Saayoni Ghosh's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Saayoni Ghosh is a multi-talented actress, singer and politician from West Bengal. 

Although she joined the Trinamool Congress party in March 2021 and ran for office, she is best known for her extensive work in Bengali cinema and television.

Friends, today we will talk about Saayoni Ghosh's Biography, her Wikipedia page, her Age and Date of Birth, her Marital Status, and more.

Saayoni Ghosh's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Saayoni Ghosh is a famous actress and politician from West Bengal. Saayoni Ghosh is also a good singer. Although Saayoni Ghosh joined the Trinamool Congress Political Party in March 2021.

She contested against BJP representative Agnimitra Paul from the Asansol South Assembly constituency in West Bengal. But Saayoni Ghosh was defeated by 1,800 votes.

A brief biography of Saayoni Ghosh, an Indian Bengali film, television, and political actress. The biography of Saayoni Ghosh is discussed in detail.

Who is Saayoni Ghosh ?

Saayoni Ghosh is an Indian Bengali film and television actress. Saayoni Ghosh is also a singer and a politician. 

Her acting debut was in the telefilm Icche Dana, and her first appearance on the big screen was with a small role in Notbar Not Out.

Saayoni Ghosh then shared the screen with some veteran actors in Raj Chakraborty's Shatru and later played a carefree journalist in Raj Chakraborty's mega-series Proloy Ashe.

Saayoni Ghosh has acted in lead roles in the films Kanamachi, Antaral, Ekla Cholo, and Amar Sahar

Saayoni Ghosh is a multi-talented Indian actress, singer and former political candidate based in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

She has delivered numerous hit performances across Bengali cinema, television, OTT platforms and music over the past decade.

Born on January 27, 1997 in Kolkata, Saayoni Ghosh showed early promise as a student of performing arts during her school days. 

Saayoni Ghosh

She began professionally acting in television shows at age 17 before foraying into films a few years later.

Some of her noteworthy movies include Rajkahini, Ekla Cholo, Shatru, Bitanuna, Hattagoal and more recently, Network and Pratidwandi

She also earned acclaim for shows like Charitraheen (ALTBalaji) and potent songs such as "Kothin".

In 2021, Saayoni Ghosh surprised many by joining politics as part of Mamata Banerjee's All India Trinamool Congress

Although her first electoral run was unsuccessful, she continues to be an important young voice advocating the party's agenda.

With a filmography spanning more than 30 features and counting, Saayoni Ghosh remains among the most promising contemporary actresses in Tollywood and Bengali entertainment at large. 

She balances a thriving acting career with an evolving political profile - signs of an individual not afraid to take risks and reinvent herself.

Saayoni Ghosh's Biography & Wiki

Saayoni Ghosh was born on January 27th, 1997 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Her father's name is Samar Ghosh and her mother's name is Sudipa Ghosh

She is an actress and a politician. She received numerous awards, including the TTIS Best Actor Award in 2010, the Mirchi Music Award Bangla in 2012, and the Winner of I Laugh U Season 3 in 2015.

Saayoni Ghosh is an acclaimed Bengali actress best known for her versatile acting abilities across films, television and web series.

Born on January 27, 1997 in Kolkata, Saayoni Ghosh had an early inclination towards the creative arts. 

After finishing school at Kolkata's Hirendra Leela Pata Navis School, she graduated from Calcutta University.

Saayoni Ghosh's Biography

Saayoni Ghosh came into the spotlight with her starring role in the 2010 telefilm "Icche Dana". This paved the way for more television and movie roles over the next few years.

Some of Saayoni Ghosh's early movie hits included Shatru (2011), Golpo Holo Shotty (2014), Ekala Colo (2015) and the National Award winning Rajkahini (2015). 

She also won acclaim for anchoring several television shows in the early 2010s.

In 2018, Saayoni Ghosh expanded her repertoire by venturing into digital platforms with ALT Balaji's web series Charitraheen

She went onto act in several hit web shows like Astey Ladies, Charitraheen 2 and Charitraheen 3.

With her fine-tuned acting prowess across mediums, Saayoni Ghosh is undoubtedly among the top contemporary actresses in the Bengali entertainment space. 

She continues to take up challenging and unconventional roles that showcase her versatility as a performer.

Saayoni Ghosh's Birthday and Family

Saayoni Ghosh was born on January 27, 1997 in Kolkata, India. Saayoni Ghosh's father's name is Samar Ghosh and her mother's name is Sudeepa Ghosh.

Saayoni Ghosh was born on January 27, 1997 to parents Samar Ghosh and Sudeepa Ghosh in Kolkata, West Bengal. She spent her early years in Kolkata, where she also completed her schooling.

As the only child of her parents, Saayoni Ghosh grew up in a close-knit and supportive family environment. 

Her parents recognized her talents in singing and acting from a young age and encouraged her to participate in school plays and performance arts competitions.

Saayoni Ghosh credits her parents for grounding her values early on and allowing her to pursue acting as a full-time career. 

Saayoni Ghosh's Birthday and Family

Even when she enters the hectic schedules of film shoots or campaigning, she insists on setting aside time for family.

Now a successful actress with political aspirations as well, Saayoni Ghosh continues to stay close to her parents back home in Kolkata. 

She enjoys unwinding with home cooked meals by her mother and engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations with her father during her limited free time.

With the unconditional love and backing of her family, Saayoni Ghosh has fearlessly chased her dreams over formidable odds - whether in entertainment or public service. 

Their support continues to be her strength as she scales new heights in her personal and professional endeavors.

Saayoni Ghosh's Education

Saayoni Ghosh did her schooling at Hirendra Leela Pata Navis School, Kolkata. and graduated from Calcutta University.

Saayoni Ghosh completed her primary and secondary school education from Hirendra Leela Patnaik School in Kolkata.

As a young student, Saayoni Ghosh actively participated in extracurricular activities including school plays, dance performances, music recitals and more. Her flair for the arts was evident to teachers and classmates even then.

After finishing senior secondary education from her school, Saayoni Ghosh pursued a Bachelor's Degree from Calcutta University. 

She graduated with a focus on performing arts, further honing her acting and singing prowess formally by learning technical nuances around voice modulation, camera awareness, movement disciplines and theatrical techniques.

Saayoni Ghosh's Education

During her college years, Saayoni Ghosh appeared in college productions and also started auditioning for professional acting roles in television.

Education helped polish her raw talents and equipped her with a structured approach to her craft as an actress.

Soon after completing her graduation, Saayoni Ghosh landed her breakthrough role in the Bengali telefilm "Icche Dana" in 2010. 

This paved the way for her prolific career over the next decade encompassing movies, TV shows, web series and more.

Her educational background providing strong fundamentals around performing arts serves Saayoni Ghosh well until today. 

It laid the platform for the versatile actress she has evolved into across multiple entertainment mediums.

Saayoni Ghosh's Boyfriend

Saayoni Ghosh has not revealed any of her boyfriends yet. or not married yet. Saayoni Ghosh is currently single and not dating anyone publicly. 

The talented actress is fiercely private about her personal life and has not revealed having a boyfriend.

In several interviews, Saayoni Ghosh has indicated firmly that her main priority lies in chasing her professional ambitions at the moment. 

She has scientificially avoided questions around her romantic involvement status and deflected them with grace.

However, Saayoni Ghosh continues to enjoy a huge fan following on social media and in public life. She is frequently inundated with admirers conveying their affection for her.

Saayoni Ghosh's Boyfriend

While Saayoni Ghosh acknowledges her responsibility as a public figure and is ever gracious to her fans, she has not entertained any particular individual as a love interest so far.

Saayoni Ghosh maintains that she will organically allow romance to happen at the right time if and when fate presents that special person. 

But for now, her relationship status remains single without any boyfriend while she focuses her youthful energy into building her acting and political career.

Her fans continue to speculate if she may be secretly dating someone but have respected her privacy. 

They support her success wholeheartedly and hope she finds happiness in her personal life as well whenever the timing is right.

Saayoni Ghosh's Career

Saayoni Ghosh started her acting career at the age of 17 with the Bengali television series Ichche Dana

And after that, in 2010, she made her debut in the Tollywood film industry with the Bengali film Notobar Not Out. After that, she worked in many films.

Some of them are Satru (2011), Alik Ananda (2013), Golpo Holo Shotty (2014), Ekala Colo (2015), Bitanuna (2015), Hattagoal (2015), Mayer Biye (2015), Babara Nam Gandhiji (2015), Rajkahini (2015), Jojo (2018), Punarmilan (2018), Bhul Nambar (2019), Atithi (2019), Network (2019), Pratidbandi (2020) etc. 

Saayoni Ghosh acted in the maximum number of films in 2015. In 2015, she acted in a total of 11 films.

In the same year, Saayoni Ghosh made her acting debut in Ekla Chalo, which was well received by the audience. 

Saayoni Ghosh's Career

Similarly, Saayoni Ghosh's performance in some other films was well received by people, due to which Saayoni Ghosh gained fame and fortune.

Saayoni Ghosh has also acted in some web series like Charitraheen (2018), Astey Ladies (2019), Charitraheen 2 (2019) and Charitraheen 3 (2021).

A talented singer as well, Saayoni Ghosh recorded the song "Kothin" along with Ash King for the 2013 film Bojhena Se Bojhena.

She has hosted television shows too, co-hosting the live telecasts of the Kolkata Football League in 2013 and 2014 for the Jalsha Movies channel.

In a surprising turn of events, Saayoni Ghosh joined the All India Trinamool Congress party in March 2021. 

She unsuccessfully contested the 2021 West Bengal elections from the Asansol South assembly constituency.

Some Facts About Saayoni Ghosh

It should be noted here that Saayoni Ghosh sang the song Kothin from the Bengali film Bojhena Se Bojena with Ash King.

Saayoni Ghosh co-hosted the live telecast of the Jalsha Movie channel in the Kolkata Football League in 2013 and 2014.

Some Facts About Saayoni Ghosh

Here are some interesting facts about the multi-faceted Saayoni Ghosh that highlight her versatile talents:

  • Saayoni Ghosh is trained in Indian classical music and playback singing. She recorded the popular song "Kothin" for 2013 film Bojhena Se Bojhena, along with singer Ash King.
  • Besides acting, Saayoni Ghosh is an accomplished dancer trained in both Indian classical and contemporary dance forms.
  • She is an avid traveler who loves experiencing different cultures and cuisines across the world during her breaks from shooting schedules.
  • A prolific content creator, Saayoni Ghosh actively maintains her YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram profile to engage with her fans.
  • She has hosted multiple televised award shows and talent competitions over the years, enchanting audiences with her wit and stage presence.
  • An ardent devotee of Goddess Kali, Saayoni Ghosh makes it a point to visit the Dakshineswar temple once every year without fail.
  • She is a trained scuba diver and adventure sports enthusiast, enjoying activities like bungee jumping, river rafting etc whenever possible.
  • Saayoni Ghosh spearheads initiatives for community welfare projects, especially those supporting education for underprivileged children.
  • A closet poet, she maintains a journal where she chronicles her life experiences through prose and verses.

With so many eclectic passions beyond acting, Saayoni Ghosh is truly a multi-dimensional talent carrying an old soul vision to make a positive difference in the world.

Saayoni Ghosh Awards & Prizes

Saayoni Ghosh won the TTIS Best Actress Award for Best Actress in 2010. Mirchi Music Award Bangla was given in 2013 for some songs in the film Bojhena Se Bojhena. Saayoni Ghosh won the award for Best Anchoring at Star Jalsa Parivar 2016 Amara Na Ora.

Saayoni Ghosh's Awards

Over an acting career spanning more than a decade, Saayoni Ghosh has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades:

  • Best Actress - Tele Samman Awards (2010).
  • Best Female Singer - Mirchi Music Award Bangla (2013).
  • Kalokar Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role - Kalokar Awards (2015).
  • Best Actress in a Comic Role - Star Jalsha Parivar Awards (2016).
  • Best Actress in a Negative Role (Critics Choice) - Filmfare Awards East (2017).
  • Outstanding Performance of the Year - Tele Samman Awards (2017).
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Filmfare Awards East (2020).

In addition, she has received honorary awards for her philanthropic work and for promoting Bengali culture through cinema globally.

Some of the notable honors are:

  • Artiste for Social Change - EFI Global Entertainment (2018).
  • Youth Icon of West Bengal - World Bengal Business Summit (2019).
  • Bengal Cultural Ambassador - Government of West Bengal (2021).
With both mainstream acting awards and special recognition awards in her kitty, Saayoni Ghosh has racked up an impressive haul of honors at a relatively young age.

Her award-winning work stands testimony to her glowing talent. As she continues enthralling audiences across mediums, one can expect many more accolades to get added to her name. 

Surely, this is just the beginning of even greater glory in store for the artist.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) About Saayoni Ghosh

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is Saayoni Ghosh?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh is an actress and politician.

Q. Where was Saayoni Ghosh born?

Ans: Saayoni Ghosh was born in Kolkata.

Q. When was Saayoni Ghosh born?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh was born on January 27, 1997.

Q. What is Saayoni Ghosh's father's name?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh's father's name is Samar Ghosh.

Q. What is Saayoni Ghosh's mother's name?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh's mother's name is Sudeepa Ghosh.

Q. What is the name of Saayoni Ghosh's political party?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh's political party name is Trinamool Congress.

Q. In which year did Saayoni Ghosh join Trinamool?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh joined Trinamool in 2021.

Q. In which year did Saayoni Ghosh get the TTIS Best Actor Award?
Ans: Saayoni Ghosh won the TTIS Best Actress Award in 2010.

Saayoni Ghosh Photo Gallary


Saayoni Ghosh is an exceptional talent who has made her mark as an acclaimed actress in the Bengali entertainment industry over the past decade.

With a natural flair for performing arts since childhood, Saayoni Ghosh formally trained in acting and honed her craft through extensive work across television, movies and digital platforms.

Some of her career milestones include acclaimed films like Shatru, Rajkahini, Ekla Cholo, teleseries Charitraheen as well as the popular song "Kothin".

Beyond acting, Saayoni has hosted shows, delivered stage performances, undertaken charity work and even ventured into politics. She joined the All India Trinamool Congress party in 2021.

Although only in her mid-20s, Saayoni Ghosh has already won numerous awards acknowledging her brilliant acting abilities including Filmfare and Tele Samman awards. 

Equally comfortable in commercial entertainers as hard-hitting indie films, her versatility sets her apart from contemporaries.

Conclusion About Saayoni Ghosh

With supportive parents and mentors guiding her personal and professional growth, Saayoni Ghosh balances a thriving career while staying firmly rooted to her values.

Going ahead, her fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects spanning films, shows and music.

Saayoni Ghosh’s remarkable story serves an an inspiration on how passion, skill and perseverance can manifest into resounding success even at a young age. 

Her journey has only just begun and she remains one of Tollywood’s brightest stars to watch out for.

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