Trina Saha's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Trina Saha is a popular Bengali actress and social media influencer making waves in the entertainment industry. 

With over 1.8 million Instagram followers and counting, her fame only continues to grow. 

This talented actress brings versatility to every role, captivating audiences on both the big and small screens.

Trina Saha's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

 Friends, today we will talk about Trina Saha's biography, her wikipedia page, her age and date of birth, her marital status, and more.

Get to know Bengali actress Trina Saha, from her early beginnings to her latest starring roles. Learn about her career, personal life, and rise to fame as an influencer.

Trina Saha is a well-known Bengali actress and model, well known for her roles in Bengali online series, TV shows, and movies. 

She has become more well-known in the Bengali film industry as a result of her work and appearance. 

In her acting career, Trina Saha has won two Best Actress Awards and the Calcutta Times Most Desirable Woman on TV award for 2019.

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Trina Saha's Personal Information 

Trina Saha's Real Name is Trina Saha. Nick's Name is Trini. Her Date of Birth is 21-01-1993. She Bron on Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 
Her Religion is Hinduism. Her Hobby is Acting and Travelling. By Profession, she is an Actress and Social Media Influencer.
Trina Saha Personal Info.png
Trina Saha comes from Kolkata, West Bengal, where she grew up honing her acting talents. 
As a student, she attended Modern High School in Kolkata before earning a degree in Finance and Marketing from Amity University. 
Even from a young age, Trina knew she wanted to pursue acting and modeling.

Trina Saha's Body Appearance and Physical Stats

Trina Saha's Body Appearance or Physical Structure Is Too Good. Her Hair Color is Black. Her Eye Color is Brown. Her Skin Color is Fair or White and her Figure is Slim Fit (34-29-36).
Trina Saha Body Appearance
With an elegant on-screen presence, Trina Saha's beauty compliments her captivating acting abilities. She stands at an enviable height of 5'3" with a petite yet toned frame. 
Her glowing skin, dark brown eyes and long black hair showcase her natural beauty. Trina Saha keeps herself in fantastic shape, allowing her to take on physically demanding acting roles with grace. 
On the red carpet, she turns heads with designer outfits flaunting her fashionable style. 
Whether dressed up for events or casually posing on Instagram, Trina's good looks and charm are undeniable. 
Her physical appearance has undoubtedly contributed to her becoming a leading lady of Bengali entertainment.

Trina Saha's Biography

Trina Saha was born to a wealthy family in Kolkata on September 21, 1996 (she would be 27 years old in 2020). 

She finished high school in Kolkata at the Modern High School. Her graduation in finance and marketing was then pursued at the Delhi Institute of Management.

Later, she was accepted to take the CAT test. Her family insisted she finish school after the qualifying exam. 

She later earned her MBA in Delhi. Trina Saha started working in Delhi as soon as her studies were finished.

Her pal requested to attend an audition in the meantime. Despite having no acting experience, she was chosen for the Khokababu (2016) TV series. 

Her first series, which was a huge success in the Bengali television business, was this one.

Trina Saha's Biography

Star Jalsha broadcast the series, which ran through 2018, where Tori was portrayed by Trina Saha. She made an appearance in the 2019 season of the Koler Bou programme, where Trina Saha played Tepi.

In the action-comedy Indian Bengali movie Thai Curry, Trina Saha played a role. The movie opened in theatres on March 1, 2019.

She portrays the main character in the Kamini web series, released in the same year. On September 28, 2019, the web series debuted on the Bengali OTT service Hoichoi. She appeared in the 2020 slasher short Midnight Mirror.

The Indian Bengali thriller-drama Detective is the title of her second film. The movie is based on a short story of the same name by Rabindranath Tagore. 

The movie premiered on Hoichoi, a Bengali OTT service, on August 14, 2020. It is the first Bengali movie to be directly released on an OTT platform. 

Trina Saha Family & Boyfriend or Husband

Trina Saha is a Bengali-born resident of Kolkata. Trina Saha is the only child and only sibling of her parents. 

We don't currently know anything about Trina Saha's family. But as soon as we learn anything, we'll update this page as quickly as we can. I posted a picture of her parents here.

Trina Saha's spouse is Neel Bhattacharya, and the two have been close friends since their undergraduate days for about 11 years. 

On February 4, 2021, in Kolkata's Orchid Garden, they were wed. Additionally, they want to host a Mughal-style royal wedding banquet on February 14, 2021. The location is P.C. Chandra Garden.

Trina Saha Family & Husband
Trina Saha tied the knot with her husband Neel Bhattacharya on February 4, 2021. The two currently reside in Kolkata along with their family.

While Trina Saha values her privacy, she occasionally offers fans glimpses into her home and family life via Instagram.
Along with dazzling red carpet photos, she shares lighthearted candid moments that humanize the glamorous actress.

Instagram, Contact Details & Social Media Account

Trina Saha is very active on all social media accounts. She has more than 1 million followers on her official Instagram account. 

She uses her Instagram account to post her short videos and photos and also promote many famous brands.

Trina Saha Instagram Account
Still only 30 years old, Trina Saha’s career remains ascendant. With new acting projects on the horizon and her social media clout ever-growing, she has firmly established herself as an A-list Bengali entertainment figure.

Audiences eagerly await her next endeavors spanning television, cinema, digital media, and more. One thing’s for sure – Trina’s bright talent will continue captivating fans in the years to come.

Some Known Facts About Trina Saha

  • She is a foodie. She loves to explore different places and try the food.
  • She is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Trina Saha and Neel Bhattacharya recently started a production house, "Dil Fish Entertainment".
  • Neel Bhattacharya calls her a "bright sunny day."

Trina Saha's Award

  • She reduced her weight from 72 kg to 55 kg and got slim for her acting career.
  • In Tollywood, Rituparna Sengupta is a big inspiration for her.
  • The Most Desirable Woman on TV in 2019.
  • She won the title of Calcutta Times’s Most Desirable Woman on TV for 2019.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Trina Saha

Trina Saha’s meteoric rise to fame has left fans curious to learn more about the actress. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about her.

Trina Saha FAQs

Q: What was Trina Saha’s first acting role?
A: Trina made her acting debut in a cameo appearance in the 2015 Bengali film Besh Korechi Prem Korechi. Her first major television role came shortly after in 2016 in the serial Khokababu.

Q: What awards has Trina won for her acting?

A: In 2022, Trina took home the West Bengal Tele Academy Award for Best Pair for her performance in the serial Khorkuto. This marked her first major acting award.

Q: Who is Trina married to?
A: Trina tied the knot with her husband Neel Bhattacharya on February 4, 2021. The two currently live together in Kolkata.

Q: How many Instagram followers does Trina Saha have?
A: As an influencer, Trina boasts over 1.8 million Instagram followers and counting as of 2023. She continues to expand her social media presence.

Q: What upcoming projects does Trina have?

A: Trina always has new acting endeavors in development. Fans can watch for her upcoming appearances in new television serials, web series, films, and sponsorships.

Trina Saha

In conclusion, Trina Saha is a versatile and increasingly popular talent in the Bengali entertainment world. 

As an actress, she has showcased her abilities in a variety of television shows, films, and web platforms. Her career continues to reach new heights with exciting projects on the way.

Additionally, Trina Saha has established herself as an influencer with a massive Instagram following. 

Between her glamorous acting roles and candid glimpses into her personal life, she has won over millions of fans. 

Still only 30 years old, Trina Saha's stardom should only grow in the future as audiences eagerly await her next endeavors.

With industry awards and nominations already under her belt, Trina has proven she has both the talent and likeability to thrive. 

Her early successes point to an actress poised to become a leading Bengali entertainment icon for years to come.  

Trina Saha no doubt has a bright future ahead as she captivates fans both on and offline.

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