Fatafati Bengali Movie Review!

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Fatafati Bengali Movie Review

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A movie, or a poster! A film, or another sky in time! After watching the film 'Fatafati' directed by Aritra Mukhopadhyay, it seemed like a meeting 'paradox'.

The movies that have so far recast the male-made template of women's beauty, Dark, that movie has become a light in such a unique narrative of the women's movement.

There is no way to deny that the restrictive concept of female beauty is an impossible construct of patriarchy. 'Male gauge' fixes the female body map.

Fatafati Bengali Movie

The measure of beauty is measured. There is no point in going around a bit. That is the red spot on the mark sheet.

How long have women been forced to cope with this demand? And entertainment movies are equally encouraged. 

Almost everyone knows that the general construction of the heroines is created to make the male eye worthwhile.

By 'men' here, however, I am not just referring to gender-identified men. I am talking about a particular mentality. Victims of that mentality are, unfortunately, often women themselves. 

Fatafati Bengali Film

Abir Chatterjee and Ritabhari Chakraborty's 'Fatafati' is an excellent attempt to consciously come out of that idea.

I know from personal experience, the pain women have to endure due to obesity. As if this is a curse! But it was not supposed to happen.

I gave up on strangers; This physical feature becomes the main identity of a woman even to acquaintances and close people.

No matter what place she achieves in this society with his talent, that body casts a shadow over all. There is no escape from this cycle.

Fatafati Bengali Cinema

Even today, our progressive society is looking for a young body in advertisement for bride wanted. The news shows how hard the heroines work to get slim.

A rose of praise is picked up for that sneaky appearance. And, the woman who is away from these, what does she do? For her, there is a feeling of depression and despair.

Sometimes it becomes fatal. Especially, in the case of young people. It is from that place that '' strikes me as a wonderful Fatafati slap.

Fortunately, the wave of change over time is being felt in the media and elsewhere. A few days ago, an actress refused to advertise fairness cream.

Fatafati Cinema

The absurd attempt to match the skin tone of the band-aid has been criticized in the internet world. At a time like this, the fact that a movie like 'Fatafati' is being made in Bengali, reassures us.

Rather, it is better to say that there should be such a movie at this time. We see many women in these movies, who are obese by society's standards. They have problems, life has ups and downs.

However, the flight of this story is beyond that physical concept. They are each finding their own identity. This is important. 

Which should have been established a long time ago, fortunately, it is happening late. Will the movie fulfil its social responsibility?

Fatafati Film

This question can be debated. However, the way this film recognized the change in society's mind is very important.

Perhaps in the future, the day will come when this futile discussion will no longer be necessary. The "Fatafati" of that change was twisted.

Not for once does it feel like cinema has neglected its other aspects when it comes to society. The director and the crew did not get tired even for a moment. It didn't feel like anything was being forced. Rather, as time went on, it seemed to be normal.

Zinia Sen and Samragnee Bandyopadhyay deserve a lot of credit for this simple yet important development of 'Fatafati' beside the director. The story, screenplay and dialogues of this film are theirs.

Along with Ritabhari Chakraborty, Swastika Dutta, Debashree Gangopadhyay and others were impressed by the lively performance.

Separately, the words of Abir Chatterjee. I am not talking about his character in detail, the audience will understand.

However, the skill with which Abir Chatterjee has portrayed such a character will be remembered for a long time.

In the film, Phullara's character says, "Motamutti noy ekhon sokoler jibon Fatafati" - thus becoming the slogan of the future.

That is my expectation. And for Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy, I can only say one thing in the end - Just Fatafati!

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