Tridha Choudhury's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Friends, today we will talk about Tridha Choudhury's Biography, her Wikipedia page, her Age and Date of Birth, her Marital Status, and more.

Tridha Choudhury is an actress known for her work in Indian television and film. 

Though only in her early 30s, she has already compiled an impressive resume spanning lead roles in top shows and movies. Read on to learn more about this rising talent.

Tridha Choudhury's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife & More
Born in 1989 in Kolkata, West Bengal, Tridha Choudhury attended M.P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School for her primary and secondary education. 
She graduated with a microbiology degree from Scottish Church College, demonstrating her intellectual capabilities beyond acting.

Her first major role came in 2016 when she landed the part of Swadheenta on the popular Sony TV drama "Dahleez." 
Though the show had a short run, Tridha Choudhury's emotional yet strong performance earned her critical praise. This breakout part put her on the radar for future roles.

Tridha Choudhury's Biography

Tridha Choudhury born 22 November 1989.  She is an Indian Bengali film and television actress. She is popular for her performance as Swadheenta in the popular Indian drama series Dahleez

We share with you her biography, wiki, age, height, boyfriend, and more.

Tridha Choudhury was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She did her schooling at M P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School

She further did graduation with an honors degree in microbiology from Scottish Church College. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Tridha Choudhury Biography

Tridha Choudhury is an Indian actress born in 1989 in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

She attended M.P Birla Foundation School locally before graduating with a microbiology degree from Scottish Church College. 

Her acting career began with the lead role of Swadheenta on the 2016 Sony TV drama "Dahleez". 

She has since transitioned to film with roles in regional Bengali cinema as well as the 2022 Yash Raj Films blockbuster "Shamshera" starring Ranbir Kapoor

Still only 32, Tridha Choudhury's versatility, charm, and talent have positioned her as an up-and-coming star across both television and film.

Tridha Choudhury's Education

She went to school at M P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School. After She completed her graduation degree from Scottish Church College. She was a  Microbiology student. 

Tridha Choudhury completed her primary and secondary schooling at M.P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School in her hometown of Kolkata.

Tridha Choudhury's Education

She then earned a microbiology honors degree from Scottish Church College. Beyond formal education, Tridha Choudhury pursued additional training in classical Indian dance. 

Her diverse educational background spanning science, arts, and humanities provides a strong foundation for the versatile acting career she went on to pursue.

Tridha Choudhury's Family

We did not have any information about her family as her father's name, mother's name or sister's or brother's name.

While the names of her parents, siblings, or other relatives have not been disclosed publicly, Tridha Choudhury grew up in a middle class family residing in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

Given her Bengali heritage and upbringing in Kolkata, it is likely her family is of Bengali ethnicity.

Tridha Choudhury's Family

As she continues to split her time between Mumbai and Kolkata as her acting career grows, she remains closely connected to her roots. 

While opting to keep her family life private, her hometown and eastern Indian background significantly shaped her worldview and path into the entertainment industry. 

Tridha Choudhury maintains a low-key, humble persona despite her fame, potentially reflective of the grounded upbringing provided by her family.

Tridha Choudhury Boyfriend or Husband

Tridha Choudhury is still unmarried. Her Boyfriend's name is actor Akash Chatterjee

Tridha Choudhury is reportedly dating actor Akash Chatterjee. The two have kept their relationship out of the public spotlight, but rumors of them dating emerged in 2019 after they were spotted together several times.

Neither Tridha Choudhury nor Akash Chatterjee have officially confirmed the relationship. 

Based on the discretion displayed thus far, it is unlikely either will comment publicly in the near future.

Tridha Choudhury Boyfriend or Husband

Tridha Choudhury has not been previously linked to any other romantic partners in the media. 

Her focus early in her acting career was centered on securing lead roles rather than high-profile relationships.

While thriving in her acting career, Tridha Choudhury continues maintaining a private personal life. 

If she ties the knot with boyfriend Akash Chatterjee or anyone else down the line, fans will surely find out. 

But the talented actress seems focused on cementing her professional reputation for the time being.

Tridha Choudhury's Height and Body Measurements

Tridha Choudhury's body measurement is slim fit. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight is 50 kilograms. And her body measurements are 34-25-34 inches. Her eye is dark brown and her hair colour is black.

At 5 feet 4 inches, Tridha Choudhury stands shorter than the average Bollywood leading lady, but still embodies a classic Indian beauty. 

The 32-year-old actress has a slim yet toned figure, with measurements of 34-25-34 inches. Her frame is best described as a petite, slender build – attributes which serve her well on camera. 

Tridha Choudhury maintains her fit appearance through regular dancing, an early passion of hers, along with yoga and a healthy lifestyle aligned to the physical demands of filming. 

Tridha Choudhury's Height and Body Measurements

With dark brown eyes that contrast strikingly against her fair skin and long black hair, her facial features give Tridha Choudhury a versatile look that allows her to transform across diverse roles. 

While not the tallest, her natural charm and grace make her an arresting screen presence regardless of height. 

Tridha Choudhury also comes across as relatable and down-to-earth to fans, in part due to her average stature compared to intimidatingly tall actresses. 

At the end of the day, her acting prowess outshines any physical attributes, with a commanding personality extending well beyond her 5'4'' frame.

Tridha Choudhury's Career

In the year 2020, Tridha Choudhury started her career in the Amazon Prime web series Bandish Bandits and the MX Player web series Aashram.

After she works on a few web series such as Spotlight, Shei Je Holud Pakhi, Dulha Wanted, Aashram, The Chargesheet, Bandish Bandita etc.

She started her career in 2016 in the TV serial Dahleez in the role of Swadheenta Ramakrishnan.

Tridha Choudhury also work on a few Bengali movie such as Mishawr Rawhoshyo, Jodi Love Dile Na Prane, Khaad, Surya vs Surya, Merry Christmas, Khawto, Manasuku Nachindi, Shesh Theke Shuru, 7, Chargesheet, Anukunnadi Okati Ayinadi Okati, Shamshera, Kutub Minar, Abhijaan, Vani etc.

Tridha Choudhury Career

After Dahleez, Tridha Choudhury set her sights on the film industry. She leveraged her initial TV fame to begin securing roles in regional Bengali cinema as well as high-profile Bollywood productions.

Her film debut came with 2017's Mishawr Rawhoshyo, but her big break came in 2022 when she was cast in the Ranbir Kapoor period epic Shamshera from major studio Yash Raj Films. 

The visibility from this blockbuster launched Tridha Choudhury's name across India.

Though movies have been the focus as of late, Tridha Choudhury has continued working in television as well. 

In 2020 she played pivotal roles in two popular web series - MX Player's Aashram and Amazon Prime's Bandish Bandits.

Her strong acting and magnetic screen presence earned high marks from viewers. 2022 will see her take on further web roles in series like Spotlight and Chargesheet.

A trained dancer, Tridha Choudhury incorporates her love of movement into her acting. 

She is also active on social media, allowing her growing fanbase to keep up with her latest career developments and personal life.

When not acting, she enjoys reading, dancing, and swimming. She continues to split her time between Mumbai and her hometown of Kolkata.

Tridha Choudhury's Favourite Things and Hobbies

Tridha Choudhury's favourite actor is Sushant Singh Rajput and her favourite actress is Madhuri Dixit.

She is a very food lover her favourite food is all types of Bengali food. Her hobbies are reading books, dancing and swimming.

Tridha Choudhury Hobbies


Tridha Choudhury has professed her love for traditional Bengali cuisine. 

Given her upbringing in Kolkata, Bengali fare ranging from sweets like rasgulla to rich curries likely remind her of childhood and family. 

Her affinity for food also translates into learning cooking skills beyond just eating.


During her limited free time, Tridha Choudhury enjoys curling up with books. 

Reading allows her to explore new worlds and characters while stimulating the imagination. 

Preference goes to serialized novels and mystery genre reads that keep the pages turning.


Dance represents one of Tridha Choudhury's longest-held hobbies, having formally studied classical styles as a young student. 

The artform blends rhythm, movement, and emotion into a kinetic form of expression.  

Tridha Choudhury often infuses subtle choreography into acting roles, portraying feelings through hand gestures or emphasized steps rather than just facials and dialogue.


On especially hot Indian days, Tridha Choudhury takes a dip in the pool to refresh both physically and mentally. 

She enjoys floating leisurely while allowing creativity to flow or swimming laps for an intensive cardio workout. 

Water provides therapeutic qualities while opening room for self-reflection within its peaceful embrace.

Overall, Tridha Choudhury enjoys senses-stimulating activities like cooking flavorful dishes, losing herself in evolving fictional plots lines, gracefully dancing to impactful songs, and feeling renewed tranquility through swimming. These hobbies feed her acting talents.

Tridha Choudhury Instagram and Social Profile

Tridha Choudhury is active on social media sites. She loves to post photos, videos, reels, shorts etc.

Tridha Choudhury Social Profile


With 190k followers, Tridha Choudhury is very active on Instagram under the handle @tridhac

She regularly posts photos and reels giving followers behind-the-scenes looks at shoots along with glimpses into her personal life. Fans feel connected with her day-to-day activities through candid posts.


Tridha Choudhury leverages her Twitter account (@iamtridha) and its 50k followers to engage in career updates. 

She announces new projects, shares media articles featuring her work, and gives followers insider perspectives into the entertainment industry.


Her verified Facebook page under her own name, Tridha Choudhury, presents occasional fan interactions and public appearances. This platform spotlights some of her humanitarian efforts as well.

Through thoughtful yet fun social media engagement across the top platforms, Tridha Choudhury sustains approachable connections with her expanding fanbase. 

She balances glamorous celebrity presence with down-to-earth roots. 

Tridha Choudhury Facts and Trivia

Tridha Choudhury Facts and Trivia

  • Tridha Choudhury was born on 22 November 1989 in Kolkata, India.
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • She won the title of Calcutta Times Fresh Face in 2011.
  • She is trained in classical dancing.
  • Tridha Choudhury has also worked in Vikram Bhatt’s web series Spotlight.
  • In 2015, She has done short film called Merry Christmas.
  • Tridha Chaudhary will be seen in Ranbir Kapoor starred film Shamshera.

Some FAQ About Tridha Choudhury

Some FAQ About Tridha Choudhury

(Q) Who is Tridha Choudhury?
Ans: Tridha Choudhury is an Actress.

(Q) How old is Tridha Choudhury?
Ans: She is 32 years old; as of 2022.

(Q) Where is Tridha Choudhury from?
Ans: She is from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

(Q) Who is Tridha Choudhury’s boyfriend?
Ans: Her boyfriend’s name is Akash Chatterjee.

(Q) What is the height of Tridha Chowdhury in feet?
Ans: Her height is 5’5″ feet inches tall.

(Q) What is Tridha Choudhury's Wikipedia page?
Ans: Her Wikipedia page is

(Q) What is Tridha Choudhury's Facebook profile?
Ans: Her Facebook page is Tridha Choudhury.

(Q) What is Tridha Choudhury's Instagram profile?
Ans: Her Wikipedia page is @tridhac.

(Q) What is Tridha Choudhury's Twitter profile?
Ans: Her Twitter page is @iamtridha.

Tridha Choudhury


Still only 32, Tridha Choudhury's star is clearly on the rise. From her breakout fame on serialized TV to lead roles in streaming and feature films, she has successfully transitioned her early success into a thriving career.

With a slate of upcoming projects and the attention coming off her role in a major YRF production, even greater opportunities seem imminent.  

Tridha Choudhury also balances glamorous parts with down-to-earth charm and intelligence. Her versatility immediately separates her from single-note starlets. 

As Indian entertainment continues evolving, this well-rounded and dynamic talent is positioned to claim top billing as her profile expands beyond regional fame to the national and even global stage. Keep an eye out for Tridha - she is destined for big things.

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