Susmita Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Susmita Chatterjee is a rising young actress in the Bengali film industry. Learn about her background, breakout role in "Prem Tame", recent hit movies, popular web series appearance, acting awards, and what future projects to expect from this talented star on the rise.

Susmita Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Susmita Chatterjee: Bengali Actress on the Rise

Susmita Chatterjee is a rising star in the Bengali film industry. Though only 25 years old, she has already made her mark through standout performances in hit movies like "Prem Tame", "Paka Dekha", and "Chengiz".

With her beauty, talent, and ever-growing fanbase, Susmita Chatterjee's future looks bright.

Susmita Chatterjee Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Coming originally from Asansol, West Bengal, Susmita Chatterjee was born on November 15, 1997. 

Not much is publicly known about her early life and family, but she has shared that she was bitten by the acting bug from a young age.

She got her start working as a model while still a teenager before transitioning into films in her early 20s.

Susmita Chatterjee Film Career Beginnings

Film Career Beginnings

Susmita Chatterjee's film debut came in 2020 with a role in the movie "Revolver". However, it was really her starring part as Raji in 2021's "Prem Tame" that put her on the map.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Anindya Chatterjee, "Prem Tame" attracted lots of attention and introduced Susmita Chatterjee to a wide audience.

Her moving performance earned her a Best Debutant Female award from FAFDA in 2021. 

This breakout role opposite established Tollywood actors like Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee kickstarted a busy period for Susmita Chatterjee's career.

Susmita Chatterjee Rising Stardom

Rising Stardom: 2022 and Beyond

Coming off her triumph in "Prem Tame", Susmita Chatterjee scored lead roles in 2022 films like "Paka Dekha" and "Kacher Manush".

In gritty drama "Paka Dekha", she starred alongside actor Soham Chakraborty and continued to display her emotional range as a performer. 

Lighthearted romantic comedy "Kacher Manush" also earned acclaim and showcased her versatility.

Most recently, Susmita Chatterjee has taken on what is perhaps her most high-profile part so far in 2023's action film "Chengiz".

Early buzz suggests she holds her own opposite A-list hero Dev in this village-set movie rich with twists and turns. 

She has several other major releases lined up for 2023 as well, including "Shibpur" and "Manush".

Susmita Chatterjee Beyond the Big Screen

Beyond the Big Screen

While movies have contributed greatly to Susmita Chatterjee's fame, her talents extend to the small screen as well. 

In 2021, she played the part of Hiya Dutta in the popular Hoichoi original series "Maradona's Shoes".

Streaming platforms promise to provide another key avenue for Susmita Chatterjee to reach audiences going forward.

Susmita Chatterjee Personal Life and Other Interests

Personal Life and Other Interests

Though intensely committed to her work, Susmita Chatterjee does find time for a personal life beyond the cameras as well.

While not publicly dating anyone currently, interviews reveal her to have an outgoing, friendly personality. She also has spoken about her love of animals and pets.

Susmita Chatterjee Approachable Beauty

Approachable Beauty

With a luminous smile and girl-next-door appeal, Susmita Chatterjee has become a fan favorite for her combination of approachable beauty and serious acting abilities.

As she continues gaining experience, many industry insiders believe even greater successes await for this still rising star.

For now, readers can look forward to following the next chapter of Susmita Chatterjee's story as she appears in several highly anticipated films over 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways of Susmita Chatterjee

Key Takeaways:

  • Born 1997 in Asansol, West Bengal.
  • Got acting start in modeling and 2020 film "Revolver".
  • Breakout lead role in 2021 hit movie "Prem Tame".
  • Earned Best Debutant Female award for performance.
  • Displayed versatility in 2022 films like "Paka Dekha".
  • Currently starring in action movie "Chengiz" opposite Dev.
  • Also appeared in popular streaming series "Maradona's Shoes".
  • With friendly appeal and serious talent, her future looks bright.
Frequently Asked Questions About Susmita Chatterjee

Frequently Asked Questions About Susmita Chatterjee

Who is Susmita Chatterjee?
Susmita Chatterjee is a rising 25-year-old actress primarily working in Bengali cinema. She comes from Asansol, West Bengal originally and got her start working as a model.

What was Susmita Chatterjee's first movie?
Susmita Chatterjee's film debut was in the 2020 movie "Revolver". However, her breakout lead role came in 2021's hit drama "Prem Tame" opposite veteran Bengali actors.

Is Susmita Chatterjee on any TV shows or web series?

Yes, in 2021 Susmita Chatterjee played the role of Hiya Dutta in the popular Hoichoi streaming series "Maradona's Shoes". She continues to act in both films and streaming content.

What awards has Susmita Chatterjee won?
For her moving performance in "Prem Tame", Susmita Chatterjee won the 2021 FAFDA Award for Best Debutant Female. This early honor helped establish her as an actress to look out for.

What upcoming projects does Susmita Chatterjee have?
Susmita Chatterjee is currently starring opposite Dev in 2023 action movie "Chengiz". She also has other 2023 releases lined up like "Shibpur" and "Manush" along with possible streaming content.

Susmita Chatterjee


In just a few short years, Susmita Chatterjee has made incredible strides as an actress and won over scores of fans. 

With her girl-next-door appeal mixed with undeniable talent, she has all the makings of a future superstar.

Upcoming lead roles opposite A-list heroes like Dev prove that Susmita Chatterjee is only continuing her upwards trajectory.

Audiences and industry insiders alike wait with anticipation to see what this promising young actress will deliver in the years ahead. 

One thing is for certain – at just 25, Susmita Chatterjee’s bright lights are only growing brighter by the day.

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