LSD Bengali Movie Review!

A mixture of mystery and comedy, actors Soham Chakraborty and Saayoni Ghosh pair will attract attention, not bad LSD (Laal Suitcase Ta Dekhechen?).

LSD Bengali Movie Review

Actor Soham Chakraborty's productions usually try to entertain the general audience with a comedy twist on a simple subject. 

The naming of his new film "LSD" (Laal Suitcase Ta Dekhechen?) shows that Soham Chakraborty has not changed much in his thinking.

After, the director of the film is Sayantan Ghoshal. Whose guidance strategy has a clear and clear identity of the business idea. Also in this film.

Just a one-night event! Amartya (Soham Chakraborty) and Rupsa (Saayoni Ghosh) are college classmates. Since then Amartya had a crush on Rupsa.

On the other hand, Rupsa's marriage is fixed with an NRI Person chosen by her parents. Although Rupsa is a "good girl" girl to her parents, she is very modern and used to various types of drugs.

LSD Bengali Movie

So she runs away from home with a red suitcase saying she won't marry the man of her choice. And she got into trouble and called Amartya.

This time they started riding in Kanchan Mullick's taxi with that red suitcase, and a series of accidents happened one after another.

Amartya's mother on the one side and Rupsa's father and mother, on the other hand, started what is called a campaign in search of their unsuspecting sons and daughters.

Police Station, Police, even, must be laughing and having fun. The funniest thing is what the censors will do to such a purely funny film that the audience will find it even more fun!

LSD Bengali Film

Director Sayantan Ghoshal has arranged the screenplay in a very funny way. "From Mental to Sentimental", "A Sudden Death", "Run Lola Run", and "The Lady with the Lamp" are divided into eight chapters and tried to create a fun atmosphere in the body of the story! This idea is very funny.

But the last chapter is a bit long but the most enjoyable part. This movie is an evening spent with a cocktail of practical ideas and reality to confuse which of the night's events are binge-watching, which are real, which characters are fictional, and which are real.

And music! No, not so important in the screenplay! Rather, the director is skilled in creating interesting situations. I especially like Soham Chakraborty and Saayoni Ghosh's comic acting!

The audience will be happy to see Laboni Sarkar, Abhijit Guha, and Kanchan Mullick there! This film is a full-packed comedy!

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