Dakghor Bengali Web Series Review!

Dakghor Bengali Web Series is a weak imitation of the Panchayat Hindi Web Series! Incomparable Suhotra Mukhopadhyay and Ditipriya Roy in lead roles.

Dakghor Bengali Web Series Review

Seeing the trailer, director Abhrajit Sen's new web series 'Dakghor' raised hopes. But if you watch this web series of 7 episodes, you will have the opposite reaction.

Dakghor Bengali Web Series proves that a good concept can become mediocre due to poor screenplay. 7 episodes, divided into 7 titles.

The beginning of the ghost son! From the first episode, it might seem that this web series is going to be a dark comedy.

But as this web series progresses, this idea will change completely. As you might think, Dakghor is a copy-paste from the popular Hindi web series Panchayat.

Dakghor Web Series

It's not unusual to think. Because the structure of this web series is very similar to Panchayat. But there is a mystery here. Through the solution of which the story progresses.

Dakghor could have been a good web series. There was a possibility. But the whole series will progress so slowly, that patience cannot be maintained. The dialogue in particular is very weak.

Dakghor Web Series Poster

Suhotra Mukherjee shouldered the entire responsibility of this web series. It is good to say that Suhotra Mukherjee acted alone. 

Suhotra Mukherjee is proof that he has portrayed himself in various ways in every web series or film.

Ditipriya Roy didn't get much of a chance. But I like it as long as it is. Kanchan Mullick is excellent in his role as Madhusudan. Supporting characters are played a very good job.

Finally, despite good actors and a good concept, Dakghor has become mediocre despite the potential of being a good web series due to a loose screenplay. It's a one-time watchable web series.

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