series include Khuli Khidki, Shak, Farebi Ishq, and Chull Loveria. She has starred in over 18 web shows.

Is Pooja Poddar married?
No, as of 2023 Pooja Poddar is not married. The 28 year old actress is currently focused on her acting career.

What is next for Pooja Poddar?
Pooja Poddar is sure to continue earning lead roles in web series and films. As her fame grows, she may also get more opportunities in TV, print modeling, and as an influencer.

Pooja Poddar


Pooja Poddar's journey from Mumbai schoolgirl to web series star shows both talent and determination.

In just a few short years, she has gone from unknown aspiring actress to working consistently in lead roles across Indian entertainment.

While still early in her career, Pooja Poddar has all the makings of a major star - the acting chops, popular appeal, and work ethic to make it to the top.

If the beginning of her career is any indication, there are surely even bigger things still to come for this rising talent.

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