Bonny Sengupta's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend & More!

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Bonny Sengupta's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend

Bonny Sengupta is an acclaimed Bengali film actor known for his romantic lead roles. 

Born Anupriya Sengupta on August 10, 1990 in Kolkata, he comes from an esteemed film family and made a seamless transition to acting. 

With dashing good looks, impeccable comic timing and an easy charm, Bonny Sengupta has become one of Tollywood's (the Bengali film industry) most sought after contemporary stars.

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Bonny Sengupta's Biography

Bonny Sengupta is a popular Indian Bengali actor who mainly acts in Bengali films. He started his acting career in 2014, starting his career as an assistant director. 

He has made his place among the popular actors in Bengali films. In this article, we have shared all the facts about his life.

Bonny Sengupta is a fast-rising Bengali film star known for his romantic lead roles opposite heroines like Koushani Mukherjee

Bonny Sengupta's Biography

Born Anupriya Sengupta in 1990 to a cinema family in Kolkata, he chose the screen name Bonny and smoothly transitioned to acting. 

After debuting in the 2014 drama Borbaad, he delivered a string of hits often with girlfriend Koushani Mukherjee, becoming Tollywood's most popular real-life couple. 

With an easy charm and versatility, Bonny Sengupta has won acclaim in diverse films from romantic comedies to thrillers. 

For the 2017 romance Tomake Chai he received Best Pair honors. Upcoming projects like supernatural mystery Jatu Griha and family drama Subha Bijoya will further showcase this talented actor's skills. 

Still only 32, debonair Bonny Sengupta is considered Tollywood royalty and his stardom will likely keep flourishing.

Bonny Sengupta Birth, Family & Education

Bonny Sengupta was born on 10 August 1990 as Anupriya Sengupta in a Hindu family in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

His father Anup Sengupta is a Bengali film director and producer. Her mother Priya Sengupta is a Bengali film actress and actor Indranil Sengupta is his uncle. 

His maternal grandfather Sukhendranath Das was a Bengali film actor, director and story writer. He is the only child of his parents.

Bonny Sengupta was born, brought up and completed his schooling in Kolkata.

Bonny Sengupta Birth, Family & Education

As the only child of veteran producer-director Anup Sengupta and popular actress Priya SenguptaBonny Sengupta was surrounded by cinema from birth. 

His uncle is renowned actor Indranil Sengupta. With the performing arts in his blood, pursuing acting felt like second nature.  

Bonny Sengupta completed his schooling in Kolkata before working as an assistant director, including on the 2014 Bengali film Yoddha.

When the lead actor dropped out of director Raj Chakraborty’s film BorbaadBonny Sengupta was offered the pivotal part. 

His nuanced and self-assured performance earned praise, proving he was hero material.

Bonny Sengupta Personal Life, Girlfriend & Marriage

Bonny Sengupta is currently single but he is in a relationship with Bengali film actress Koushani Mukherjee for a long time and they are likely to get married by the end of 2023.

While fiercely private about his personal affairs, Bonny Sengupta’s long-term relationship with girlfriend Koushani Mukherjee is well publicized.

Bonny Sengupta Girlfriend

Speculation is rife among fans that these two fan favorites may wed in 2023.

Off-camera, Bonny Sengupta enjoys cricket, fitness training, global cuisine and travelling. 

Though he originally joined India’s ruling BJP party in 2021, he departed it in 2022 citing disinterest.

With down-to-earth charm belying his star power, Bonny Sengupta continues to win hearts on and off screen. Expect his stardom - and love story - to keep flourishing.

Bonny Sengupta Physical Details

With dashing, chiseled features befitting his hero status, Bonny Sengupta stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall with an athletic physique weighing around 60 kilograms. 

He maintains his slim build through regular strength training and cardio fitness routines. 

Bonny Sengupta Physical Details

Bonny Sengupta has an olive complexion, sharp facial bone structure, expressive dark brown eyes and thick black hair, adding to his striking onscreen appearance. 

His stylish sense of fashion complements his handsome looks.

In one words, his height is 5 feet 7 inches and his weight is 60 kilograms. His eye and hair colour is black.

Bonny Sengupta Career

Bonny Sengupta started his career as an assistant director. He assisted director Raj Chakraborty with the Bengali film Yoddha

In 2014, he started acting in the Bengali movie Borbaad directed by Raj Chakraborty. This movie starred Rittika Sen opposite him. And this film was a success at the box office.

Bonny Sengupta Career

Then in 2015, he acted again in Raj Chakraborty's Parbona Ami Chartey Tokey opposite actress Koushani Mukherjee

In 2018 he acted in the first Bangladeshi film Mone Rekho. Currently, he has made his place in the Bengali film industry.

Bonny Sengupta Movie List

  • Parbona Ami Chartey Tokey (2015)
  • Borbaad (2014)
  • Raja Rani Raji (2018)
  • Tomake Chai (2017)
  • Ke Tumi Nandini (2019)
  • Tumi Ashbe Bole (2021)
  • Jaanbaaz (2019)
  • Girlfriend (2018)
  • Antarjaal
  • Love Story (2020)
  • Bhootchakra Pvt. Ltd. (2019)
  • Parbona Ami Charte Toke
  • Ajob Premer Golpo (2021)
  • F.I.R No. 339/07/06 (2021)
  • Biye.Com (2020)
  • Doctor Bakshi
  • Chuti
  • Amrapali
  • Hirokgorer Hire
  • Dhadha
  • Morichika
  • Superman
  • Jatu Griha
  • Manob Danob
  • Archie'r Gallery
  • FIR
  • A Separate Sky

Bonny Sengupta Upcoming Movie

  • Jatu Griha
  • Subha Bijoya
  • Dr Bakshi
  • Hirokgorer Hire
  • Dhadha
  • Chhuti
  • Morichika
  • Amrapali
  • Dal Bati Churma Chachhari
  • Ahalya
  • Takkar

Bonny Sengupta Awards

For his compelling act in 2017 romantic drama Tomake ChaiBonny Sengupta won Best Pair at the prestigious Tele Cine Awards in 2018 (shared with co-star Mimi Chakraborty).

Bonny Sengupta Awards

In 2021, Bonny Sengupta received the Best Supporting Actor trophy at the Film & Frame Digital Film Awards for the crime thriller F.I.R. As his fame grows, more accolades are sure to amass.

  • In the year 2018, he received Tele Cine Award for Best Pair in Tomake Chai.
  • In the year 2021, he received Film & Frame Digital Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in FIR.

Bonny Sengupta's Political Career

Bonny Sengupta officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on 10 March 2021. He then announced his departure from the BJP on 24 January 2022 via a tweet.

And later told reporters that BJP leaders had not been in touch with him since the BJP failed to come to power in West Bengal in the 2021 assembly election.

Bonny Sengupta Political Career

Although better known as a celebrated film actor, Bonny Sengupta briefly entered politics when he officially joined India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on March 10, 2021. 

At the time, he stated he was inspired to join the BJP out of patriotism and to serve the people. 

However, his political stint was short-lived. Citing disillusionment, Bonny Sengupta announced his departure from the BJP via Twitter on January 24, 2022 - less than a year after joining. 

He later told reporters that BJP leaders had not contacted him following the party's failure to gain power in the 2021 West Bengal state assembly elections. 

Thus ended Bonny Sengupta's fleeting foray into the political arena, allowing him to refocus completely on his thriving acting career.

Bonny Sengupta's Likes & Hobbies

His favourite Bollywood actor is Amitabh Bachchan & Shah Rukh Khan. And his favourite Bollywood actress is Deepika Padukone & Kajol

His favourite food is biryani and fast food. He likes red and blue colours. He loves to watch cricket. Bonny Sengupta's hobby is a gym. He likes to tour the Maldives.

Bonny Sengupta's Likes & Hobbies

Outside his acting profession, Bonny Sengupta enjoys following cricket, especially the Indian national team and Kolkata Knight Riders franchise. 

Fitness is another passion, evident in his toned physique. Bonny Sengupta is a gym regular, focused on strength training, cardio and core work. 

Food-wise, he indulges his sweet tooth with a love of biryani and fast food when not preparing for movie roles. 

In terms of entertainment, his favorite Bollywood stars are legends Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan along with leading ladies Deepika Padukone and Kajol

For leisure, Bonny Sengupta is fond of traveling, recently vacationing in the Maldives. He also enjoys lounging in his free time favoring the colors red and blue. 

Remaining grounded, Bonny Sengupta's hobbies are simple pleasures outside his glamorous acting renown.

Bonny Sengupta's Social Media Account

As a contemporary movie star, Bonny Sengupta has embraced social media platforms to directly engage with his widespread fanbase. He maintains active accounts across top sites:

  • Facebook - Over 123K followers on his verified page featuring acting updates.
  • Instagram - Boasts 983K followers and frequently posts behind-the-scenes shots alongside glamorous selfies.
  • Twitter - Tweets to 57.6K fans about new releases, public events and advocacy.
  • Wikipedia - Public domain site summarizing his acting career achievements and awards.
Bonny Sengupta Social Media

Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined, Bonny Sengupta has a staggering social media footprint of over 1.16 million followers and counting. 

Fans flock to these profiles not just for movie announcements, but a glimpse into his life offscreen with girlfriend Koushani Mukherjee and personal musings. 

Approachable despite his celebrity, Bonny Sengupta's sizable social media presence contributes enormously to his fame.

Bonny Sengupta is very active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He also has a Wikipedia page.

Some Unknown Facts About Bonny Sengupta

Some Unknown Facts About Bonny Sengupta

  • He born as Anupriya Sengupta, came to a movie as Bonny Sengupta.
  • He was born into a film actor family.
  • Before starting acting, he worked as an assistant director.
  • He has done most of the movies with his girlfriend Koushani Mukherjee.
  • He is very conscious about fitness and the gym.

Bonny Sengupta FAQs

Some FAQs About Bonny Sengupta

Question: Who is Bonny Sengupta?
Answer: An Indian Bengali actor.

Question: What is the real name of Bonny Sengupta?
Answer: Anupriya Sengupta.

Q: When was Bonny Sengupta born?
Answer: 10 August 1990.

Question: What is the name of Bonny Sengupta's first movie?
Answer: Borbaad (2014).

Question: How old is Bonny Sengupta?
Answer: 31 years (as of 1-1-2022).

Question: What is the name of Bonny Sengupta's Girlfriend?
Answer: Koushani Mukherjee.

With undeniable charisma and talent, Bonny Sengupta has rapidly become one of Tollywood's most sought-after contemporary lead actors. 

Born into an esteemed cinema family in Kolkata in 1990, Bonny chose to pursue his hereditary passion for acting. 

After early roles established his credentials, he has starred in numerous hit films, often alongside real-life partner Koushani Mukherjee

Lauded for both comedic and dramatic acting chops, Bonny Sengupta continues expanding his versatile repertoire with upcoming projects in diverse genres.

Bonny Sengupta

Though he briefly involved himself in politics, Bonny Sengupta found his true calling as an entertainer. 

With critical and commercial success already achieved in his young career, his fame and accolades shall likely continue rising. 

However, he remains grounded in simple pleasures off-screen from cricket to travel. 

With a hectic filming schedule, Bonny Sengupta still makes sure to interact with his expansive social media fanbase. 

Already famed as one-half of Tollywood's top power couple with Koushani Mukherjee and Bonny Sengupta's future looks undoubtedly bright.

This article Bongo Banjo shares the Biography, Wikipedia, and Life Story of Indian Television and Film Actor Bonny Sengupta who is a popular Bengali actor.

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