Ghore Pherar Gaan Bengali Movie Review!

The story of Parambrata Chatterjee and Ishaa Saha's 'Ghore Pherar Gaan' is lost in the complexity of the relationship.

Ghore Pherar Gaan Bengali Movie Review

Tora (Ishaa Saha) arrives in London from Calcutta after marrying the expatriate Indian doctor Ribhu (Gaurab Chatterjee). Ribhu is a mother devotee (Reshmi Sen as the mother).

As soon as you reach the city of London, the music lover Tora realizes that she is a misfit in that world. The harassment continues from step to step. 

In this situation, Tora met Imran, a researcher of folk fusion songs, at the Rabindra Jayanti event.

Naturally neglected by the in-laws Tora finds emotional trust in Imran. It doesn't take long to get close. 

When the situation in her husband's family becomes more complicated, Tora leaves the house and seeks refuge with Imran.

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After that in the movie 'Ghore Pherar Gaan,' the incidents keep happening. Not in the flashback, it is known from Imran's mouth that he was beaten up by the big businessman's father to go to the singing audition.

The aim is to create a new genre of music by combining different melodies with folk songs. Meanwhile, Tora is pregnant! Now?

Screenwriter-director Aritra Sen has got into a quandary while trying to solve this problem. Viewers can hardly be blamed if they tire of the never-ending dramatization.

While the title of the film is 'Ghore Pherar Gaan', an experimental attempt was made with a hint of fusion in Baul, folk song and even Rabindra Sangeet.

Yes, they didn't sound bad. Especially at the very end, the use of the song 'Purano Sei Diner Kotha' is memorable.

This movie is produced by Eskay Movies. So the added attraction of the London location is not unknown. Is it possible to attract viewers only by showing the atmosphere of London?

The tension of the story was needed. That is what is lacking in the screenplay. All characters are one-dimensional. But yes, Ishaa Saha has shown her acting skills in this film.

Ghore Pherar Gaan Bengali Movie

The emotional swing of the character is expressed through beautiful silent expressions. However, it was not understood why he was always so neatly dressed.

Parambrata Chatterjee as Imran is completely stuck in his path. Only managed to get out in the last scene. Gourab Chatterjee is doctor Ribhu. His foreign-like character did not like his Bengali accent.

A few days ago, Atanu Ghosh made a completely different film 'Aaro Ek Prithibi' keeping this London. 

That too was produced by Ashok and Himanshu Dhanuka. The difference between the two films is well-known within a short period.

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