Indubala Bhaater Hotel Bengali Web Series Review!

Indubala Bhaater Hotel Bengali web series tells the story of people and time. These web series gift us with a beautiful performance of Subhashree Ganguly.

Indubala Bhaater Hotel Bengali Web Series Review

Director Debaloy Bhattacharya arranged the story of the Indubala Bhaater Hotel web series in three-time layers.

One is the memory of Indubala's father's house in Kalapota, one is the memory of her married life, and another is present.

The story progresses as each cook reminisces. And it is completely Indubala-centric. Subhashree Ganguly has acted brilliantly in the series based on the story written by Kallol Lahiri.

Indubala Bhaater Hotel Bengali Web Series

As the tone of the voice has changed, Subhashree Ganguly has mastered the body language of the elderly people very well.

And Somnath Kundu's makeup gave her a worthy accompaniment. Only he can do such work in West Bengal.

Sneha Chatterjee plays the role of Lokkhi. Like Indubala's life, her contribution to the four episodes of this web series is undeniable.

Acting by Rahul Banerjee, Pratik Dutta, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Angana Roy, Debapratim Dasgupta, Mithu Chakrabarty, Parijat Chaudhuri and Debdutta Raha is also quite good.

Rahul Banerjee has a minor role in the first four episodes of the series. Hopefully, his role will be better known in the upcoming episodes. 

Indubala Bhaater Hotel Web Series

If we have to talk about these four episodes, then it can be said that some parts of episode number three and four seem to be slow but Debaloy Bhattacharya's 'Indubala Bhaater Hotel' will touch the hearts of those Bengalis, whose hearts still have 'Pakhider Smriti, Kichu Reetineeti, Fonimonosao Jane.'

One more thing, Subhashree Ganguly is truly amazing as Indubala. You just can't imagine how she looks.

So we are looking forward to the next episodes. Hope this web series has become fantastic in future. We are eagerly waiting for the rest episodes.

Subhashree Ganguly is the trump card in the last part of the Indubala Bhaater Hotel web series. 

Indubala Bhaater Hotel is catch our eyes in the first four episodes. That taste of raw dough and fish dish continued in the next four episodes as well.

The war of liberation, refugee suffering was added to it again. Subhashree Ganguly was the brightest star of this web series directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya.

Indubala's story is as much about people as it is about time. In the flow of time, one relationship after another keeps flowing. And people stand on the banks like lonely spectators. 

Indubala Bhaater Hotel Movie

Taking tears as her own, she started her journey again. As before, director Debaloy Bhattacharya has controlled the speed of the wheel of time in the last episodes.

Sometimes he showed the story of Kalapota's Indubala and Manirul, sometimes he showed the struggle of Indubala, a housewife who was raped by her husband. 

And with this memory as a companion, the old Indubala is steadfast in the battle of life.

In the beginning of the fifth episode, the scene of the Naxalite movement is seen. Indubala Bhaater Hotel is also doing quite well.

She still hopes to meet Manirul. In between, Lokkhi's character is sometimes seen in the past, sometimes as Indubala's imagination.

Sneha Chatterjee impressed as Lokkhi in the first four episodes. Here she had nothing special to do except to accompany Indubala.

Instead, Indubala expected a little more from Rahul Banerjee as the younger boy. It was not fulfilled. 

As a freedom fighter, Suhotra Mukhopadhay has managed to attract attention. The rest of the characters also played their roles properly.

But the one who has to talk about from the beginning to the end is Subhashree Ganguly. She has made herself believable every moment as Indubala. That's why She is the star of the show.

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