Akorik Bengali Movie Review!

Even though arranged in the grammar of the movie, why could not "Akorik" catch your heart? You can read the full review of the Bengali movie Akorik.

Akorik Bengali Movie Review

Director Tathagata Bhattacharya and screenwriter Salil Sarkar have brought out almost a gold mine under the name "Akorik".

The labour and various complicated procedures that one has to go through to get the real gold from the gold mine, the viewer has to do the same labour to recover or discover the gold of speech from this film.

One of the female characters of the film Semanthi (Anuradha Roy) has to wait till the end to understand what disease she is suffering from.

Disagreement with her mother-in-law after marriage, the breakup of a single family, loneliness due to her only son becoming an expatriate, or lack of sincere companionship from her husband — any reason kept Semanthi seriously ill from the beginning of the film?

You have to wait a long time to get the answer to the question. She is however taken to the mountains by her husband Arunabh (Victor Banerjee) to revive his sick wife.

Divorcee Srijita (Rituparna Sengupta), the screenwriter of Bengali movies and serials, has come to the same place. She brought her teenage son Akash with him to write the script for the new film.

Srijita's husband is remarried and has a child. Akash doesn't even accept his father. While playing cricket alone in a secluded hilly area, he met senior Arunava. An ageless friendship soon developed.

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Semanti's unwarranted concern about that too. Maybe in the corner of her mind, Akash's young mother has doubts about having a relationship with Arunava!

Semanti-Arunava's son returns home for a few days only to inform his father that his marriage abroad has also broken up.

The presence of so many pieces of events in the screenplay is good at times, but at times it brings fatigue.

Neither Arunava, Semanthi, or Srijita, nor the emotional loneliness and restlessness of Akash at the heart of the screenplay is clear.

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Arunava, an educated aristocrat with taste, also has loneliness, Semanthi's illness and mental loneliness – but the screenplay is unable to strike the right balance, making this film complicated.

Director Tathagata Bhattacherjee has lost focus while working on such an unbalanced script. However, his directorial work has given some beautiful and memorable scenes.

Somewhere in the relationship between Akash and Arunava is the shadow of Arunava's unseen grandson. For example, mother Semanthi's dream of seeing her expatriate son.

It is good to mention some unpleasant truths about the appearance and character of today's micro-society in dialogues.

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Rana Dasgupta's camera captures the green beauty of Uttarakhand's hilly regions beautifully by the mood of the drama on the screen.

Now let's talk about acting. My first name is Victor Banerjee. He portrays Arunava's helplessness, and conflict most of the time by acting reluctantly.

How much more can Anuradha Roy in the role of Semanthi pretend to be sick in such a beautiful dress? Rituparna Sengupta is the second lead in the screenplay. 

But he has imbibed the spirit and mental instability of Srijita's character and made the character believable.

Rakhana Mallik as Akash and Angana Bose in other roles, Jayashree Adhikari are quite normal. 

However, the conflict between the characters, the emotional conflict, and the unspoken pain and suffering were not revealed properly in the frequent events. 

Although arranged in cinematic grammar, an "Akorik" remains Akorik, not gold extraction.

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