Charitraheen 3 Bengali Web Series Review!

Hello, Bengali web series fans today our topic is Charitraheen 3 Bengali Web Series Review. ‘I made a mistake by agreeing not to read the story of Charitraheen 3’- Naina Ganguly.

Charitraheen 3 Bengali Web Series Review

After a long wait, the record-breaking Bangla web series Charitraheen 3 Bengali Web Series, directed by Debalaya Bhattacharya, is about to return to the Hitchhiker web series platform.

The first season of Charitraheen then the second season was a sensation among the viewers Then finally the popular Bangla web series Charitraheen 3 is going to come again.

Swastika Mukherjee, Sourav Das, Naina Ganguly, Mumtaz Sarkar, Sourav Chakraborty, and many others have made music in Charitraheen 3 Bengali web series. 

Director Amit Chatterjee has written the story. Devalaya Bhattacharya and Kallol Lahiri.

Kiranmoyee's mind is not good. Has distance been created with Satish Sen? Any dissatisfaction with Rabeya?

With all the answers, 'Kiranmoyee' Naina Ganguly came on Instagram live on Monday afternoon. To expose yourself to the audience and fans. 

Their anger, dissatisfaction take over the head. 'Charitraheen 3' has been released on the Hoichoi platform for Christmas. Naina Ganguly has turned the Bengali series professionally.

Charitraheen 3 Bengali Web Series

What is the regret about the series after that? Why are the viewers angry with him? Where after the death of Kiranmoyee in the second series, he has been brought back in the new series to the demand of the viewers!

As well as live She also has an open eye, "It's not right to come back. I made a mistake by not listening to the story. Don't read the screenplay. Not knowing the details about his character. '' 

Naina Ganguly claims that he was in Hyderabad when he was offered 'Charitraheen 3'. As a result, he agreed without hearing the story. 

After the release of the series, he saw that he is not like to make an impression anywhere in the series!

"Charitraheen 3" is less "Kiranmoyee"

The actress has heard the same tune in the words of the audience. Critics, netizens wrote in comments on social media, ‘If you want to see the chemistry of Satish-Kiranmoyee, it is better not to watch this series. Kiranmoyee does not exist here. '

Did the audience's eyes open their eyes? "I have seen for myself that the audience is right. Still the first in the ‘Charitraheen’ rating. Like the viewer with ‘Charitraheens 2’, ‘OK’. 

The courage to see their opinion on the third series "Charitraheen 3", I wish nothing was happening anymore ", claims Naina Ganguly.

After watching the trailer, many people thought that Kiranmoyee might lose to Rabeya. Rabeya can also lose again. It is not impossible to be dualistic. Naina Ganguly cleared that thought. 

His argument is, "Kiranmoyee will win the series in the end." She paused and said, that too can be understood by watching the series "Charitraheen 3".

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